Meaning of Repent

I looked up ‘The Compact Macquarie Dictionary.  I thought it is worthwhile because it cleared my head about what exactly is repenting. We all know it is to be sorry for our sins and try our hardest not to do it again. And pray over it so that we eventually overcome our weakness through grace. But I just had to look up the dictionary, to see if this makes some of you more at ease as it did me.

is(7)Meaning of repent: to feel self-reproach, compunction, or contrition for past conduct, change one’s mind regarding past actions in consequence of dissatisfaction with it or with its results, be penanced in regard with self-reproach or contrition. To feel sorry for; regret.

I did some meditating on it, because Satan has been trying his hardest to make out (like he always does) that I won’t be ready when Jesus comes for me. I know many are in the same boat. I was thinking some of us would all like to know where we stand with God. I realised I tend to say short repeated prayers a lot, but don’t say as many praises to God, in my own words. I thank Him a great deal in my own words. So I am writing this article for those who have the same problem. I keep telling us in my articles ‘don’t listen to Satan’s lies’ because he does it to me all the time. He wants us to give up the good fight as we all know, so don’t give in eventually you will get it right, if you pray all the time about it.

I didn’t come from a family that gave away compliments that often, and it seems I don’t give much praise to God either, in my own words. At least not enough. Yesterday I did.  Using my own words and I did feel a rush of energy every time I did it. The doubts have gone away and now I know the weapon I will use. Deep down I always knew and I have even wrote about it. The weapon is to get intimate with God through praising Him as much as possible. I realise this more than ever now, how much He just wants a normal relationship with us. He is hungry for us to give Him gratitude and praise. In other words lots of love. He is very affection when He appears to me. And I have always praised Him, but not enough in my own words. I think the closer you get to God, the more Satan attacks you, and especially now, as it is getter ever so close, when Jesus will take His faithful Brides with Him to the wedding feast in heaven.

Trust God is so important, but we humans are not naturally trustworthy ourselves, and so we have difficulties trusting God when we need to the most. I have found you need to trust Him especially when you don’t feel Him close. Because that is when all the temptations of doubts come. When you look back or look around how much God comes through, when you are humbly and earnestly ask Him for His help; always helps to get out of that negative state. When I am busy praising God, no negative thoughts can come through. So it is the perfect weapon, because there is a great deal of joy that comes from praising God.


Jesus is the Light of the World

John 8:12 the One New Man Bible Translation, in this translation Y’shua is the Hebrew name of Jesus.

So Y’shua spoke to them again saying, “I am the Light of the world: the one who follows Me could not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

When I was a very young adolescent, I wanted so badly to understand what everybody was talking about when they would refer to Jesus as the Light. So I would beg God for an answer. We may think God has funny ways of teaching us, but He doesn’t miss His target for those who are really seeking. I was in church one day and I was listening to a sermon. I can’t recall what the sermon was about, but ‘light dawned’ I understood the message and by doing that God revealed how Jesus is the Light. Jesus being the Light of the world, can be explained many different ways and it all be true. The Bible is so deep we can read a verse, and get something new out of it many times over. If we are very one with His Spirit. Because His Holy Spirit give us light also, on what the Living Word is all about.

Jesus is the Light

isWNUVGOVLYou can see in the light, but not in darkness. The light shows up everything, nothing can be hidden in the light, but in darkness everything is hidden. In the light you can see your way, but in darkness you stumble and fall. Jesus is the Living Word and so the Word lights up the way. Jesus is the way, His light which is of Himself. He lights up the way and is the only way to life and the means to enter the kingdom of God.

The Word is Living

The Word of God is living, many people can personally testified to that. At different times the Word of the Holy Bible has come literally, visibly alive. In my case one day I was writing a book in my early years that I never got to finished it. I was looking through the Bible, trying to find a verse that I needed for my book, and different verses literally said ‘take me’ with such urgency. The Word is alive and so we should treat His Words with such reverence.

We must ask for revelation, even if it takes a while to receive it. Really only God can make things clear for you. The Holy Spirit will give you clarity. You will be probably be very surprise and delighted how He does it.

Jesus is the Vine, we are the Branches

We are constantly growing in the Lord. Learning more and more about Him and what our real relationship with Him should be like and what it should not be like. God has open my eyes more deeply about John Gospel.

John 15: 1-2. This interpretations is from the One New Man Bible.

I am the true vine and My Father is the farmer. He removes every branch in me if it does not bear fruit. And He prunes every branch that bears fruit so that it would bear much more fruit.

More we Die to Self The More Christ Lives in Us

I couldn’t really understand about Jesus being the vine and we being the branches clearly, once. I use to think how can I let God work through me and stop trying to use my own strength. Well I think St. Paul says you have to work as if there is no God at first. I believe what he meant was, as times goes on you become more and more one with Him. Through bowing down to God and constantly calling on Him to work through you. The more you practise your love for Him, through all your devotions and prepare to die to self-love, (selfish love of self) you will start to experience a new you. Dying to self is very hard and that is the pruning part. Pruning really is a painful experience as we all know, but if you persevere until the work God is doing on you, you will become more and more one with God. People will start to feel a presence around you. For example they may say ‘there is something different about you’ and you might say ‘what do you mean?’ And they might reply ‘I don’t know you don’t seem stress’.  Sometimes you might feel a real nice you and you start to connect what is going on, only because you prayed for understanding of this verse and asked Him to reveal Himself in you.

The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is a very tricky thing to explain and understand. God is three person and yet one God. You can’t be filled with the Holy Spirit and Jesus not be present there, or even the Father for that matter. So when we are one with the vine (Jesus) His life flows through us. And we start to take on His nature. More and more as time passes. Some people become saints overnight, because they really give their all overnight. Some grow slowly. I feel we are in an era of acceleration. Where we are going through the paces a lot quicker than other generations. Because Jesus is getting His church ready for action. First I believe we will be persecuted so badly. I believe martyrs (pruning) God releases much fruit (grace), because of their labours. Once the faithful are raptured, that is when we are going to see the greatest conversion to Christ I believe. I know there is many conversion are beginning to happen now, but I really think things are going to really get a move on after the faithful Church (Bride) is removed. People will have to think twice about the teachings of Christ then.

Getting back to what I was saying, the more you grow spiritual the less interested you become with the worldly things. God becomes your whole reason for living, He becomes your life. If that is you? Have you noticed sometimes you might become aware of a real nice you, that you know it isn’t you? That might sound complicating or even untrue to some. If you ask God to reveal Himself in you, over a period of time He will. Or somebody else will notice the Jesus/ Holy Spirit in you or around you. I remember the first time I asked Jesus to reveal Himself in me. When I was young I use to say ‘I see’ a lot. One morning I read something in the Bible that the Holy Spirit gave me clarity and instead of saying ‘I see’ I said ‘I understand.’  Then I felt Jesus in me smiling and said ‘I see’. That happen because I prayed about it. So if you think I am saying something that sounds far fetch to you, please pray on it. Ask???? Always ask, because we miss out on a lot of things, because we don’t ask for revelations. And it is also very hard to explain spiritual things, so I am probably not doing a good job.  This is my best however. Just hope that Jesus/Holy Spirit will reveal this to you so that you know what I am trying to explain.

The Perfection of a Soul

isZJPOFTZOThere are different levels of perfection and holiness. Like stars, some are brighter and bigger than others. Same with Jesus disciples. The more you are willing to deny yourself and suffer for love of God, the more Jesus will shine in you. God’s Spirit will fill us up with Himself accordingly to how much we have suffered through our trials for Him. He has shown me this was so, many years ago. So it is a real truth. It is not poetry, but living truth. Souls are also often referred to as gardens. The holier you become more beautiful is your garden.

John 15: 4-5

You must now dwell in Me and I in you. Just as the branch is not able to bear fruit by itself unless it would remain in the vine, so you could not bear fruit unless you would dwell continuously in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches. The one who dwells in Me and I in him, this one bears much fruit, because apart from Me you are not able to do anything.

Holy saints notice they do have a divine presence in them, and they do serve God with more tenderness than most people, and they are sweet and meek and humble of heart. They are very Christ like, because Christ truly does live in them. And we will see their full glory in Christ in heaven. And that is going to be some sight.


Novena of the Holy Souls in Purgatory

This novena I said once many years ago. I had a boss once that was giving me a very difficult time and I wanted her conversion not for her sake or even Jesus sake, but for my own. And I said to God I can’t pray for her out of love, but I have nothing against her relatives in purgatory. I offered up a week and I prayed real hard for her relatives in purgatory. She was converted not that long after I said the novena. I waited for a year to see if she would back slide, but she didn’t and she attended daily Mass top everything else off. So I recommend this novena very much.

Holy souls in purgatory, who are the certain heirs of heaven, souls most dear to Jesus and to Mary, obtain for me through your intercession the grace to lead a holy life, to die a happy death and to attain to the blessedness of eternity in heaven.

Holy souls in purgatory, I offer to God on your behalf the merit of all my works and sufferings of this day (week, month, or whatever period of time one wishes to designate).

I ask that once you have been admitted to the beatific vision of God where all pain ceases that you will remember me and grant me the request that I ask of you in this present moment.

I ask that once you have been admitted to the beatific vision of God where all pain ceases that you will remember me and grant me the request that I ask of you in this present moment.

Have Faith

God’s Justice is scary, because of our great many sins. If we don’t watch it, we can forget that the payment of our sins, Jesus has already paid it in full. Jesus experience the justice that we should of. And it would be infinite, because we have sinned against an infinite God. Jesus sacrifice to free us, is unspeakable. And like children, they never appreciate what sacrifices their parents have made for them. Until they grow up and become parents themselves. When we grow up spiritually we have to be prepared to share the load of our fellow man’s sorrows.

isPMK3SZJMJesus first saved you and then you became a Bride of Christ. If you don’t have faith first that Jesus saved you because He is so deeply in love with you, you won’t be able to believe He loves you enough for you to be a Bride of Christ. This also applies to men. The marriage with the Son of Man who is also the Son of God, is spiritual. Marriages on earth are supposed to reflect this mystical marriage with Christ. But many marriages as we know do not. Jesus saved us not because any of us deserves it, but always because God just loves us beyond our little minds can comprehend. It is easy to be saved all, you have to do is to want to be saved and put your trust in Jesus that He has saved you. And you also need a repented heart. And realise He did it because He wanted to save you. He saved us out of love not duty, but even Deep Oceans of love is a poor example. The universe is not bigger enough to fill His love for you alone. My sister was told that by God. God is massive and His love is just as big as He is. The enemy is trying his hardest to wear out God’s children at the moment by keeping them in fear that maybe they are not deserving enough for salvation. Nobody is deserving enough. Just admit you are a very bad sinner and have no real idea why God loves us so much. He just does. Love Him all the more for it.

Jeremiah 33:11

Give thanks to the Lord of hosts, for the Lord is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!

Psalm 96: 1-2

Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise His name; proclaim His salvation day after day.

A Clearer Understanding of Astrology

I feel I have to explain something about Astrology that most people don’t know. Astrology I believe started with the Jewish Religion and changed to what it is today. Which has nothing to do with religion. Nobody knows exactly when Astrology came into being. The earliest recalled record is around 3,000 B.C. In Babylonia. Now I happen to be very interested in a world known Christian preacher by the name of Perry Stone. He doesn’t believe in Astrology. The thing that interested me was that one year he visited a Synagogue in Israel and on the floor was the zodiac permanently fixed. He asked the Rabbi about it. The Rabbi explained that Leo represents The Lion of Judea and another example he used was Virgo represented the Virgin birth and so it goes on. In my way of thinking that sounds like to me, the Western Astrology could well have started with the Jewish religion. I am not saying I am right, but that is a great possibility I feel. At least something to think about. I believe that Astrology became corrupted as most things do when man touches it. New Age is Satan imitating the Holy Spirit and of course is turning people away from God through it.

Up to the Fifteen Hundreds

In the early day’s right up to the fifteen hundreds, Astrology and Astronomy were the one and the same subject. Another thing many people are ignorant of, is all those ancient people that Astronomers are proud of, because they made very important breakthroughs in Astronomy, were the same people who made great breakthroughs with Astrology too.  They won’t admit that in most cases. The two subjects separated when we found out the earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around. When this was first discovered many people didn’t believe it, especially the church. The church considered it blaspheme, because in Psalms it says about the sun moving around the earth. Before that the church use to practise Medical Astrology. Common sense tells you this branch of Astrology has nothing to do with fortune telling.

The church ignores that part of history. You wouldn’t know about it unless you do some research work. I am interested in Natal Astrology, far as I am concern it is superior to psychology. Carl Jung has said something similar who was one of the fathers of the beginning of psychology. Medical Astrology and Natal Astrology wasn’t criticized in the Bible like most people think, because it simply wasn’t around during those days. It came into being after the Bible was written. The branch of Astrology concerning, when to sow plants was. The prophets never told people not to have anything to do with that branch of Astrology. They were very strict about fortune telling and witchcraft. When you are involved in witchcraft that is devil worshiping. Medical Astrology and Natal Astrology has nothing to do with devil worshiping, though anybody can join as we all know. Another thing of interest there are many scripture in the Bible referring to signs of stars and planets in the Bible. I haven’t read them all but here are some of them. Luke 21:25, Genesis 1:1, Psalms 33:6, Psalms 136: 7-9, Genesis 1:6, Matthew 24:29, Nehemiah 9:6, Isaiah 40:26, Job 38:10, Amos 5:8, Job 9:7-9, Psalms 148: 3-6, Deuteronomy 4:19.

Astronomy and Astrology

Astronomy and Astrology was the same subject back in those days. Astronomy studied where the stars and planets were and what they were doing. Astrology was the interruption and what happen many times when a star or comet or planet was in a certain position etc. the two subjects didn’t separated until the fifteen hundreds. I believe Natal Astrology is very useful in understanding one another and yourself.

Once you have a clearer understanding of yourself you may then be interested in knowing where your spouse, child, boss or employee is coming from. So that you know how best to meet one another half way compassionately. Many people don’t seem to understand how important ‘to know yourself’ really is. It can minimized your stress levels. You have a clearer understanding which doors are more likely to open or close for you. So it saves energy and wasted effort in trying to achieve something that you are not even meant to attempt in the first place. When we understand where the other is coming from we more likely to have compassion and more patience with one another, if Natal Astrology is used the right way. I know Christians are taught to steer clear away from Astrology, because they believe it is all about fortune telling and soothsayers. There are many branches developed since the Bible was written and not all branches have anything to do with fortune telling.

Before Astrology was used as a fortune telling oracle, it was first used according to the historians as a means to determine when and how to sow plants for the best results. I had a friend whose profession was a horticulturist. She used this method herself. She gave me some of her plants as a gift, and some of them were too healthy. So going by what I experienced with her plants it works well. Why I am brining this up, nowhere in the Bible does it say you can’t use Astrology as a guide when or how to sow your plants. It wasn’t like that knowledge wasn’t around then. The Prophets were strictly concerned against fortune telling and sooth Sayers. Though the way it is written sounds like that was the only way it was used. No doubt that was the main use as it is today. Most Astrologers unfortunately do make a living out of trying to predict the future, because there is a great unhealthy demand for it.

Early in Church’s History

Fairly early in Church’s history up to the fifteen hundreds, Medical Astrology was used. You don’t have to be a genius to realise that Medical Astrology has nothing to do with predictions. And there is another useful branch called Vocational Astrology. It is an excellent way to give you some very good ideas of the kind of career or calling you would enjoy. And it can be helpful for parents to know where to spend their money towards educating their child. Some parents unfortunately want to live through their children. As an example they may have wanted to be a doctor when they were young, but through circumstances they were not able. So they persuade their children to take that course. If the child’s chart shows that they are more suitable for the arts as an example. Being a doctor is not going to make the child happy. The parent might be proud, but the chances are this child will hate his job. And at some point a serious illness could be the result of choosing a career that the child’s character isn’t suited for.

Natal Astrology is the branch is what I am interested in and have studied. It is the study of people’s characters, emotions, personalities and how they react to certain life situations. Carl Jung was an apprentice of Sigmund Freud for a while. They began the study of Psychoanalytic theory and from there, psychology was born. Very few people realise Carl Jung had a great mind in his day which he was famous for. When he couldn’t work out what was wrong with his patient he often turned to Natal Astrology to help him understand what was wrong with his patient. Natal Astrology doesn’t take the place of a therapist, but it will give you and your therapist plenty of important issues to discuss, that are accurate. You will be able to arrive at a solution quicker than otherwise. Many therapist have been astonished about the accuracy and speed of information Natal Astrology can dig up about their clients. Your horoscope chart acts as a map for the Astrologer to interrupt from.

I haven’t written this to upset people, but I really don’t believe God objects to Natal Astrology, because of its accuracy and helpfulness if it is used the right way. Fortune telling I have tried it for myself just to check it out, and I can tell you it is not reliable, but Natal Astrology is.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

I just heard a wonderful message from the Lord through Terri Taplin You Tube channel I think message 289. Most people have been told you can only be baptised by the Holy Spirit if you speak in tongues etc. Jesus is saying not to listen to man’s religion.  Jesus says when you become a born again Christian and you ask Jesus to enter into your heart, He does. You are not a sinner in the same way as those who are not born again. If you have a repented heart and trust Him, you are forgiven. When we receive the water baptism we are baptised of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:20

Baptise them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

So it very Biblical. We have our Bibles for now, to study what Jesus is saying, but in the near future it will become illegal to have one that is what the prophets are saying. We can confuse one another and sometimes it is deliberate and at other times it is the blind leading the blind, and we all been there at certain times in our lives. We receive the Holy Spirit not because we deserve it. Look at St. Peter, he denied Jesus three times and received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. If you are in love with Him and have a repented heart and been water baptised and give yourself up to the Holy Trinity, you are all his.

Over a period of time you will start to sense Him in you, and other people will too from time to time. Not always. I feel God works best when you don’t know He is in you, working through you. Once you recognise Him, I think we tend to spoil things because of our pride. I thought this news would bring a great deal of joy to many people who are confused about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.