Big Crosses

is(18)Before I go into this subject I feel God wants me to reassure people of all different religions regardless of what it is (Muslim, Hindu, or whatever), or whatever crimes you may have committed against The One True God, Jesus crucifixion covers you also. All you need to do is to repent of all your sins humbly before God. Acknowledge Jesus truly did died to save you from the fires of Hell. And He really will forgive you if you are ask Him with a genuine sincere heart. If you believe Him and follow Him and acknowledge He is your Lord all the days of your life, you are now a part of Jesus sheepfold and you will enter the kingdom of God. You are now a Christian.

Once You Receive Christ in Your Life

Some people prefer to call themselves believers or followers of Christ, it doesn’t really matter the name you go by as long as you do all the above and have been water baptised (very important). To be baptised you need to find a church that you feel God is sending you to and the minster or priest will baptise you. You belong to Jesus sheepfold just as much as say somebody like me, who has always belong to Him.  There is even a parable where Jesus basically explains some workers who were working on a field all day and as time went on the landowner found more workers that were hanging around waiting to be employed. So they came much later to work on the field. The story goes they all got the same pay whether they started work at the beginning or towards the end. So far as God is concern He just wants us all home with Him, regardless of our past. As long as we worship and believe in Him as the one true God and do as He says we are right with Him. So never fear rejection, because God wants you with Him and saved, more passionately than you do.

isCAA2OUMAI want to write about if you have ever noticed people who have been blessed with very powerful visitations from Our Lord or from the Virgin Mary, also carry crosses that they would never been able to carry. Only that their experience with God holds them up. What I am saying here is only a general rule. The greater the supernatural blesses you receive, also comes with it a mighty big cross and responsibilities to serve God in a special way. Not everybody is going to be seen in the public eye, but the person in question sure knows about it. Sometimes that is not always so. The visitations you receive is not for entertainment. It is a taste of heaven it is true, but you will find carrying a heavy cross often comes with it. The cross may take place after a few years later, which that was the case with me. We carry this cross not only for the salvation of our own souls, but for many others as well. We are here on earth to work out our salvation. That isn’t easy since we are so very highly skilled as sinners. Doesn’t matter how heavy our cross is, Jesus carries the heaviest load for us. We may not see it. We may instead feel God has abandon us. Most of God’s children have to go through that period in different degrees, where we don’t feel God is near or even cares about our circumstances. He is teaching us one of the hardest lessons of all and that is to have real living faith in Him. And if we are faithful, our faith truly does grow and so does our love for Him and our neighbour. It grows accordingly to how faithful we were in carrying that cross.

We Are Still in The World

It is easy to believe in God’s love for us when we can see and feel His presence, but when we are surrounded with the lies of the enemy forever telling us over and over again that we are not loved by God, that our faith is a lie and so on. That is of course is a time when we have to really fight for our souls salvation. And we are not alone, Jesus is with us, but we have to rely on Him and not on our so called strength in order to survive. Your prayers are being heard, but you just have to hang in there and persevere as Jesus tells us to. You can’t be a great warrior of Christ unless you fight a great battle. The bigger the battle the bigger your victory. And God not only wants you saved He wants you to climb up His Holy Mountain as high as you can so He can give you a huge reward forever.

isI2TNE013He loves you so much that you are being honoured in sharing a little of what He went through for you. And it doesn’t stop there. God treats your sacrifice bathed in the blood of Jesus so that it is now a pure offering to God to save the lost, if you only believed. So be careful about being jealous about people who have all these wonderful experiences from God. They may also have many things happening to them that are not so wonderful in your eyes. Know God loves us and He does know what we can endure if we lean on Him. And yes it does cost us everything as it cost Jesus His everything to save us. Some people who are less blessed in the supernatural gifts of God, can sometimes be more pleasing to God than those who have much. Because some who have less can in fact work harder and are more faithful with the little they have for God than some who are blessed with plenty.

It is not your gift that matters, it is your love and faithfulness to God that matters. I honestly believe once that is settle in the minds of many, that’s when they are more open than ever to receive the supernatural gifts of God. With this attitude they are more likely to have their priories’ in the right order and so benefit from new gifts not only to help themselves, but the whole kingdom of God benefits from their spiritual maturity.



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