The Burden of Prayer

We all have favourite verses in the Bible that helps us through. One of my favourite verse is ‘In your strength we can crush an army; with our God we can scale any wall.’ I like the event when Israel was in trouble, God sent an angel out to destroy a whole army by himself. And another event took place, when the musician went out in front and three very large armies killed one another so there was no one left in their army to kill. There are some very beautiful events that took place written in the Bible that encourages you to put your complete trust in God. He always comes to your rescue if you turn to Him in obedience. We are never alone, though we may think so at times. It is good to pray for a burden. When God gives you a weight on your shoulders to pray for a particular group of people. He has given me a burden to pray for Christian Martyrs. I feel very deeply about them and I hope and pray that they will receive all the graces they need to keep their faith up and receive the crown of eternal life.

I once prayed to God ‘who do I pray for the most?’ and the answer I was given was ‘I pray for all the Jobs in the world.’ Job was somebody God had to purify so that he would be even closer to the Lord. The devil really attacked him with everything he had, but Job eventually past the test and became a better man then before the devil attacked him. What is your burden? It is important to have one at least. If you don’t have any ask God for one and He will definitely give you one. It could be the unborn babies, single mothers, orphans, criminals and your country. There is so many people in need of help. Not all are called to preach, but we all can put aside some time for prayer. The greatest reward is knowing you are helping somebody that otherwise you couldn’t. God always answers prayers that are holy. And you know you are relieving God’s heart of pain. Because God hates seeing people being cruel to one another. He wants to help, but if we don’t pray, God respects our free will, he won’t interfere if there is nobody going to pray for them. God won’t take away our free will doesn’t matter how badly we use it. So we need to pray for the love we have for each other and for the love we have for God.

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