Asking God Questions Pays

is(19)I have been asking God about the question on judging. I asked because you need to judge sometimes. For example you need to know who is a false shepherd etc. And one day it became clear to me, judging is when you look down on some one. Even if the person lives a wicked life, it is not for us to look down upon them, because if were in the same situation as them we might be just as bad. It sounds so simple that I thought I should have known that ages ago. But I didn’t ask ages ago. Another question I started asking was how do you receive gifts from God. People will often say ‘receive’ and I be thinking how? Jesus is the vine and we are the branches comes to my mind. I receive from Him spiritual nourishment when I listen to quiet Christian music. Or when I go outdoors and admire my plants and look at the clouds in the sky. I sometimes feel His presence. It is being quiet and so importantly learning to slow down so I can take Him in. I am still learning to slow down these last two years. It is not an easy lesson for some of us. When we ask questions, we think the answers are going to be complicated, but they are so simple we think, why didn’t I think of that? God speaks to us in a way that we understand. He speaks to us in our own individual language that only God knows. There is so much communication problems with one another, but God understands us and He knows how to talk to us.

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