Jesus is the Light of the World

John 8:12 the One New Man Bible Translation, in this translation Y’shua is the Hebrew name of Jesus.

So Y’shua spoke to them again saying, “I am the Light of the world: the one who follows Me could not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

When I was a very young adolescent, I wanted so badly to understand what everybody was talking about when they would refer to Jesus as the Light. So I would beg God for an answer. We may think God has funny ways of teaching us, but He doesn’t miss His target for those who are really seeking. I was in church one day and I was listening to a sermon. I can’t recall what the sermon was about, but ‘light dawned’ I understood the message and by doing that God revealed how Jesus is the Light. Jesus being the Light of the world, can be explained many different ways and it all be true. The Bible is so deep we can read a verse, and get something new out of it many times over. If we are very one with His Spirit. Because His Holy Spirit give us light also, on what the Living Word is all about.

Jesus is the Light

isWNUVGOVLYou can see in the light, but not in darkness. The light shows up everything, nothing can be hidden in the light, but in darkness everything is hidden. In the light you can see your way, but in darkness you stumble and fall. Jesus is the Living Word and so the Word lights up the way. Jesus is the way, His light which is of Himself. He lights up the way and is the only way to life and the means to enter the kingdom of God.

The Word is Living

The Word of God is living, many people can personally testified to that. At different times the Word of the Holy Bible has come literally, visibly alive. In my case one day I was writing a book in my early years that I never got to finished it. I was looking through the Bible, trying to find a verse that I needed for my book, and different verses literally said ‘take me’ with such urgency. The Word is alive and so we should treat His Words with such reverence.

We must ask for revelation, even if it takes a while to receive it. Really only God can make things clear for you. The Holy Spirit will give you clarity. You will be probably be very surprise and delighted how He does it.

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