Don’t Be Fooled

I have been a very slow learner on one hand, but despite of it all God has taught me many lessons. I am now sixty one years old and I feel like I am just getting it. One thing I have learnt is Satan is a liar right!! So it stands to reason those who serve him are going to follow his example. They lie too!! They copy their father. Jesus did what He saw His father do and that was to obey His Father wishes. So Jesus is kind, loving and truthful. Satan is nothing like Jesus, he is all meanness and cruelty.

I remember many years ago, there was a devil worshiper who attended the church I use to go to. I didn’t know it at the time who he was, but found out later. At this point I want to point out there are currently many devil worshipers that attend all denominations, so to breakdown and destroy churches. One ex-devil worshiper said his favourite method was to spread rumours around. Unfortunately it worked very successfully, because not all Christians are obeying God’s Commandments of Love as they claim. Many Christians you wouldn’t know they are Christians by their lifestyles. Remember what Jesus said ‘not everybody who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.’ To be a Christian you must actually follow Jesus, do what He does. Too many what it both ways, and that is impossible.

So getting back to the point, this devil worshiper didn’t whisper a lie, but shouted it out so loudly and confidently that for a moment, I questioned if I was mistaken. He shouted out that I did not attend the Mass on Wednesday and I knew full well that I did. I remember it clearly, because a friend of mind had died and I couldn’t attend to her funeral, so I went on that day specially to give her my respects and prayers. The trick is if people sound confident and shout out loudly, other people too will question themselves and will ask ‘am I right or are they? And if they hear contradictions long and don’t fight it, they will believe the lie. There is a saying, ‘if somebody told you long enough you are a horse, you will be looking for the saddle.’ That is a great trick of the devil and he relies on it a lot. Watch and see it for yourself. I know most of you have already notice it for yourself, but unfortunately many have not. See how peer pressure has a lot to do how the young behave, and not so young also.

Satan will either puff you up or work on your inferior complex to get his way. If all fails he will use brute force and sometimes when he really wants something badly, he will use all three methods at the same time. Just look at prison camps. Satan’s power is in you believing in his lies. He is not going to tell a person in a prison camp, ‘you are saving so many soul.’ no!!  He is going to make you feel so miserable and depress so as to make out you are a big failure. We humans have a weakness in judging by what we hear, see, or how we feel. And Satan is counting on it. If you really put your faith in Jesus, you are going to put your faith on God’s promises as more real than what you see and hear. We can’t do this by our own strength. We need Jesus’s strength to do this.

Prayer is a life saver and we need to pray for our futures, not just now when all is going well for us. We should be praying that we die in God’s favour. That we will be found worthy to enter in the kingdom of heaven. To trust in our own ability to make it to heaven by our own so called goodness, is a lie also. There is nothing wrong with admitting to God that you are so helpless and need Him even in the smallest things in life. God will love you for it. We are most powerful when we humble ourselves before God and admit to Him we can’t do it without Him and ask Him to make up what you can’t do. That is a good thing. That is power in Jesus. To admit you need Him. That is what the enemy doesn’t understand. There is power in being weak before God and admit your nothingness to Him. When you say things like my virtues are no more than dirty rags, but I believe in your Son’s Blood can wash me clean and acceptable to You. That is power in those words.

is(7)I am sticking my neck out here for you. I am being attack many times through witchcraft. And instead of saying they are more powerful than me. I say when yet they have cursed me again, ‘GOOD!!!!!!’ my PRAYERS!!!!!!! Are really working, you fellows are really getting upset, because God is answering my prayers.  Then I feel even more powerful, because I know God is with me, and even though He has to humble me many times, He is still answering my prayers. You get it! It is the other way around, and Satan doesn’t what you to know just how powerful you really are in Jesus Christ. You know the more Christians are being martyred, the more get saved. The enemy is not going to tell you that, are they?

I have already seen a little glimpse of my martyrdom. I saw me being surrounded and they were I suppose punching me or whatever and I was in a great deal of pain and I was trying to get away from them. And then I saw me as a black lamb being carried on this man’s shoulder ready to be sacrificed. So it is not just talk for me. I know the time is very near and I know I won’t make it without the love of God helping me. And I know I won’t be alone that God will fulfil His promise to me. I was told Saint Francis and Saint Teresa are also going to help me during those times. I know I have to suffer for souls. I have seen the pleasure and joy it gave Jesus when I offered myself to suffer for Him, so that I can give a little back for what He gave me. I was also told that I will be alive to see the rapture. That might sound contradictory to some. Just think when the rapture takes place, will there be anybody left in those prison camps. Maybe? But how many Christians will suddenly disappear without trace.


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