Facing Reality

Terri Taplin and Still Small Voice are the two main channels that I listen too, because I believe their anointing is particularly strong. I thought I will mention them in case you too are much helped by the messages Jesus gives them. They can be very comforting as well and help prepare yourself for Jesus’s coming.

is(15)My calling seems to be warning everybody that we have a Spiritual enemy – the devil and the fallen angels mostly. Not everybody has been to hell or heaven, but hopefully you do believe in it. Because how can you fight a war if you don’t believe there is one. How can you be safe if you don’t protect yourself. I am not talking about protecting yourself physically so much, but protecting your soul. As we all know Christ died for our sins. We may be called to follow Him all the way to our own crucifixion for His sake and for the conversion of souls. Martyrdom is a form of a prayer. Your life is a prayer if it is lived for God alone. Your soul is much more important than your life on earth and your physical body.  What happens to you when you leave your body is going to be eternal. I want to go to heaven, don’t you? The thing is just because I am a believer, I won’t rest until I know I am going to be safe in heaven. We can slip over something so small and don’t recognise it. Praying is a life saver. We can keep praying for all the graces we need to fulfil His will. Pray all the time to be ready when Jesus comes for you. Don’t presume you are going to make it and don’t presume you not either. Just pray to be ready and do what is before you. Believe God is guiding you. Pray for direction. Pray, Pray and Pray some more. Pray without ceasing as St. Paul tells us to. You can’t take chances, you don’t want to go through the Great Tribulation do you?

Some people unfortunately put their heads in the sand. As if the problem will just go away by its own accord. We know that won’t happen. We have to be responsible people. One beautiful person I know who is an elder of a church, doesn’t believe in the devil, she is not the only beautiful person who doesn’t believe in the devil. She as well as others have left themselves wide open for the devil to attack and deceived them and they wouldn’t even know it. How can you defend yourself when you don’t even know you have such a dangerous enemy as Satan.

I would love to write about all the beautiful things about God and our relationship with Him. It does seem I am to talk about how to recognise the enemy and how important it is to fight the good fight to the very end. If you have a belief that many are now being taught, if you serve God life will run smoothly for you. If that is what you have been taught, please free yourself of that lie. Because it is a lie. How can life run smoothly when we are in the middle of the fiercest war in history? Satan knows his time is nearly up and he is fighting with all his strength to deceive us and kill our souls. The body is one thing, but don’t let anybody steal your soul. That is what the fight is really all about, to get you to hell. Love is what we have to aim for, because Jesus will tell you it is your love for Him and people that is going to count, not your position, or your money or how many countries you have seen. Keep as humble as you can and trust in Him and repeat words to yourself all day long that strengthens your faith and strengthens your courage, because you don’t know where life is going to take you. The third world war for example is not that far off. You need to know your suffering is short and your reward is eternal.

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