A Clearer Understanding of Astrology

I feel I have to explain something about Astrology that most people don’t know. Astrology I believe started with the Jewish Religion and changed to what it is today. Which has nothing to do with religion. Nobody knows exactly when Astrology came into being. The earliest recalled record is around 3,000 B.C. In Babylonia. Now I happen to be very interested in a world known Christian preacher by the name of Perry Stone. He doesn’t believe in Astrology. The thing that interested me was that one year he visited a Synagogue in Israel and on the floor was the zodiac permanently fixed. He asked the Rabbi about it. The Rabbi explained that Leo represents The Lion of Judea and another example he used was Virgo represented the Virgin birth and so it goes on. In my way of thinking that sounds like to me, the Western Astrology could well have started with the Jewish religion. I am not saying I am right, but that is a great possibility I feel. At least something to think about. I believe that Astrology became corrupted as most things do when man touches it. New Age is Satan imitating the Holy Spirit and of course is turning people away from God through it.

Up to the Fifteen Hundreds

In the early day’s right up to the fifteen hundreds, Astrology and Astronomy were the one and the same subject. Another thing many people are ignorant of, is all those ancient people that Astronomers are proud of, because they made very important breakthroughs in Astronomy, were the same people who made great breakthroughs with Astrology too.  They won’t admit that in most cases. The two subjects separated when we found out the earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around. When this was first discovered many people didn’t believe it, especially the church. The church considered it blaspheme, because in Psalms it says about the sun moving around the earth. Before that the church use to practise Medical Astrology. Common sense tells you this branch of Astrology has nothing to do with fortune telling.

The church ignores that part of history. You wouldn’t know about it unless you do some research work. I am interested in Natal Astrology, far as I am concern it is superior to psychology. Carl Jung has said something similar who was one of the fathers of the beginning of psychology. Medical Astrology and Natal Astrology wasn’t criticized in the Bible like most people think, because it simply wasn’t around during those days. It came into being after the Bible was written. The branch of Astrology concerning, when to sow plants was. The prophets never told people not to have anything to do with that branch of Astrology. They were very strict about fortune telling and witchcraft. When you are involved in witchcraft that is devil worshiping. Medical Astrology and Natal Astrology has nothing to do with devil worshiping, though anybody can join as we all know. Another thing of interest there are many scripture in the Bible referring to signs of stars and planets in the Bible. I haven’t read them all but here are some of them. Luke 21:25, Genesis 1:1, Psalms 33:6, Psalms 136: 7-9, Genesis 1:6, Matthew 24:29, Nehemiah 9:6, Isaiah 40:26, Job 38:10, Amos 5:8, Job 9:7-9, Psalms 148: 3-6, Deuteronomy 4:19.

Astronomy and Astrology

Astronomy and Astrology was the same subject back in those days. Astronomy studied where the stars and planets were and what they were doing. Astrology was the interruption and what happen many times when a star or comet or planet was in a certain position etc. the two subjects didn’t separated until the fifteen hundreds. I believe Natal Astrology is very useful in understanding one another and yourself.

Once you have a clearer understanding of yourself you may then be interested in knowing where your spouse, child, boss or employee is coming from. So that you know how best to meet one another half way compassionately. Many people don’t seem to understand how important ‘to know yourself’ really is. It can minimized your stress levels. You have a clearer understanding which doors are more likely to open or close for you. So it saves energy and wasted effort in trying to achieve something that you are not even meant to attempt in the first place. When we understand where the other is coming from we more likely to have compassion and more patience with one another, if Natal Astrology is used the right way. I know Christians are taught to steer clear away from Astrology, because they believe it is all about fortune telling and soothsayers. There are many branches developed since the Bible was written and not all branches have anything to do with fortune telling.

Before Astrology was used as a fortune telling oracle, it was first used according to the historians as a means to determine when and how to sow plants for the best results. I had a friend whose profession was a horticulturist. She used this method herself. She gave me some of her plants as a gift, and some of them were too healthy. So going by what I experienced with her plants it works well. Why I am brining this up, nowhere in the Bible does it say you can’t use Astrology as a guide when or how to sow your plants. It wasn’t like that knowledge wasn’t around then. The Prophets were strictly concerned against fortune telling and sooth Sayers. Though the way it is written sounds like that was the only way it was used. No doubt that was the main use as it is today. Most Astrologers unfortunately do make a living out of trying to predict the future, because there is a great unhealthy demand for it.

Early in Church’s History

Fairly early in Church’s history up to the fifteen hundreds, Medical Astrology was used. You don’t have to be a genius to realise that Medical Astrology has nothing to do with predictions. And there is another useful branch called Vocational Astrology. It is an excellent way to give you some very good ideas of the kind of career or calling you would enjoy. And it can be helpful for parents to know where to spend their money towards educating their child. Some parents unfortunately want to live through their children. As an example they may have wanted to be a doctor when they were young, but through circumstances they were not able. So they persuade their children to take that course. If the child’s chart shows that they are more suitable for the arts as an example. Being a doctor is not going to make the child happy. The parent might be proud, but the chances are this child will hate his job. And at some point a serious illness could be the result of choosing a career that the child’s character isn’t suited for.

Natal Astrology is the branch is what I am interested in and have studied. It is the study of people’s characters, emotions, personalities and how they react to certain life situations. Carl Jung was an apprentice of Sigmund Freud for a while. They began the study of Psychoanalytic theory and from there, psychology was born. Very few people realise Carl Jung had a great mind in his day which he was famous for. When he couldn’t work out what was wrong with his patient he often turned to Natal Astrology to help him understand what was wrong with his patient. Natal Astrology doesn’t take the place of a therapist, but it will give you and your therapist plenty of important issues to discuss, that are accurate. You will be able to arrive at a solution quicker than otherwise. Many therapist have been astonished about the accuracy and speed of information Natal Astrology can dig up about their clients. Your horoscope chart acts as a map for the Astrologer to interrupt from.

I haven’t written this to upset people, but I really don’t believe God objects to Natal Astrology, because of its accuracy and helpfulness if it is used the right way. Fortune telling I have tried it for myself just to check it out, and I can tell you it is not reliable, but Natal Astrology is.

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