How to Strengthen Our Hope in Times of Troubles

The world is full of horror and there is so much fear abound. When we see repeatedly sad and tragic news all the time and more news of bloodshed can make way for crippling fear to take hold of us if we let it. If that is all we think about, we then become defeated of all hope of ever making it safely in this world. If we do what St. Paul teaches us, which came from his own experience in prison?  He tells us to keep our minds on all that is good and positive. Things that uplift us. Everything that glorifies God, which will keep our minds off what is going on that is negative in our lives to take a hold of us. Have faith that God uses even what is negative in your life, for His great glory. He can bring good out of evil, if we give it to Him in confidence. All this will help tremendously overcome fear and going the way of the world.

St. Pauls Example

When we look at how St. Paul was treated in prison, can be very helpful. He would have been told repeatedly how weak he was for believing in the crucified Jesus. And how much he would have been laughed at for his faith. Saying he was living in a fanciful world of his own making. Just think of the constant insults and bullying and beatings he had to endure daily for his faith in Christ Jesus. The prison was depressive and ugly enough to make anyone live in despair. Yet he kept his eyes off himself and on the goodness and on the promises of God. He tells us to pray without ceasing, it got him through. Praising God is the highest form of prayer. It is so powerful when you do it from the heart and out of love for God. When you are genuine, it so powerful words can’t describe.

isML02FNOPHow I Got Through My Fears

I so believe in the communion of saints. Mary of course being the most powerful in times of trouble. Meditating on how Mary had such abundant faith in the goodness of God and how she must had and still cherish everything about God. Marys love and strength is worthy of meditation, we can learn a lot from her humble obedience in serving God. Even though the Bible says very little about her. The little it says is so powerful, if we take the time to meditate on her faith and love of God. I use to repeat the same short prayer of encouragement over and over again trying to keep my mind off my problem and on the love that God had for me, while waiting in line of the supermarket to be served. Not because I was holy, but just in order to be strong enough to do my shopping and it helped. And it also trained me to pray without ceasing in order to survive. If I didn’t do it I would have never been able to do anything at all in my life. My life has always been controlled by fear. The fear of people.

isVJF7ODZBMary’s Example

Luke 1:45

Yes, blessed is she who believed that the promise made her by the Lord would be fulfilled.

What faith must hers have been? How much her faith got her through all her circumstances, her fears? How she grew through her childlike faith. You can’t have this kind of faith if you always looking at all that is evil in this world. Her eyes were on God all day and all night. Her Son Jesus’s face was always before her. She would never been interested in all the negativity around her when she saw the gentleness, kindness and the beauty and peace that surrounded her Son Jesus. She was always in the presence of the Almighty One. How could she handle all those years as a refuge, running from danger all her life, if she did not centred her thoughts and heart on how wonderful and powerful and mighty in strength is the Lord Our God that protects us. We must do the same. What you feed your mind all day long becomes your reality.

Evil spirits do enter in you, if you keep dwelling on only the negative. When they get a strong hold in you, it doesn’t mean the end. Keep fighting back the way Mary would of. Praising God’s goodness and love all day long. In that way the Holy Spirit will grow in you. The more space you give Him to dwell in you the stronger His presence will be felt in you and the more power you will have to release in handling your problems. Making you victorious in whatever situation you find yourself in.

My Earthly Mothers Vision

My earthly mother told me once that she had a vision from God. She saw the evil one was represented as something solid like an iron rod and God was like air, soft and gentle. The iron rod in her vision was going with such force of hatred and anger towards God, to attack Him. My mother was frightened as it was getting closer to God. What she saw was the iron rod that represented evil was trying to beat very hard at the soft gentle air like love of God. It couldn’t do any harm at all to it. It needed something hard and solid like itself to hit onto. So you see how Satan is going to attack God’s children in the same way. He needs hardness to be able to hurt you. If you are always praising and loving God and loving one another there is no hardness, but softness. Love is soft. Anger and hatred hardens your heart. And when we are hard that’s when he can attack and hurt you. Negative thoughts harden you.

If you keep reciting beautiful uplifting verses from the Bible that floods your soul with confidence in God’s protection and love for you. The enemy has nothing to hit at you. There will be nothing he can grip onto. If you refuse to buy into the lies of Satan and instead praise God come what may, your faith and hope in Him comes alive and you will receive Our Loving Father response to your loving confident words of Him. You win victory after victory. Remember God is for you, Satan is against you. God is not going to condemn you for thoughts that you have not put in your head voluntary. But Satan will put all terrible things in your head and act as if you did it. Not all your thoughts are your own. God will convict you if you did something wrong, so as you understand not to do it again. But always out of love and He always forgives a humble, contrite heart. God is our loving Father, not an evil tyrant. He want to cradle you in His arms if you only believe. God wants to heal you.

Psalm 40:2

He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.

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