The Parable of the Two Brothers

Have you ever notice when you are thinking of a certain thing, somehow it will be confirm by somebody or something. Well I have been thinking of the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32. Which is about one son demanding his in inheritance and went off in the world living a life of sin. There was a drought in the land and he spent all the money and end up with a job, feeding the pigs, and realising that the servants of his father’s house was much better off than he was. He was so hungry even wanted the feed he gave the pigs. So he decided to humble himself before his father and ask him to treat him like one of the servants. Instead the father ran to him when he saw his son coming home and embraced him and put on his cloak and put a ring on his finger and had a celebration of his return. The older son was jealous when he heard that they even had a fatted calf to celebrate his return. His father was trying to console the older brother by saying that his younger brother was dead and now he has come alive. But the older brother didn’t see that, he was more concern with the fact that he saw himself more entitled for the feast, because he considered himself more loyal.

What I have been thinking about is, I believe most of us take turns at being the younger brother and then the older brother. There are plenty of times we become rebellious and come back to God with repented sorrow and then at other times we are self-righteous. Believing we deserve better and not humble enough to see the whole picture. There is a lot in that story. I didn’t know that the father as well as the prodigal son could have been both stoned by the laws at that time. And I didn’t know the fatted calf was there in case a royal member turned up and you were expected to give them the fatted calf. It was not used for any other purpose. The ring and the clock is also very significant, which unfortunately I have forgotten their role in the story. Except to say God the Father has made us His royal children with power, if we only believe and follow His Son Jesus. We are adopted children, but will have equal inheritance as His only begotten Son Jesus has.

isBT9KR36YGod is so passionate about all of us. And that makes Him a jealous God. If He didn’t care about us, He wouldn’t be so jealous of who we worship. Not only is He God and deserves to be worshiped and obeyed, He is in love with us.  It doesn’t matter how low we go or how high in the ranks of righteousness we become in Jesus. He loves a sinner as much as He loves His saintly children. I really wouldn’t be shocked to find in heaven the worst sinners there, because they knew to repent of their sins and put their trust in Jesus sacrifice. Some people have been in hell and come back to life again and have said everybody in hell knows it is not their sins that got them there, but not accepting Jesus as their Lord.

I think I am a one of the worst sinners, in that I have been so blessed with supernatural gifts from the age of eight. So when I sin it is worse than somebody who doesn’t know God. And I have been guilty of many sins.  For example reading tarot cards for about twenty years, thinking there was no harm in it. There is harm, maybe people may not see it, but there is harm in it all right. When I realised it was wrong, I got rid of all my tarot cards and books on the subject in the garbage bin. So you see even if a person is highly gifted in receiving visitations of Jesus, you still can have your blind spots. Jesus has said even many people who cast out devils and prophecy in His name, Jesus will say still say ‘I never knew you.’ So you don’t judge a person to be holy by their gifts, but the fruit of their actions. Does it measure up to Jesus teaching of loving one another as He loves us? God’s children will have the characteristic of humility. Not all the time, because we all fall from time to time, but enough for you to say ‘there is something different about them.’ In a good way, such as kinder, friendlier, peaceful, sweet, and etc.


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