Praise Him and Bless His Name

is(16)When we praise God out of pure love, not thinking of what we will get out of it, is when God gives His graces to us the most. If you praise Him just to get something, isn’t that similar to us when we do something for somebody just to get something back in return? It becomes a business deal, not an act of love and appreciation. God wants our love. If you new at this, just listen to beautiful worship songs that touch your heart, or something else that does this to you. Don’t worry about your concerns, just hand them over to Him in faith that He will deal with it. Then sing along with your favourite worship music and allow yourself to be lost in praising God. That is one of the ways to God’s heart. The same with us. When somebody pleases us just to please us, softens our hearts and we respond with appreciation. Presuming you are a nice person, which I think you must be to read this article. We are made in God’s image, that is the nice side of our natures, but the evil side is in the image of the evil one. You will end up looking like your Father. Hopeful it is God who is Your Father, because that is what we originally were created in. Look at babies aren’t they sweet, and wonderfully beautiful. As they grow up it maybe a different story, depending on who they serve.

If You are Worried about the Rapture

If you are worried if you are ready or worthy enough to be taken up at the rapture or not. My advice is hand the problem to Jesus, knowing He wants you more than you do to be ready. So if you hand the problem to Him in faith and then praise Him just for the sake of praising Him. It will get your mind of the lies Satan is telling you and you will be in a better position to listen to the Love Jesus is telling you. You must realize it is not about you at all. It is all about His Love, compassion and mercy. He saved you, and paid the price you couldn’t pay on the cross for you. It doesn’t depend how long you have followed Him either. You can be saved at the last moment if you hand yourself completely over to Him. Forget your past sins and hand them over to Jesus. He will take care of things. He will wash you clean of all your sins with His blood if you just believe and receive His love for you. You must be sold out to Him. If you are all His, He will gladly take you. Praising is where you beginning to have a relationship with Him. Praising Him keeps your mind of all the negative thinking that you are not worth it. Instead you look at His great eternal Love for you. That is very important. It is all about His greatness. What better way of showing it by being merciful to somebody who doesn’t deserve it, such us weaklings.

A Dream

I had a dream many years ago that came from God. If you are not sure it came from God, you must ask Him. You need to discern everything somebody tells you. In my dream on the left side was frightening because I saw a regular mean army of tanks, missiles etc… And it was going to attack God’s children with so much aggression. I was getting worried, but when I looked at the right side God’s children were all jumping up and down praising God. That is how we are going to win the war that is coming up. Sure there will be other things beside this, but the main victory for us is going to be our relationship with God. And that is going to be a loving freeing relationship. So no wonder there is so much joy in God’s kingdom especially during the 1,000 years of peace. Love is wonderful not so with hate and domination. It now reminds me of a vision my mother had of aggression against God. The aggression was like a solid rod, it couldn’t win because God is love, love was like the air, and the rod couldn’t attack it because it needed something hard as well to do any harm.

Praising with joy in our hearts. When we do this, do you think we are going to be out doing God’s love for us? He will give you your heart’s desire, providing it is not going to be harmful, or He wants to give you something better. Maybe straight away or a few years later when you are spiritually mature enough to receive it.

isZJPOFTZOWe know there is a war coming. In the Bible the Great Tribulation the war is going to last seven years. And half of this the Anti-Christ is going to have full control of the world. The thing is when he is the most proudest that is when Jesus will come to reclaim His kingdom. The Anti-Christ and all those who serve him will be thrown into hell. We will have one thousand years of peace with Jesus on earth reigning. I mention this because a prophetess was told by Jesus that He has shorten the Anti-Christ reign because sacrifices were made. He didn’t say by how much. So this message has given me so much joy in thinking it could be shorten even more. I once said to Jesus ‘wouldn’t it be good if it was shortened by fifteen months and Jesus appeared so happy as if it was possible, if we were willing to make the necessary sacrifice and prayers. I do trust this women, she goes by the name Maria Divine Mercy. If you check out her sight I am sure most of you will trust her too.

Psalm 44: 6-8

I put no trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory; but You give us victory over our enemies, You put our adversaries to shame. In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise Your name forever.

Praising God is even more important than intercession prayers. Praising God builds a living relationship with you and God over a period of time. And when you really love Him, you will know His Will for you, you will know what to pray about as well.


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