Don’t Listen to the Lies

Satan as we all know only too well Satan is referred to as the father of lies and if people only knew how true that is. Satan is always bringing you down by either puffing you up with lies or dragging you down with lies that you are not worth much. Whatever he finds works best with you he will do. Satan doesn’t care if you are going off either left or right from the straight and narrow road that Jesus tells us to stay on. Satan just wants you to be as miserable as he is. He does know in the end he will land in hell and he wants everybody going there with him. Misery loves misery is a saying and if you look at how many times this is so, you would keep away from people who are always trying to steal your joy away from you.

Satan will not even leave you alone in your sleep. You hear that some people receive dreams from Jesus in their sleep. That is so beautiful and uplifting to hear. Many of us also receive evil spirits directing our dreams too. And sometimes they have the nerve and pretend they are from God. Pray over everything, especially when you are uncertain about anything. The lies Satan is forever telling us is either to puff us up with conceit or drag us down in disbelief in our own worth as a person or tries to tell us we are so unlovable even God who created us out of His love, doesn’t love you either.

Don’t believe every thought that comes to your mind comes from you. Did you noticed I used the word ‘comes’. If it comes to you it is came from another source. When it is your own thoughts, you are not listening. You are actually thinking about things in a deliberate manner. When you received thoughts, it came to you. It is either from God, who does talk to you all day once you learn how to recognise Him, or it is coming from the enemy. Jesus explains well how to work out who are the false prophets in scripture, it is in the same way we work out where our thoughts are originating from. This has taken me all my life to work out, and it has been a very costly lesson. Without spiritual teachers who have this knowledge to train you, you are force to rely only on books, which is much harder to learn from. That is if you can get them on the subject you wanting or needing to know about.

Satan Hardens Hearts

If the thoughts come from Satan or his agents, it will always lead you to sin. It may not look like sin at first. It is Satan’s whole plan to remove you far away from the knowledge of God and His personal and infinite love for you. He doesn’t want you to be free and he is very jealous that God is wanting you to spend the rest of eternity with Him. He had that chance once and he chose to worship himself and now he is trying to get you do that. He is going to do everything he can to wreck your chances of getting there. Here is an example; somebody has wronged you and then a thought will come to you. It will say that person had no right to tell, or treat you like that. It will suggest you have the right to be angry with that person and if you agree on it, in other words you chose to act upon it suggestions that part is you. Your free will is always you. This step is your own doing, Satan has to get your permission before the following steps will have a chance to take place. If you agree to it, your heart is now harden. When God speaks to you, your heart becomes soften, it has the opposite effect. The next step Satan will introduce you to see the other person with hatred. Unforgiveness follows and then the final act is of retaliation. It will come across as the appropriate action to take. See here he has been working on your pride. Pride is something we have to pray and work hard at all our lives, because the moment Satan sees a chance he will take it to destroy your chances of meeting Jesus and going home with him.

God Softens Your Heart

isI2TNE013If you are receiving an accepting thoughts that God gives you, it is going to lead you to a life of holiness, self-denial for the good of others and it is always wise in its instructions. It causes love to flourish in your life even when people hate you. Your eyes are on God, not the ugliness of mankind. There are at times we obey instantly and at others times when we have to be talked into it. For example martyrdom we often have to be talked into. There are many times and I know some of you can relates to this well, when you ask yourself ‘why did I let God talk me into doing this or that.’ When the fruits of your labour starts to ripen and you are now harvesting it and seeing how rich you have become spiritually, because of your obedience, then you become so glad you obeyed. God is always more generous than any of us.

The thoughts God gives you are not like lightning strikes or anything. They just seem ordinary thoughts. Until you recognise them you believe they are your own thoughts. It does take practise to work it out. I have been asking myself for a long time how to know the difference from my thoughts from God’s. I finally asked God to show me and not long after that my friend rang me. She told me she believed God wanted her to wear a crucifix and she didn’t know where to get one. She told me God told her not to worry about that He will arrange it. As she was telling me this a thought just came to me without any effort and it brought to light that I had a spare crucifix that I never used and I could give it to her. So then straight away I realised God was showing me how He talks to me so naturally that I have mistaken His voice (thoughts) as my own.

Practise Makes Perfect

You won’t understand any of what I am saying here, until you have tried it for yourself. God is going to test you at times to see how much you are willing to sacrifice yourself, family, friends and even your own country at times. The more you give God, it often means more courage is needed and you need to pray for courage on a daily basis. I am noticing my courage growing every day, I have prayed for it for years and still praying for more. It is always costly, but then at other times, things that I use to need great courage to do, is now something I do without the least bit of fear. I do it now with joy knowing God has freed me from this or that fear. And it feels so good. God always answers prayers, but we need to understand sometimes, there is a bigger picture than we see at present, but God sees, and it may be needed to be sorted out first.

Psalm 25:5

Lead me by Your truth and teach me, for Your are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in You.


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