Praying for all people

I was thinking about all the people throughout my whole life that I have been angry with, because I felt they deserved it. Meaning everybody I have ever judged guilty not knowing their circumstances. I realise more and more how many curses we place on ourselves and others. No wonder their is so much violence in this world. I feel we all contribute to it in ways we don’t recognise such as being angry with somebody.  Jesus refers anger as equal to murder. So just how guilty are we? More than we can ever realised. So it gives us a small glimpse, just how Great God is in forgiving us through Jesus Sacrifice on the Cross.

Luke 6:37-38

“And if you do not judge, then you would not be judged: and if you do not condemn, then you would not be condemned. You must set free, then you will be set free: you must give, then it will be given to you: they will give a good measure, pressed down, shaken, poured into your bosom: for, in which measure you measure, it will be measured to you in return.”

This translation is from One New Man Bible which I now consider my favorite Bible. So what is to be done about our sinful nature? Besides calling on God to give us the grace to stop judging and condemning one another, so that we can love one another as Christ loves us. Is to return to something the saints of old did and now is forgotten. And that is doing some kind of penance as a gesture of our sorrow to have disobey God. It will only be a gesture, but God loves our tokens of showing Him we are truly sorrow for what we did. Our penance can never pay back the wrong we have done, but God accepts it as such.

is(7)I then thought of praying for all the people I had wronged and asked God for every curse I placed on another, may God replace it with 500 times fold blessings for the person to be healed and receive blessing I have stolen from them. I now upped it to infinite fold replacement. And I believe God gladly accepts it. The good you do does come from how much faith you have in the price Jesus paid for us.  And how much you believe in God’s Mercy. God’s love for us is infinite and He is rich in all of His Graces. So He doesn’t give us poor gifts. His gifts are infinite in value. So we should pray big, because God is far bigger than we can ever imagine and richer and more generous than we dare believed.

The prayer I used is ‘The Rosary of the Holy Wounds.’ but as you know you can use any prayer like the Holy Rosary, the Divine Chaplet and so on. I am hoping to say it everyday and really pray hard for all the people I have wronged. And when I did do it for a while I did received some peace in doing it. I look on that as a sign from God, that He approves of my effort of trying to give something back to those I have wronged. Our God is incredibly kind and generous. And we have only one life to make up for our sins, and that is now. Of course we can never really make up for our sins, but God is so generous with us. He accepts all our offerings in Jesus.

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