Blessings V Curses

isA most powerful gift we can give God is our whole heart. We should serve God always with all our hearts’, then our minds and everything will follow. You will see God work through you as time passes. In the Bible it says love covers a multitude of sins. I have seen that in my writings. I might have had a bad day, and write more out of my anger than love. The next day I think about it and want to change my article, only to find God has covered it with His Holy Spirit of love. I therefore have no need to edit it. You just don’t see my anger, because God has truly covered it with His love. You might disagree with me, because you have seen the anger. If so I believe God has shown it to you for a reason, to learn and pray for me as I am called to do also when I see a fault in someone.

Judging Others

I have been thinking a lot about the way judging is so wide spread in our communities. We seem to think we have a right to judge people. I was thinking about how much it poisons not only the Body of Christ but our whole society and the world. It is a form of cursing. And one day many years ago I ask a question to God very casually, not expecting anything particular. I asked ‘am I cursed God.’ God straight away showed me by feeling and seeing how heavy and vast it was. And I was in a state of shock and said to God ‘but I don’t know many people to give me so much curses.’ Well as time went on I read many books and one of them was on Generational curses, and I also started to watch shows on the internet like Sid Roth ‘Its Supernatural.’ What I found out was the Bible says our fathers sins, will come down three to four generations. And some people have seen it come down to ten generations. Another person said each generation it gets worse if nobody deals with it. So you see generational curses alone is a very big problem, if we didn’t have God to come to and deal with it. What about the generational curses of hatred of people of different religions and racism. How many generations have pass that down.

Another thought every time we judge a person, or are angry with another, what curses are we sending them, unknown to us. Sickness is one of them. Since I have been meditating on this subject, I have notice there are many times I get irritated about little things and blame God for it. God is so patient with me. I repent straight away, but each time I am shocked that I can do that to Him. While I was praying to God to bring blessings on all the people I have cursed (unknown to me) I think I felt the body of Christ. Knees were being attacked and pain was in the Body that I put there through my cursing.  It really makes you think more seriously about how much the Body of Christ needs us to bless it without ceasing to heal it from our sins.

Mass is Important

When I offered my version of my home Mass (I do my own Mass of sorts, since I was kicked out of my local church). Catholics call Holy Communion, Mass. Satan doesn’t want you to know that because you might learn something. Like the Mass is celebrated every day and you indeed become spiritual rich and feed by the Body of Jesus Christ. He is really presence in the bread and wine that you offer up in Mass, or Communion, depending what church you belong to. It is very important to God you know Jesus is very present in Communion or the Mass. If you believe and serve Him, He may even appear before you in the host (the consecrated bread). I can’t disbelieve because He has come to me so often at Mass.

isFHBX52TIGetting back to what I was saying, during my Mass I offered the Host up for everybody I have cursed from the beginning of my existence (including in my mother’s womb) for all those I have cursed whether they were a friend of foe. I felt Jesus so strong and He was so keen to do it. I even felt some of the blessings going straight to them. I am going to do it seven Masses in a row, to make the blessings so much stronger. I also felt myself freer too. So I am hoping you fellows will give it a try. You will get a blessing from God for doing it, and you will help heal the Body of Christ. We all have hurt Him and we need to make it up for Him by blessing everyone and not cursing one another. Changing that habit is going to be difficult, but God loves seeing us trying to, for His sake.

God Really does Take Notice I of what We Do

He really does notice our efforts. I started praying for a group of people that I would normally consider my enemies, but have been humble by God and now gladly will do it over and over again.  God open my eyes, during my stay at hospital. I learnt a lot about love there. Any way I was praying for the very people I would not prayer with such passion. And I was looking at my favourite picture of Jesus at the time. And Jesus Spirit became visible and His mouth couldn’t contain the pure joy and laughter that was inside of Him. He couldn’t hold it in. If those who have never experience Jesus in this way, I really wish you could, because you will know a different Jesus, than what many people describe Him to you. He is so affectionate and tender, I wish everybody could know this. We do have different gifts. Some people God speaks to them. With me I sense His feelings and I kinda of see His Spirit and just seem to hear His words, which sounds funny, but that is how it is with me. I went off the rail when I tried to hear His voice, and went to hospital over it. But like I said before God can bring good out of evil.

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