The Word of God and Forgiveness

is570FUPLHThe Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. We need to know our place before God, before we can ever begin to appreciate all that He does for us. We all should know walking on the straight and narrow road sometimes is so narrow if it is like walking on a rope. You know when you see people up in the air, putting one foot carefully in front of the other walking on a rope in the middle of the air with only a long rod to balance themselves with. In many ways that is how I see our spiritual walk with God is like. Miss place your foot by an inch and you fall.

Thanks to our great God He has given us His Holy Word to keep us balanced. If we stray from the Word of God, we will fall. Understanding the Word of God, we need to ask God to fill us with His Holy Spirit. Which is often called the Spirit of Enlightenment. We need the Holy Spirit more than we need the air we breathe. Without the precious sacrifice of Jesus we would never be able to pass the test of salvation. It is Jesus blood that has made way to eternal life. If Jesus didn’t make His life one long sacrifice paying for our debits, not one person would be allowed to enter into heaven, full stop. Because of Jesus sacrifice we can hope to be saved, but if we don’t hand over our life and soul to Him, His blood has been wasted on us and we won’t be saved. Only the pure, humble, meek and the perfect enters heaven. We are None of these things. We fall every day and that’s when we are trying to be perfect. What is it like when we are not trying?

isW102ZQ1LThere is no hope for us, but in the name of Jesus. We do not value Him anyway near as we should. To do so we have to be another exact copy of Jesus. When we join His sheep fold, we start to resemble Him and then as time passes with diligence we learn to die more and more to ourselves and put on the new nature of Jesus. We do become more and more like Him through His grace. It is a process. It takes time and after a great many deaths to self-love, another way of explaining it, when we stop worshiping ourselves and start worshipping God with a pure and humble heart, we will arrive. Thanks to Jesus this is possible. Through His death we are offered life, but we must have to die to sin first. Saints of old have even preferred to suffering than having what the world calls having a good time, because of this truth. There is a prayer that was made in St. Francis honour and in it is says ‘in dying we are born to eternal life.’ The more you can put Jesus first in your life the more you die to sin and that does set you free.

There is so much God is willing to forgive to those who genuinely seek it. God has absolutely no difficulties forgiving a repentant sinner. Just a few days ago Jesus amazed me again in the ease He forgives sins when you are humble before Him, and are genuinely sorry that you have offended Him. We are always up and down. One minuet we doing fairly well in being obedient to God and then in the next moment we come down hard to the floor crushing loudly with our sins. We just have to keep persevering and repent. Jesus tells us to keep persevering. That is the only way we are going to make it. Jesus has already paid the price for our sins, we just have to do our bit.

Why I believe the straight narrow road that Jesus teaches us to travel on can be like a walking on a rope, is that being balanced spiritually is very important. It can make or break you. When we read the Word of God, we must watch our tendency to lie to ourselves. We must always take in the whole message and not ignore the part we don’t want to hear. For example in the past and it is now creeping back again in the churches again, a particular scripture that has been used to abused rather than do the work that St. Paul intended it to. When St. Paul was preaching on marriages. The preachers only preached that woman had to obey their husband, but exceedingly rarely preached the whole message which was in reference to how men was to treat their wives. Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved His church. Look at the love Jesus has for us. There is no love like it on earth and St. Pauls was telling the men that is how they are to loved their wives according to
God’s Will. What a difference that would of made in the world throughout the centuries. If they only preached it as keenly and persistently as they did with the woman having to obey their husbands.  Our world would not be in the state it is now in.

Balance is so important, we have to put the whole Word of God into practice. We are not to choose what we will obey and what we will not obey. That is not fearing the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. Don’t ever forget that, because is so important to our spiritual survival. You can go overboard too with the fear of the Lord. Once again it has to be balanced with the knowledge Jesus has made a way for us to becoming pleasing to God. So much so, we will have equal inheritance with Jesus Himself if we only listen to His teaching and obey. We are not to use His Words to mean something else.

God is so forgiving to those who truly repent. And He doesn’t make a big thing of it either. As long as we know our place before Him, everything works out fine. A few days ago, I was repenting over something, which I now can’t remember, because of the shock how Jesus accepted my repentance so casually if I could call it that. There was not the slightest drama attached to it. We read over and over again about the goodness of our God, but seeing it face to face has a powerful effect on you. It was so obvious that He forgave me with such ease with no drama attached to it. I am not explaining it that well. I had a visitation from Jesus. He always comes unexpectedly. I think I was apologizing over my many life-long faults, which was immediately forgotten, because of Jesus acceptance was so gentle with total acceptance of me.

We must learn to believe this. Just because we have problems learning how to forgive one another at times, it doesn’t mean our God has this problem. We should stop putting limits on God, just because our human nature has limits.

Jeremiah 17:14

Lord, if you heal me, I will be truly healed; if You save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for You alone!

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