Last Days

I originally wrote this article as a letter to my family and relatives and as I was reading it I felt God’s Spirit telling me it is a good article don’t waste it. Meaning for me to post it for other people to  read as well as my family. So here it is with some changes.

I am over excited. Videos of different visionaries have been saying Christ is going to take His Church anytime now. And He is saying there is no going back. At other times He has been saying He is coming very soon, but He has also been saying pray for extended time, which we all have been doing. So that has allowed Him to hold Him back His hand of Justice. Now He is saying there is no going back, in other words we can expect Him anytime now. He said every minute you have is a gift from God. We are getting so excited. One visionary said many of you are feeling it in your spirit. I feel it, I hope you do too. If we miss it, and most Christians will, they will have to face the Great Tribulation with the rest of the world. It is never too late to repent, while there is still breath in you. But it is going to be much harder to be Christian during those days than before the rapture. Good and evil will stand out like never before. And the world is truly going to hate Christians like never before.

I think the 3rd world war will break out first. Then the so called peace maker will stop the war. Unknown to many he had originally started the war in the first place. So that he can fool people the better. By looking like a very powerful, successful, strong and good leader that has other people’s interest at heart. It will be all lies. He will be what the Bible calls the Anti-Christ.

Don’t take the mark of the beast. It is a microchip that they insert in your hand or your forehead according to the Bible that is where the mark of the beast goes. It is already beginning to be advertised by the media overseas, as a great thing. They tell you how it is going to be so convenient. You won’t have to carry money around you and so you will be able to buy things in the store without paper and plastic money and so on. In the Bible it will tell you in the end you won’t be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. And that is what the chip is. In the end it will control your mind, they are not going to tell you that. You won’t be able to repent, because they will block God out of your mind and also they will control your emotions as well. In many ways you may as well be a robot.

There is a video that a woman scientist said that they have been secretly planting this chip in people, without their permission, or their knowledge during surgery. I don’t know what doctors are doing it or which hospitals it is happening in. She just said millions and millions have had it done to them in the last 10 years. Operations like hip0 and knee replacement and breast enlargements and so on. She was an American scientist very high up in her field. That is all I can tell you. I have an idea, it is just my opinion that she could well have been converted to Christianity and now has a conscious, so she is blowing the whistle. She said this chip means all those who have it, are now linked up to the world web. So it is preparing us for the one world government, so that the Anti-Christ will be able to rule the world so much easier. Jesus has told the prophetess Marie Diving Mercy about this years and years ago. And God said He won’t judge those who have been implanted with this chip without their knowledge. But truly don’t do it voluntary because that is a different story.

In the Bible it says people who receive this mark (in Revelations) that they will seek death for six months, but they won’t find it. Visionaries have seen in their dreams people trying to kill themselves through drowning and shooting themselves others may try to jump off tall buildings and still live through it. And they all look with disbelief that they can’t kill themselves. People who take the mark of the beast are in fact are going to suffer more than Christians who will be martyred for their faith. It doesn’t matter how horrific Christians die for their faith, in the long run, when the Anti-Christ is in full power those who take the mark of the beast, will suffer far worst than any Christian Martyr will. So you fear God  who has the power not only to kill the body but also take the soul to hell. Don’t fear the Anti-Christ more than God.

God said those who have missed the rapture can still repent even though they will see His Justice and fury everywhere. A prophet said people left behind will have to do their purgatory on earth. Catholics have always believed in purgatory. At present if we die now and are not quiet up to scratch, but we still love God we go to purgatory and pay the rest of the debts we owe God before entering into heaven. This is allowed because we are still in the era of His mercy, but that door is closing fast and we now moving into the era of His Justice.

You are wrong if you say it is not in the Bible. There are three places I have found with the help of somebody else that Jesus and St. Paul are talking about purgatory. But you have to read them very carefully. One of them as an example is Matthew 18:34. Talks about a person will be tortured UNTIL he pays that last penny of his debts that he owes. St. Paul talks about some people’s works will be burned by fire, but they themselves will escape. So in other words their works were not able to pass the test, but they themselves still made it.

A Protestant visionary saw in her own home that it was all lit up. She knew that represented she was saved. Then she went outside and it was all darkness, and she knew it represented the people of the world are not saved. On the porch it was grey and the couch was folded up. And Jesus told her He will not tolerate any more greys. You are either for or against me. That means total commitment to Him in order to be saved. In my opinion it means you have no other choice, but to become a saint in order to survive the Great Tribulation. In another era God did tolerate grey, they went to purgatory to be cleansed up before they went to heaven. during the Great Tribulation all Christians will suffer as if they are doing their purgatory on earth, because they are.

You will be hunted down like a wild animal and there will be so many people, not to be trusted that you will have to have a real relationship with Jesus in order to be able to recognise His voice. So He will be able to lead you through it all. You will have to have a supernatural faith. Don’t fear all things are possible for God, especially when you call out to Him in complete desperation. You will have your priorities in order. It will be all about survival and we will find a way if we have to. Jesus has told another visionary it is going to be the hardest time of your life and at the same time the most exciting time in your life. Because you are going to see miracles that are perform in Jesus name like never before in history. You will do greater works than Jesus. That is also in the Bible.

So I do suggest you to give your complete all to God now and don’t be so wrapped in the worries of the world. Get ready to put your spiritual house in order so that you will be taken up to heaven before the Great Tribulation. Before the Anti-Christ rules the earth. If you still have a part of you that is hanging onto the things of the world, you will miss out. And you are not to put your family or any person before God. God has to come first in your life. Or you will have to go through hell on earth for some years, before Jesus will come and finish off Satan and throw him into hell and all those who serve him.

isVJF7ODZBI have given you medals for you to start wearing them now for protection. They are not good luck charms, as so many people suppose. A prophetess Marie Divine Mercy was instructed to have them made and circulate them with the promise of protection. They are made to honour Mary’s new title called ‘Mother of our salvation.’ Mary did have something to do with our salvation. If she said ‘no’ there would be no birth of Jesus, and therefore no cross to free us from our sins. And we are all called to save souls, through our prayers and deeds. So if you see it in that light there is no need to be alarmed by her title. The medal is more powerful if it is blessed. So if I was you, I would either get a priest bless it, or ask St. Peter who is a disciple of Jesus, who is now reigning in heaven with Jesus to bless it for dyou, and he will. Just believe in God’s goodness and those of His children in heaven, they will always help you if you ask them.

She said wear it in honour of them and Mary and Jesus will protect you. The whole idea is to reflect on Mary’s great influence on Jesus as His mother. If anybody is going to obey the 10 Commandments it is going to be Jesus. We all know that Jesus honours His Heavenly Father, but so few consider that Jesus also honours His mother. Many will pipe up that we are all His mother and sister and brother if we obey God’s Commandments, and of course that is true. It is also true no one suffered for Jesus more than any other person than Mary. The more you are willing to suffer for Jesus the greater the friend you become of His. It is in suffering you prove yourself if you are really for Him or not. Friends do not run from you when you are in need. They help to share your burdens, they are willing to suffer with you. How much more that is true to Mary His Mother. You only have to stop and think what it must have been liked in her day, giving birth to a child outside marriage and not be able to explain ‘I didn’t do anything wrong.’ And watching her precious loving, kind and gentle Son die such a vicious death for you and me. If anybody knew Jesus! It is going to be the woman that raised Him don’t you think? Nobody has ever come close in understanding how she must of felt. The commandment that tells us to honour our parents, is the only one that has a promise attached to it, to who obey it. And that is you live a long life.

I cannot tell you how many times be wearing this medal I have been protected by fire in my house, because I have forgotten that I had something on the stove. How many times I have been protected from choking in my sleep, because somebody has put a curse on me and I have woken up in time. One time which I won’t go into depth, I saw in my dream two men sitting down and one of them stood up and gave me a hard star into my eyes. Unknown to me in my dream the man put a curse on me. (Witches and Warlocks can work through your dreams). My guardian angel, who was not part of the dream, told me to wake up and I told him in my sleep ‘no I am too tied.’ The next thing my dear guardian angel punched me in my abdomen and I woke up coughing. I would have died in my sleep, because as I was coughing I found I couldn’t breathe.

Coughing can be a sign when a demon leaves a person. I am into casting out devils. I won’t go into that either. Demons after they have been cast out in the name of Jesus , they will often leave the person through coughing, yawning and crying. So I knew why the angel punched me and I thank him very much for saving my life. I am constantly, and everyday being attacked by a few covens of devil worshipers I believe. Because my writings in Faithwriters, and this blog exposes how Satan works against us. So naturally the devil worshipers are trying to stop that. You would be surprise also how many miracles God performs in my daily life, because He looks after us. Many Christians have no idea how many preachers are being attacked through witchcraft. If you are in this circle you will hear often them talking about this subject. So it is not a secret amongst us! It is though for Christians who they do not consider a threat.

So please wear the medal in honour of both Jesus and Mary’s love for you. And you will see how many times they will protect you. You will still have to pick up your cross and follow Him. Which means also you will be hated for His sake.  By wearing the medal doesn’t mean you won’t suffer for Jesus, but it does mean He and Mary will watch over you and most importantly protect your soul from the lies of Satan.





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