Jesus is the Vine, we are the Branches

We are constantly growing in the Lord. Learning more and more about Him and what our real relationship with Him should be like and what it should not be like. God has open my eyes more deeply about John Gospel.

John 15: 1-2. This interpretations is from the One New Man Bible.

I am the true vine and My Father is the farmer. He removes every branch in me if it does not bear fruit. And He prunes every branch that bears fruit so that it would bear much more fruit.

More we Die to Self The More Christ Lives in Us

I couldn’t really understand about Jesus being the vine and we being the branches clearly, once. I use to think how can I let God work through me and stop trying to use my own strength. Well I think St. Paul says you have to work as if there is no God at first. I believe what he meant was, as times goes on you become more and more one with Him. Through bowing down to God and constantly calling on Him to work through you. The more you practise your love for Him, through all your devotions and prepare to die to self-love, (selfish love of self) you will start to experience a new you. Dying to self is very hard and that is the pruning part. Pruning really is a painful experience as we all know, but if you persevere until the work God is doing on you, you will become more and more one with God. People will start to feel a presence around you. For example they may say ‘there is something different about you’ and you might say ‘what do you mean?’ And they might reply ‘I don’t know you don’t seem stress’.  Sometimes you might feel a real nice you and you start to connect what is going on, only because you prayed for understanding of this verse and asked Him to reveal Himself in you.

The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is a very tricky thing to explain and understand. God is three person and yet one God. You can’t be filled with the Holy Spirit and Jesus not be present there, or even the Father for that matter. So when we are one with the vine (Jesus) His life flows through us. And we start to take on His nature. More and more as time passes. Some people become saints overnight, because they really give their all overnight. Some grow slowly. I feel we are in an era of acceleration. Where we are going through the paces a lot quicker than other generations. Because Jesus is getting His church ready for action. First I believe we will be persecuted so badly. I believe martyrs (pruning) God releases much fruit (grace), because of their labours. Once the faithful are raptured, that is when we are going to see the greatest conversion to Christ I believe. I know there is many conversion are beginning to happen now, but I really think things are going to really get a move on after the faithful Church (Bride) is removed. People will have to think twice about the teachings of Christ then.

Getting back to what I was saying, the more you grow spiritual the less interested you become with the worldly things. God becomes your whole reason for living, He becomes your life. If that is you? Have you noticed sometimes you might become aware of a real nice you, that you know it isn’t you? That might sound complicating or even untrue to some. If you ask God to reveal Himself in you, over a period of time He will. Or somebody else will notice the Jesus/ Holy Spirit in you or around you. I remember the first time I asked Jesus to reveal Himself in me. When I was young I use to say ‘I see’ a lot. One morning I read something in the Bible that the Holy Spirit gave me clarity and instead of saying ‘I see’ I said ‘I understand.’  Then I felt Jesus in me smiling and said ‘I see’. That happen because I prayed about it. So if you think I am saying something that sounds far fetch to you, please pray on it. Ask???? Always ask, because we miss out on a lot of things, because we don’t ask for revelations. And it is also very hard to explain spiritual things, so I am probably not doing a good job.  This is my best however. Just hope that Jesus/Holy Spirit will reveal this to you so that you know what I am trying to explain.

The Perfection of a Soul

isZJPOFTZOThere are different levels of perfection and holiness. Like stars, some are brighter and bigger than others. Same with Jesus disciples. The more you are willing to deny yourself and suffer for love of God, the more Jesus will shine in you. God’s Spirit will fill us up with Himself accordingly to how much we have suffered through our trials for Him. He has shown me this was so, many years ago. So it is a real truth. It is not poetry, but living truth. Souls are also often referred to as gardens. The holier you become more beautiful is your garden.

John 15: 4-5

You must now dwell in Me and I in you. Just as the branch is not able to bear fruit by itself unless it would remain in the vine, so you could not bear fruit unless you would dwell continuously in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches. The one who dwells in Me and I in him, this one bears much fruit, because apart from Me you are not able to do anything.

Holy saints notice they do have a divine presence in them, and they do serve God with more tenderness than most people, and they are sweet and meek and humble of heart. They are very Christ like, because Christ truly does live in them. And we will see their full glory in Christ in heaven. And that is going to be some sight.


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