Some Clues How to Test the Spirits

God has given me a new gift. Communicating God in a different way than He has in the pass. I use to experience visitations from Him. Powerful ones at first and then Jesus would appear to me less powerful as time went on. I believe preparing me for this new gift. He has shown me His nature well enough to know some qualities about Him. I have been tricked many times by the devil too and the devil always brings major troubles in your life. So I thought I share some of the differences to watch out for if you are knew at testing the spirits. I am hoping some of my own experiences of what I have learnt will help you.

1.      My new gift came about through writing articles for Him. I notice that God was putting thoughts and words in my mind that improve the value of all that I wrote about Him. So then I thought I will try to hear His thoughts and ask Him questions, and see if He will start bringing me His thoughts to me as I write it down. To my surprise He did. Then not long after I did that, He just start talking to me with a flow after I finished writing. To my shock. I also wanted Him to stop because I was so tied I only wanted to go to bed and I was afraid of this new gift. It was clear it was no longer just a fun thing it became a responsibility. I now find it is for His purpose and even though it is extremely wonderful, His timing is not always when I am willing to have a conversation with Him.  I was trying not to listen, so I could control it. A lot of it was the fear of Satan and his mob, making use of this new gift and be fooled into thinking God is talking to me when it is really Satan. So I was very afraid. God told me off for blocking His voice and I was in fear of God then. Now He is teaching me when He is speaking to me and how the evil ones try to override Him when God is talking to me.

2.      When God speaks it can just flow as if I am speaking to another person. At other times He is speaking, but I can’t get all the words, and it seems very much to me the evil one tries to stop the flow of the conversation between Jesus and me by blocking my mind some way from being able to hear Him.

3.      I have to seek the mind of God and not the world. That way I am in a good position to know if it is God speaking to me or not. There are two different kinds of people in you and me. One of the world, which is sinful and we are to be very afraid of it. The other one that is holy and that comes from God. Not one good thought can ever enter in our minds by itself. So good thoughts that have no other motives, but to serve and please God always comes from God. Unless the enemies interrupt the flow, which then can lead to evil, even though it starts out to looks good at the beginning, it is far from it. It is now the evil one speaking to you in disguise of God. So it starts out God talking and then may end up being Satan talking to you. Satan can take over the conversation without you knowing it. That is a scary thought.

4.      God never speaks to us in a condemning way. He never speaks as to make out you are rubbish or stupid as will the evil spirits will. Satan and his mob uses this technique all the time. It is going on in your mind everyday anyway. It is just more noticeable when you see it in the supernatural plane. So if the spirit makes you fearful with a feeling of unworthiness that is the way the evil spirits try to control you. So much so you won’t dare test the spirits in fear that you are putting God to the test. They may make out God is so mad at you for being so sinful or what other reason they are using to control you that they put you in chains of fear. This is so that you will be so fearful that you have angered God that you will not even listen to other people, who are trying to warn you it is not God who is talking to you, but an evil spirit instead. We are told to test every spirit. We must ask ourselves does God speak in that tone that this spirit is speaking to you in.  If you don’t know Him personally look at the Bible pages and see how Jesus speaks in kindness and compassion etc. Get the feel of His tone.  Ask also is the spirit so controlling and domineering that there seems no pleasing it? That is a very good sign it is not from God.

5.      When God is giving me what for! It is too correct me. He is not trying to destroy my hopes in my salvation in Him, but to remind me I am to live my life with the up most care and respect that He is Sovereign. When that has been accomplish and I kneel before Him with humble repentance, then I feel His peace and freedom. Not so if it is an evil spirit pretending to be God. They keep you in a state of fear continually. You see I have been fooled many times. Truth sets you free, lies keeps you trapped and a prisoner and keeps you fearful all the days of your life.

6.      Experiences are so important to remember them and learn from. You should keep a record of them so as not to repeat the same mistakes. Over a period of time you learn more and more about the personality and character of God, the same way we learn about one another’s character. The more we have to do with one another and be genuinely interested in one another trying to please one another, the closer we become and the better we understand one another. Marriage couples are learning more and more about one another all the time as their love for one another grows and comes together. The same principal applies learning about God’s character. The Bible speaks about it, but when you personally get to know Him, it becomes a relationship and not a religion. God’s personality is so tender, gentle, kind and loving. If you stay close to Him, you will begin to recognise Him in everything and everywhere, because He is in His creation.  If the spirit appears to be all those things, but there seems to be something a little off or controlling feeling about it, know that it is not God’s spirit. It is probably a familiar spirit pretending to be God or Jesus or a saint an angle. If there is anything at all that doesn’t seem quiet right, dismiss it straight away in Jesus’s Name.

7.      If the Spirit is God who is correcting you in a stern way. It is a Father God doing it. God is strict, but also loving. He is not smudged nor haughty. He forgives the moment you repent of your sins. And you will straight away will feel His has forgiven you. There is no trace of control. He is a Loving God Father who wants the best for you and He knows you are in danger that is why He is so strict with us in moments like that. Then you will experience His love and compassion straight away. No loving human father ever enjoys chastising his child, but if you love somebody you may have to do things that you don’t like for their sake. He is also God and He wants everybody saved and enter into His kingdom. Nobody can enter into His kingdom if they don’t take His Godhead seriously. We are so blessed that His love for us raises us up to be called His children. All thanks to the price Jesus His Son paid for us. So we must always take care that we are living in union with His Spirit and not go our own way that does lead us straight to hell.

How to Strengthen Our Hope in Times of Troubles

The world is full of horror and there is so much fear abound. When we see repeatedly sad and tragic news all the time and more news of bloodshed can make way for crippling fear to take hold of us if we let it. If that is all we think about, we then become defeated of all hope of ever making it safely in this world. If we do what St. Paul teaches us, which came from his own experience in prison?  He tells us to keep our minds on all that is good and positive. Things that uplift us. Everything that glorifies God, which will keep our minds off what is going on that is negative in our lives to take a hold of us. Have faith that God uses even what is negative in your life, for His great glory. He can bring good out of evil, if we give it to Him in confidence. All this will help tremendously overcome fear and going the way of the world.

St. Pauls Example

When we look at how St. Paul was treated in prison, can be very helpful. He would have been told repeatedly how weak he was for believing in the crucified Jesus. And how much he would have been laughed at for his faith. Saying he was living in a fanciful world of his own making. Just think of the constant insults and bullying and beatings he had to endure daily for his faith in Christ Jesus. The prison was depressive and ugly enough to make anyone live in despair. Yet he kept his eyes off himself and on the goodness and on the promises of God. He tells us to pray without ceasing, it got him through. Praising God is the highest form of prayer. It is so powerful when you do it from the heart and out of love for God. When you are genuine, it so powerful words can’t describe.

isML02FNOPHow I Got Through My Fears

I so believe in the communion of saints. Mary of course being the most powerful in times of trouble. Meditating on how Mary had such abundant faith in the goodness of God and how she must had and still cherish everything about God. Marys love and strength is worthy of meditation, we can learn a lot from her humble obedience in serving God. Even though the Bible says very little about her. The little it says is so powerful, if we take the time to meditate on her faith and love of God. I use to repeat the same short prayer of encouragement over and over again trying to keep my mind off my problem and on the love that God had for me, while waiting in line of the supermarket to be served. Not because I was holy, but just in order to be strong enough to do my shopping and it helped. And it also trained me to pray without ceasing in order to survive. If I didn’t do it I would have never been able to do anything at all in my life. My life has always been controlled by fear. The fear of people.

isVJF7ODZBMary’s Example

Luke 1:45

Yes, blessed is she who believed that the promise made her by the Lord would be fulfilled.

What faith must hers have been? How much her faith got her through all her circumstances, her fears? How she grew through her childlike faith. You can’t have this kind of faith if you always looking at all that is evil in this world. Her eyes were on God all day and all night. Her Son Jesus’s face was always before her. She would never been interested in all the negativity around her when she saw the gentleness, kindness and the beauty and peace that surrounded her Son Jesus. She was always in the presence of the Almighty One. How could she handle all those years as a refuge, running from danger all her life, if she did not centred her thoughts and heart on how wonderful and powerful and mighty in strength is the Lord Our God that protects us. We must do the same. What you feed your mind all day long becomes your reality.

Evil spirits do enter in you, if you keep dwelling on only the negative. When they get a strong hold in you, it doesn’t mean the end. Keep fighting back the way Mary would of. Praising God’s goodness and love all day long. In that way the Holy Spirit will grow in you. The more space you give Him to dwell in you the stronger His presence will be felt in you and the more power you will have to release in handling your problems. Making you victorious in whatever situation you find yourself in.

My Earthly Mothers Vision

My earthly mother told me once that she had a vision from God. She saw the evil one was represented as something solid like an iron rod and God was like air, soft and gentle. The iron rod in her vision was going with such force of hatred and anger towards God, to attack Him. My mother was frightened as it was getting closer to God. What she saw was the iron rod that represented evil was trying to beat very hard at the soft gentle air like love of God. It couldn’t do any harm at all to it. It needed something hard and solid like itself to hit onto. So you see how Satan is going to attack God’s children in the same way. He needs hardness to be able to hurt you. If you are always praising and loving God and loving one another there is no hardness, but softness. Love is soft. Anger and hatred hardens your heart. And when we are hard that’s when he can attack and hurt you. Negative thoughts harden you.

If you keep reciting beautiful uplifting verses from the Bible that floods your soul with confidence in God’s protection and love for you. The enemy has nothing to hit at you. There will be nothing he can grip onto. If you refuse to buy into the lies of Satan and instead praise God come what may, your faith and hope in Him comes alive and you will receive Our Loving Father response to your loving confident words of Him. You win victory after victory. Remember God is for you, Satan is against you. God is not going to condemn you for thoughts that you have not put in your head voluntary. But Satan will put all terrible things in your head and act as if you did it. Not all your thoughts are your own. God will convict you if you did something wrong, so as you understand not to do it again. But always out of love and He always forgives a humble, contrite heart. God is our loving Father, not an evil tyrant. He want to cradle you in His arms if you only believe. God wants to heal you.

Psalm 40:2

He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.

Big Crosses

is(18)Before I go into this subject I feel God wants me to reassure people of all different religions regardless of what it is (Muslim, Hindu, or whatever), or whatever crimes you may have committed against The One True God, Jesus crucifixion covers you also. All you need to do is to repent of all your sins humbly before God. Acknowledge Jesus truly did died to save you from the fires of Hell. And He really will forgive you if you are ask Him with a genuine sincere heart. If you believe Him and follow Him and acknowledge He is your Lord all the days of your life, you are now a part of Jesus sheepfold and you will enter the kingdom of God. You are now a Christian.

Once You Receive Christ in Your Life

Some people prefer to call themselves believers or followers of Christ, it doesn’t really matter the name you go by as long as you do all the above and have been water baptised (very important). To be baptised you need to find a church that you feel God is sending you to and the minster or priest will baptise you. You belong to Jesus sheepfold just as much as say somebody like me, who has always belong to Him.  There is even a parable where Jesus basically explains some workers who were working on a field all day and as time went on the landowner found more workers that were hanging around waiting to be employed. So they came much later to work on the field. The story goes they all got the same pay whether they started work at the beginning or towards the end. So far as God is concern He just wants us all home with Him, regardless of our past. As long as we worship and believe in Him as the one true God and do as He says we are right with Him. So never fear rejection, because God wants you with Him and saved, more passionately than you do.

isCAA2OUMAI want to write about if you have ever noticed people who have been blessed with very powerful visitations from Our Lord or from the Virgin Mary, also carry crosses that they would never been able to carry. Only that their experience with God holds them up. What I am saying here is only a general rule. The greater the supernatural blesses you receive, also comes with it a mighty big cross and responsibilities to serve God in a special way. Not everybody is going to be seen in the public eye, but the person in question sure knows about it. Sometimes that is not always so. The visitations you receive is not for entertainment. It is a taste of heaven it is true, but you will find carrying a heavy cross often comes with it. The cross may take place after a few years later, which that was the case with me. We carry this cross not only for the salvation of our own souls, but for many others as well. We are here on earth to work out our salvation. That isn’t easy since we are so very highly skilled as sinners. Doesn’t matter how heavy our cross is, Jesus carries the heaviest load for us. We may not see it. We may instead feel God has abandon us. Most of God’s children have to go through that period in different degrees, where we don’t feel God is near or even cares about our circumstances. He is teaching us one of the hardest lessons of all and that is to have real living faith in Him. And if we are faithful, our faith truly does grow and so does our love for Him and our neighbour. It grows accordingly to how faithful we were in carrying that cross.

We Are Still in The World

It is easy to believe in God’s love for us when we can see and feel His presence, but when we are surrounded with the lies of the enemy forever telling us over and over again that we are not loved by God, that our faith is a lie and so on. That is of course is a time when we have to really fight for our souls salvation. And we are not alone, Jesus is with us, but we have to rely on Him and not on our so called strength in order to survive. Your prayers are being heard, but you just have to hang in there and persevere as Jesus tells us to. You can’t be a great warrior of Christ unless you fight a great battle. The bigger the battle the bigger your victory. And God not only wants you saved He wants you to climb up His Holy Mountain as high as you can so He can give you a huge reward forever.

isI2TNE013He loves you so much that you are being honoured in sharing a little of what He went through for you. And it doesn’t stop there. God treats your sacrifice bathed in the blood of Jesus so that it is now a pure offering to God to save the lost, if you only believed. So be careful about being jealous about people who have all these wonderful experiences from God. They may also have many things happening to them that are not so wonderful in your eyes. Know God loves us and He does know what we can endure if we lean on Him. And yes it does cost us everything as it cost Jesus His everything to save us. Some people who are less blessed in the supernatural gifts of God, can sometimes be more pleasing to God than those who have much. Because some who have less can in fact work harder and are more faithful with the little they have for God than some who are blessed with plenty.

It is not your gift that matters, it is your love and faithfulness to God that matters. I honestly believe once that is settle in the minds of many, that’s when they are more open than ever to receive the supernatural gifts of God. With this attitude they are more likely to have their priories’ in the right order and so benefit from new gifts not only to help themselves, but the whole kingdom of God benefits from their spiritual maturity.



New Ways of Worshiping God keeps Our Relationship Fresh

The more ways we try to explore God’s ways, the more closer we will come to Him. It is the same with our friends and family. If we do the same thing every day over and over again the friendship becomes stale. We have to try out new things to keep the friendship alive and fresh. Some routines are very good and necessary and at other times we need to change things a little. So as to see new things in the person that we didn’t know about before. Somebody who has been married for 50 years, are still finding out new things about each other. That is the way our relationship with God is so supposed to be like. If we keep doing the same things over and over again, how can we find about new wonderful things about our God and Father, if we don’t let Him show us.

Recognising God’s Voice

I was thinking the other day about God wanting to communicate with us all the time. We have been told many times. We have to learn how to recognise His voice from our own and that of the evil one. God may communicate to you one way all through your life, but there are many other ways in which He does communicate. I tend to have visitations, so I have been spoilt in that I thought that is the only way He would communicate to me. Through experimenting how to come closer to God, from outstanding Christians. In other words Christians that have proven to be faithful to God is important. There is so much evil in this world and too many people who may sound trustworthy until you have a closer look at their lives. Don’t get confused of rumours either. There are too many people out there these days that are deliberately attacking good honest Christians, with shocking lies about them. Wanting to destroy their characters before the eyes of the public, and therefore trying to damage the reputation of Christianity. So it is so important to pray for discernment. The devil is very desperate at the moment to lead the most people astray from God and their eternal inheritance. He is more aware than any of us how short his time to rule the earth is left to him.

How it Works With Me

I am learning more and more how to recognised God’s voice other than visitations of Jesus in spirit. The best way to work for me, is to start writing to God. As I am writing I ask Him to speak to me through writing. I have found with me, as soon as words start to coming to me, I just start writing them down. If I don’t falter it starts to flow quickly. Sometimes so quickly I can’t keep up with it. I have read that can happen. I am thinking maybe God does it that way so that the devil doesn’t have a chance to butt in. The moment I question a word and stop, the flow then also stops and I can’t start it up again. What I have noticed if I just write the word that I am confused about anyway, after I have written the whole letter down and re-read it, it makes beautiful sense.

A Method of Discerning

You do have to watch the devil, because he will present words to you that sounds good, but is just to get you in. I have found the devil will often quote Bible passages with me, so as to win my confidence over. There is a difference when God speaks to you. When it is God who speaks to you it so touches your heart and makes you so joyful. You feel so loved. The devil I would imagine works differently for each person. In that everybody has different weakness in what they feel comes from God. Remember what Jesus tells us how to discern a false prophet or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. ‘By their fruits you will know them.’ If it leads to true holiness, which includes love and meekness then it is OK. If it ends up leading you to think you are better than others, or you find the messages no longer resemble the character of Christ, know it is not from God.

isW102ZQ1LI believe God is really pouring down His Holy Spirit onto people. I Know I am not the only one who can see this. I believe without a doubt it is due to the many and countless Christian martyrs being tortured and dying for the Lord. I believe they have paid the price for us, to receive the Holy Spirit at a new level. We all have to work to increase the kingdom of God, according to what we have to offer. Martyrdom is a very powerful way that appeases God’s Justice. And therefore showers mercies on people that otherwise would not have receive it. Some receive the grace of salvation and others salvation and incredible increase of the supernatural gifts from the Holy Spirit. I am certainly finding that I have been incredibly been blessed with increase and I know it is not only because I serve God with all my heart, but others have prayed for me and I thank the martyrs also so much. Our faith was founded on the Martyrdom of Jesus Christ and all His disciples. With the exception of one, they were all martyred to death. And you look at Christian history, when the enemy of our faith tries to destroy our belief in Christ, through killing off all the Christians. What it does instead? It increases our devotion to our God and we call on Him like nobody’s business and guess what? The faith in truth grows more speedily, during persecution than in peace time. Have you ever noticed? More come to know Him and therefore instead of less Christians the enemy has to attend with, there are more. That is the way God rewards the Martyrs. They bring in a rich harvest for Him.

John 3:16-17

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

Sometimes we hear a verse in the Bible so often we don’t really pay deep attention of what it is saying. The above verse is so important to meditate on it all our lives. You should never get tired of hearing it. And likewise the verse below is so important to remember as well, because Satan will do everything in his power for you not to believe in the promises of God.

Romans 10:9

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in you heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

When you believe in your heart, it is going to show in your actions. Our tendency to skip what we don’t want to hear is very strong in all of us, unfortunately. We mustn’t do that!! If we want to be saved we must learn to listen and obey. If you really believe that Jesus is Lord, you are not going to disobey him. So look careful what St. Paul is saying. Too many people are giving lips service to God. If you want to make God angry that is a perfect way to do it; somebody who gives only lips service, is a fake Christian. 


Prayers For Protection

Ais(6)ugust Queen of Heaven, Sovereign Mistress of the angles, who didst receive from the beginning the mission and the power to crush the serpents head, we beseech thee to send the holy Angels, that under thy command and by thy power, they may pursue the evil spirits, encounter them on every side, resist their bold attacks, and drive them hence into the abyss of woe, most holy Mother, send thy angles to defend us and to drive the cruel enemy from us.

All ye holy Angles and Archangels help and defend us.

Our Father…..

Behold the Cross of the Lord! Be gone, all evil powers! Be gone to the foot of the Cross! To be condemned and never to return. The Lion of the Tribe of Juda, the root of David, has conquered.

Then say Hallelujah seven times and finish it with a Glory be…

Mary crushed the head of the Serpent. Amen.

2 Chronicles 20:6-12

“O Lord, God of our fathers, are you not God in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. In your hand are power  and might, so that none is able to withstand you. Did you not, our God, drive out the inhabitants of this land before your people Israel, and give it forever to the descendants of Abraham your Fiend? And they have lived in it and have built for you in it a sanctuary for your name, saying, ‘If disaster comes upon us, the sword, judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we will stand before this house and before you- for your name is in this house-and cry out to you in our affliction, and you will hear and save.’ And now behold, the men of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir, whom you would not let Israel invade when they came from the land of Egypt, and whom they avoided and did not destroy – behold, they reward us by coming to drive us out of your possession, which you have given us to inherit. O our God, will you not execute judgment  on them? For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, uy our eyes are on you.”

is“The Lorica”

I bind to myself today – God’s Power to guide me, God’s Might to uphold me, God’s Wisdom to teach me, God’s eye to watch over me, God’s ear to hear me, God’s Word to give me speech, God’s hand to guide me, God’s way to lie before me, God’s shield to shelter me, God’s Host to secure me,

Against the snares of demons, against the seductions of vices, against the lusts of nature, against everyone who meditates injury to me, whether far or near, whether few or with many.

Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ at my right, Christ at my left, Christ in the fort, Christ in the chariot seat, Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me, Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks to me, Christ in every eye that sees me, Christ in every ear that hears me.

Last Days

I originally wrote this article as a letter to my family and relatives and as I was reading it I felt God’s Spirit telling me it is a good article don’t waste it. Meaning for me to post it for other people to  read as well as my family. So here it is with some changes.

I am over excited. Videos of different visionaries have been saying Christ is going to take His Church anytime now. And He is saying there is no going back. At other times He has been saying He is coming very soon, but He has also been saying pray for extended time, which we all have been doing. So that has allowed Him to hold Him back His hand of Justice. Now He is saying there is no going back, in other words we can expect Him anytime now. He said every minute you have is a gift from God. We are getting so excited. One visionary said many of you are feeling it in your spirit. I feel it, I hope you do too. If we miss it, and most Christians will, they will have to face the Great Tribulation with the rest of the world. It is never too late to repent, while there is still breath in you. But it is going to be much harder to be Christian during those days than before the rapture. Good and evil will stand out like never before. And the world is truly going to hate Christians like never before.

I think the 3rd world war will break out first. Then the so called peace maker will stop the war. Unknown to many he had originally started the war in the first place. So that he can fool people the better. By looking like a very powerful, successful, strong and good leader that has other people’s interest at heart. It will be all lies. He will be what the Bible calls the Anti-Christ.

Don’t take the mark of the beast. It is a microchip that they insert in your hand or your forehead according to the Bible that is where the mark of the beast goes. It is already beginning to be advertised by the media overseas, as a great thing. They tell you how it is going to be so convenient. You won’t have to carry money around you and so you will be able to buy things in the store without paper and plastic money and so on. In the Bible it will tell you in the end you won’t be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. And that is what the chip is. In the end it will control your mind, they are not going to tell you that. You won’t be able to repent, because they will block God out of your mind and also they will control your emotions as well. In many ways you may as well be a robot.

There is a video that a woman scientist said that they have been secretly planting this chip in people, without their permission, or their knowledge during surgery. I don’t know what doctors are doing it or which hospitals it is happening in. She just said millions and millions have had it done to them in the last 10 years. Operations like hip0 and knee replacement and breast enlargements and so on. She was an American scientist very high up in her field. That is all I can tell you. I have an idea, it is just my opinion that she could well have been converted to Christianity and now has a conscious, so she is blowing the whistle. She said this chip means all those who have it, are now linked up to the world web. So it is preparing us for the one world government, so that the Anti-Christ will be able to rule the world so much easier. Jesus has told the prophetess Marie Diving Mercy about this years and years ago. And God said He won’t judge those who have been implanted with this chip without their knowledge. But truly don’t do it voluntary because that is a different story.

In the Bible it says people who receive this mark (in Revelations) that they will seek death for six months, but they won’t find it. Visionaries have seen in their dreams people trying to kill themselves through drowning and shooting themselves others may try to jump off tall buildings and still live through it. And they all look with disbelief that they can’t kill themselves. People who take the mark of the beast are in fact are going to suffer more than Christians who will be martyred for their faith. It doesn’t matter how horrific Christians die for their faith, in the long run, when the Anti-Christ is in full power those who take the mark of the beast, will suffer far worst than any Christian Martyr will. So you fear God  who has the power not only to kill the body but also take the soul to hell. Don’t fear the Anti-Christ more than God.

God said those who have missed the rapture can still repent even though they will see His Justice and fury everywhere. A prophet said people left behind will have to do their purgatory on earth. Catholics have always believed in purgatory. At present if we die now and are not quiet up to scratch, but we still love God we go to purgatory and pay the rest of the debts we owe God before entering into heaven. This is allowed because we are still in the era of His mercy, but that door is closing fast and we now moving into the era of His Justice.

You are wrong if you say it is not in the Bible. There are three places I have found with the help of somebody else that Jesus and St. Paul are talking about purgatory. But you have to read them very carefully. One of them as an example is Matthew 18:34. Talks about a person will be tortured UNTIL he pays that last penny of his debts that he owes. St. Paul talks about some people’s works will be burned by fire, but they themselves will escape. So in other words their works were not able to pass the test, but they themselves still made it.

A Protestant visionary saw in her own home that it was all lit up. She knew that represented she was saved. Then she went outside and it was all darkness, and she knew it represented the people of the world are not saved. On the porch it was grey and the couch was folded up. And Jesus told her He will not tolerate any more greys. You are either for or against me. That means total commitment to Him in order to be saved. In my opinion it means you have no other choice, but to become a saint in order to survive the Great Tribulation. In another era God did tolerate grey, they went to purgatory to be cleansed up before they went to heaven. during the Great Tribulation all Christians will suffer as if they are doing their purgatory on earth, because they are.

You will be hunted down like a wild animal and there will be so many people, not to be trusted that you will have to have a real relationship with Jesus in order to be able to recognise His voice. So He will be able to lead you through it all. You will have to have a supernatural faith. Don’t fear all things are possible for God, especially when you call out to Him in complete desperation. You will have your priorities in order. It will be all about survival and we will find a way if we have to. Jesus has told another visionary it is going to be the hardest time of your life and at the same time the most exciting time in your life. Because you are going to see miracles that are perform in Jesus name like never before in history. You will do greater works than Jesus. That is also in the Bible.

So I do suggest you to give your complete all to God now and don’t be so wrapped in the worries of the world. Get ready to put your spiritual house in order so that you will be taken up to heaven before the Great Tribulation. Before the Anti-Christ rules the earth. If you still have a part of you that is hanging onto the things of the world, you will miss out. And you are not to put your family or any person before God. God has to come first in your life. Or you will have to go through hell on earth for some years, before Jesus will come and finish off Satan and throw him into hell and all those who serve him.

isVJF7ODZBI have given you medals for you to start wearing them now for protection. They are not good luck charms, as so many people suppose. A prophetess Marie Divine Mercy was instructed to have them made and circulate them with the promise of protection. They are made to honour Mary’s new title called ‘Mother of our salvation.’ Mary did have something to do with our salvation. If she said ‘no’ there would be no birth of Jesus, and therefore no cross to free us from our sins. And we are all called to save souls, through our prayers and deeds. So if you see it in that light there is no need to be alarmed by her title. The medal is more powerful if it is blessed. So if I was you, I would either get a priest bless it, or ask St. Peter who is a disciple of Jesus, who is now reigning in heaven with Jesus to bless it for dyou, and he will. Just believe in God’s goodness and those of His children in heaven, they will always help you if you ask them.

She said wear it in honour of them and Mary and Jesus will protect you. The whole idea is to reflect on Mary’s great influence on Jesus as His mother. If anybody is going to obey the 10 Commandments it is going to be Jesus. We all know that Jesus honours His Heavenly Father, but so few consider that Jesus also honours His mother. Many will pipe up that we are all His mother and sister and brother if we obey God’s Commandments, and of course that is true. It is also true no one suffered for Jesus more than any other person than Mary. The more you are willing to suffer for Jesus the greater the friend you become of His. It is in suffering you prove yourself if you are really for Him or not. Friends do not run from you when you are in need. They help to share your burdens, they are willing to suffer with you. How much more that is true to Mary His Mother. You only have to stop and think what it must have been liked in her day, giving birth to a child outside marriage and not be able to explain ‘I didn’t do anything wrong.’ And watching her precious loving, kind and gentle Son die such a vicious death for you and me. If anybody knew Jesus! It is going to be the woman that raised Him don’t you think? Nobody has ever come close in understanding how she must of felt. The commandment that tells us to honour our parents, is the only one that has a promise attached to it, to who obey it. And that is you live a long life.

I cannot tell you how many times be wearing this medal I have been protected by fire in my house, because I have forgotten that I had something on the stove. How many times I have been protected from choking in my sleep, because somebody has put a curse on me and I have woken up in time. One time which I won’t go into depth, I saw in my dream two men sitting down and one of them stood up and gave me a hard star into my eyes. Unknown to me in my dream the man put a curse on me. (Witches and Warlocks can work through your dreams). My guardian angel, who was not part of the dream, told me to wake up and I told him in my sleep ‘no I am too tied.’ The next thing my dear guardian angel punched me in my abdomen and I woke up coughing. I would have died in my sleep, because as I was coughing I found I couldn’t breathe.

Coughing can be a sign when a demon leaves a person. I am into casting out devils. I won’t go into that either. Demons after they have been cast out in the name of Jesus , they will often leave the person through coughing, yawning and crying. So I knew why the angel punched me and I thank him very much for saving my life. I am constantly, and everyday being attacked by a few covens of devil worshipers I believe. Because my writings in Faithwriters, and this blog exposes how Satan works against us. So naturally the devil worshipers are trying to stop that. You would be surprise also how many miracles God performs in my daily life, because He looks after us. Many Christians have no idea how many preachers are being attacked through witchcraft. If you are in this circle you will hear often them talking about this subject. So it is not a secret amongst us! It is though for Christians who they do not consider a threat.

So please wear the medal in honour of both Jesus and Mary’s love for you. And you will see how many times they will protect you. You will still have to pick up your cross and follow Him. Which means also you will be hated for His sake.  By wearing the medal doesn’t mean you won’t suffer for Jesus, but it does mean He and Mary will watch over you and most importantly protect your soul from the lies of Satan.





Don’t Be Fooled

I have been a very slow learner on one hand, but despite of it all God has taught me many lessons. I am now sixty one years old and I feel like I am just getting it. One thing I have learnt is Satan is a liar right!! So it stands to reason those who serve him are going to follow his example. They lie too!! They copy their father. Jesus did what He saw His father do and that was to obey His Father wishes. So Jesus is kind, loving and truthful. Satan is nothing like Jesus, he is all meanness and cruelty.

I remember many years ago, there was a devil worshiper who attended the church I use to go to. I didn’t know it at the time who he was, but found out later. At this point I want to point out there are currently many devil worshipers that attend all denominations, so to breakdown and destroy churches. One ex-devil worshiper said his favourite method was to spread rumours around. Unfortunately it worked very successfully, because not all Christians are obeying God’s Commandments of Love as they claim. Many Christians you wouldn’t know they are Christians by their lifestyles. Remember what Jesus said ‘not everybody who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.’ To be a Christian you must actually follow Jesus, do what He does. Too many what it both ways, and that is impossible.

So getting back to the point, this devil worshiper didn’t whisper a lie, but shouted it out so loudly and confidently that for a moment, I questioned if I was mistaken. He shouted out that I did not attend the Mass on Wednesday and I knew full well that I did. I remember it clearly, because a friend of mind had died and I couldn’t attend to her funeral, so I went on that day specially to give her my respects and prayers. The trick is if people sound confident and shout out loudly, other people too will question themselves and will ask ‘am I right or are they? And if they hear contradictions long and don’t fight it, they will believe the lie. There is a saying, ‘if somebody told you long enough you are a horse, you will be looking for the saddle.’ That is a great trick of the devil and he relies on it a lot. Watch and see it for yourself. I know most of you have already notice it for yourself, but unfortunately many have not. See how peer pressure has a lot to do how the young behave, and not so young also.

Satan will either puff you up or work on your inferior complex to get his way. If all fails he will use brute force and sometimes when he really wants something badly, he will use all three methods at the same time. Just look at prison camps. Satan’s power is in you believing in his lies. He is not going to tell a person in a prison camp, ‘you are saving so many soul.’ no!!  He is going to make you feel so miserable and depress so as to make out you are a big failure. We humans have a weakness in judging by what we hear, see, or how we feel. And Satan is counting on it. If you really put your faith in Jesus, you are going to put your faith on God’s promises as more real than what you see and hear. We can’t do this by our own strength. We need Jesus’s strength to do this.

Prayer is a life saver and we need to pray for our futures, not just now when all is going well for us. We should be praying that we die in God’s favour. That we will be found worthy to enter in the kingdom of heaven. To trust in our own ability to make it to heaven by our own so called goodness, is a lie also. There is nothing wrong with admitting to God that you are so helpless and need Him even in the smallest things in life. God will love you for it. We are most powerful when we humble ourselves before God and admit to Him we can’t do it without Him and ask Him to make up what you can’t do. That is a good thing. That is power in Jesus. To admit you need Him. That is what the enemy doesn’t understand. There is power in being weak before God and admit your nothingness to Him. When you say things like my virtues are no more than dirty rags, but I believe in your Son’s Blood can wash me clean and acceptable to You. That is power in those words.

is(7)I am sticking my neck out here for you. I am being attack many times through witchcraft. And instead of saying they are more powerful than me. I say when yet they have cursed me again, ‘GOOD!!!!!!’ my PRAYERS!!!!!!! Are really working, you fellows are really getting upset, because God is answering my prayers.  Then I feel even more powerful, because I know God is with me, and even though He has to humble me many times, He is still answering my prayers. You get it! It is the other way around, and Satan doesn’t what you to know just how powerful you really are in Jesus Christ. You know the more Christians are being martyred, the more get saved. The enemy is not going to tell you that, are they?

I have already seen a little glimpse of my martyrdom. I saw me being surrounded and they were I suppose punching me or whatever and I was in a great deal of pain and I was trying to get away from them. And then I saw me as a black lamb being carried on this man’s shoulder ready to be sacrificed. So it is not just talk for me. I know the time is very near and I know I won’t make it without the love of God helping me. And I know I won’t be alone that God will fulfil His promise to me. I was told Saint Francis and Saint Teresa are also going to help me during those times. I know I have to suffer for souls. I have seen the pleasure and joy it gave Jesus when I offered myself to suffer for Him, so that I can give a little back for what He gave me. I was also told that I will be alive to see the rapture. That might sound contradictory to some. Just think when the rapture takes place, will there be anybody left in those prison camps. Maybe? But how many Christians will suddenly disappear without trace.


Do Children Go to Hell?

 Many people think of children as sweet and innocent. I remember when children as a whole were sweet and innocent, but I can’t say it of this generation. I don’t blame the children, but our society for exposing them to so much evil before they have time to even learn right from wrong. I have seen four and five year olds with very strong evil spirits in them, influencing them to hate and be evil towards others around them. How can this happen to little children? Just look at the shows many parents allow them to watch. The shows do not encourage purity, innocence, love and co-operation to those around them do they? One mother was telling me that she liked her children before they went to school. Meaning that after each child went to school they learnt a lot of things from other children including from some teachers that she had to try to undo. They are a close family, but that comes with a lot of hard work. Mary said once to a prophet, “Don’t let the world bring up your children.” Most people are.

What about the many children exposed to immoralities in their own homes that hardens their hearts. I remember reading a woman who lived a very immoral life for a very long time, was warned by Mary to stay on the straight and narrow. Explaining to her how bless she was because, a child of eight went to hell over one mortal sin that day. We never know when we will die and if we die unrepented of our sins, we will go to hell. Evil is evil. We are not above God. God won’t allow any evil enter heaven. Heaven will end up just as bad as it is on earth otherwise.

The Catholic Church doesn’t teach about the different degrees of sins anymore. There was three levels they would teach about. One level was called ‘imperfections’.’  They are the kind of sins that spoils a good deed from being perfect. For example when you want to do a very kind deed for someone who is in need, and as you do this deed you may notice a little vanity present. If you are a good Christian you are going to hate it, even though you didn’t do it intentionally. The next group of sins were called venial sins. They are sins you have done out of your own free will. They are not considered the most serious ones, but never the less you can still go to hell over them, if you do not repent from them and that goes with imperfections as well. Then the most serious group is called mortal sins. They are the very, very serious ones.

Our society’s heart is so far away from God these days. Most people don’t even consider them sins any more never alone an abomination to God. And that includes many Christians of our day too. ‘When salt loses its favour it is no longer good for nothing and then is thrown out and trodden on underfoot.’ I think it is how Jesus puts it regarding to a person, who doesn’t take God’s Word seriously enough. Some examples of mortal sins are sex outside of marriages, homosexuality, drunkenness, abortions, stealing and etc. These are like crimes in God’s eyes. Our society is so far remove of the ways of God, it can’t see what God sees anymore. People in our era are extremely, spiritually blind and deaf in understanding God’s wisdom for giving us His Commandments. God’s Commandments gives us protection and when we break them, chaos, disrespect and hatred for each other is going to be the result.

is(7)My mother told me a story that was fiction she read once, about a woman who saw different virtues in each of her children and so she prayed over each one. The problem was they were not very wise prayers. For example one child she saw was a very pure and innocent child and so she asked God that this child would die without mortal sin. The child died at the age of five. Even though this story was fiction, it made a very good point about mortal sin. It is something we pray in earnest to keep away from and it is very dangerous to our souls. We have a very great God. I was meditating on me hammering the nail into Jesus hand  while He was being Crucify on the cross, over my sins. In my imagination I saw how He loved me despite of what my sin had done to Him. We shouldn’t be shocked that we are sinners, rather we should be shocked that God is so loving and forgiving towards us.

I nearly lost my soul when I was eight years old. While we have the ability to choose good over evil we are accountable to God for our actions. One of the worst sins in the world is to rob a child of its innocence. Unfortunately most children in our day and age have been exposed to so much danger as to lose their souls at a very early age. While there is life there is hope. Even a child can repent. I did.

God doesn’t abandon you. Though plenty of parents have abandon their children. Some of these children may have to go through hell on earth before they find God. They usually become exceptionable strong and faithful saints as a results. They usually are very hard workers for God when they discover how deep God’s love is for them. They learn that God was with them the whole time, even though they couldn’t see Him. We don’t understand things that well. We don’t see the whole picture God sees. We can only trust Him. And if we do, God will always reward us, even here on earth. It something you can’t explain to others that well, only experience will give you the understanding. And then you too will have troubles explaining to someone, how God used what was meant for evil for us, was turned around by the power of God to be used for good instead. Satan can and does fall in his own trap often, especially if Christians pray for it. God can use evil and prevent it from doing the job the devil wanted to use it for.

How I nearly lost my soul at an early age of eight years, was through daring an evil spirit to chase me to the end of the block. I hadn’t even finished the dare and it was right behind me like two inches away. I use to visit a friend and she lived opposite to a very old neglected cemetery. The graves were not that deep and so it use to smell as well. I always seem to be leaving her place at dusk. We don’t have much of that in Australia, but for some reason that was the time I use to come home. Walking past it use to scare me. So out of fear I dared the most evil spirit in that cemetery to chase me down the end of the block. I can’t get over how stupid I was for doing it. I quickly repented of it too.

I looked up and started to run and on top of me, was a small white cloud that I used as a go between to call on God for help. The cloud was moving towards the end of the block as to say keep running. While I was running I said to God you can forget the fire and brimstone of hell, just to be in the presence of this one evil spirit for the rest of my eternity, was a hell I would not be able to bear. Just think of it, there are trillions of demons in hell.  Not just that one, I couldn’t bear the thought to be with for the whole of eternity. Finally I got down the block and I ran the rest of the way home, even though I knew I was now safe from that demon. The demon was laughing at me from the end of that block, but he couldn’t go any further than that.

Then when I looked up to thank and praise God for my escape, I saw all the clouds come to life and it was like I saw all the angels and saints jumping up and down in heaven, shouting praises to God that I escaped. So I did an extremely foolish thing. I may have only been eight, but I knew I was so stupid doing that. The moment I called on God He was right there, but I had to fulfil the dare still. God helped me to do that. So God doesn’t leave you alone. I feel very sorry for children whose parents are the ones that are attacking them, because where can they go? We need to think of others when we pray.