Not All Who Call Jesus Lord, Will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven


isNQHK1W8IMany people outside of the Christian Faith don’t realise that just because a person calls themselves a Christian is a Christian in truth. True Christians are not perfect, they have faults they are constantly wrestling with. For some reason many people don’t seem to understand following Jesus doesn’t make you perfect in an instant. Being perfect one minuet, than in the next falling down hard, is quiet the norm. Our religion is perfect, but that doesn’t make us perfect. We have to work at perfection every day. And as it is written in the Bible ‘a chaste man falls seven times a day.’ A chaste man is a holy man who is serving God with his all. The human flesh has many weaknesses and we are all in a very sinful world that is trying it’s best to drag everybody down with it. Satan hates us with every fibre in his being and will stop at nothing to distract a person from being faithful to God. There are temptation after temptations but we try. It so important to keep trying, it is an important key in pleasing God. Repenting every day is the norm for a faithful Christian. If you don’t repent it is saying I don’t sin. I am always pure and holy and I have nothing to fear God about, so I don’t need to repent. In the Bible it will tell you ‘the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.’ So let’s then look into what is being Christian really like and what it is not.


Many people outside of Christianity like most people, judge by what things look like. God told Samuel that man judges by outward appearance, but God looks into the heart. I wish we judge that way, the way God does. We would be a great dealer kinder as a whole, because most of the time we judge so wrongly and badly that it doesn’t even resemble what is actually taking place. Just to give you a classical example. My father at the end of his life was working in a very big office. He worked for the Government.  There was a man working there, who didn’t say much to anybody. He kept to himself. His work mates didn’t like him for that reason. They thought that he consider himself superior to them all and that was the reason why he kept to himself. One day very unexpectedly, a man who worked with them was given the sacked very publicly before them all. The sacked man left the room all distressed of course. The bosses that sacked this man thought it was a big joke and was laughing over it. Guess who stood up and defended that man. He told the bosses exactly what he thought of them, for sacking him and especially in the manner that they did it. Telling them to their faces that they betrayed him, who worked for the firm faithfully for thirty years and that they can sack him too if they liked. The bosses and everybody else in the office was so stunned by this man actions. My father and everybody there couldn’t believe it was the same man that they use to talk about in a negative manner behind his back. He became the office hero, from that moment on. They then had the highest respect for that man from then after.  I believe he didn’t even get the sack for sticking up for the guy the way he did.

We all do it!!!!!  We all judge one another unfairly!!!!!  We all get it wrong!!!!  And we will all be judge by how we judge another!!!!!

The difference is some of us are truly sorry for our sins and do our best to avoid doing them again, while others boast of them. Some pretend they don’t exists. We all need to daily repent of our sins and ask for forgiveness from God, or none of us have a hope in entering the kingdom of heaven otherwise. None of us are worthy to go before the presence of God. None of us are good enough. It doesn’t matter how generous or kind you can be, you still not good enough to go before the presence of God. To enter the kingdom of God we have to made worthy, through the blood of Jesus. If God didn’t come down to earth in human flesh and died on our behalf paying our debts in full, we would be in hell now. It only takes committing one sin to make us unworthy of being in the presence of God, forever. And we all know to be sinless is an impossible task for us sinners.

It is a constant fight, fighting our flesh. When we say fighting our flesh we are referring to our lowly desires such as greed, laziness, bad temper, lust, dominating one another, cruelty towards one another and etc. and etc. In other words our attraction to sin. We all have problems with our attraction to sin. If we are faithful to God we are at war with ourselves pretty much all the time. The thing is we also have a spirit, which is made to desire all the wonderful things of God. Like love, kindness, patience and friendship all things that give us spiritual life. If we live in constant sin it is a death sentence. We are not living in God’s Spirit, and when we are living in God’s Spirit, it alone gives us joy and peace. It isn’t the peace people expect. When people think of peace they think of a life without troubles. The peace Jesus gives us through His Spirit. This peace stays with us even in difficult times. The secret is staying in union with God. And that can only be done through obedience to God’s will and always trusting and believing in Him.

You have to be One Hundred Percent Sold out To God.

Just because a person says ‘I am a Christian;’ is not enough to be a Christian. You have to behave like one. Falling and getting up again with a humble contrite heart is all part of being a good Christian. Just because a person goes to Church every Sunday without fail, and do all the things that are expected of a Christians, means nothing to God, if they are not doing it for God. You see you can pray all day long and fast every day, all you like for that matter, and God can be still not be please with you. If you did not do it for God and especially out of love of Him, you have wasted your time. Misleading yourself and all the people in thinking that you are good Christian. Now when a person is really been severely hurt by others and are so hungry for love and I have been there, like so many in this world, and a goody, goody comes your way, you can see through their false actions of love and concern a mile off. Because you want the real thing, not a poor imitation of it.

Not all Who Call themselves Christians are

Jesus says very clearly not everybody who says “Lord, Lord” will enter His kingdom. Why? Because they are secretly in love with themselves not God. They put themselves first, not God. And God does know the difference. I don’t want to scare a devout Christian, who is trying to put God first all the time, only to fall back on self-love from time to time. It simply can’t be helped. God is reasonable and so kind and understands our human condition. I am just writing to get the facts down about what a false Christians are like compared to a true Christian. The false ones don’t repent, they may even think they are doing a great job for God. You have to always keep your head down before God and remember any good in you, first came from God.  We can’t even think one kind thought without the Holy Spirit helping us. To please God we have to give Him all the credit. It is His glory we are living off.

isH87QAJS3People have a tendency to honour and praise the false prophets or the false teachers more than those who really and truly come from God. The world loves its own. Jesus tells us this that the world hated Him before it hated us. To follow Jesus you will be hated for His sake in this day and age for sure. If you are not hated for His sake, I would start to question am I really living for Him? If we really love Jesus we will obey His commandments and that is not easy. The laws are very simple, but hard to practise, because of our selfish love for ourselves. If we love ourselves in a holy way, we wouldn’t be listening to our fleshy desires, but what is good for our spirits. While we are in the flesh we can’t do this perfectly. In this picture is a woman that I admire so much and she is not the only person who was so in love with God that their eyes were only on God and didn’t count the cost. False prophets and false teachers usually choose for themselves the soft life. You can be still rich, but if you follow Jesus there will be a cross some where. Following Jesus isn’t for cowards.

Some people know what to say and how to say it to win popularity and get what they want from others. Others do not. Others are more honest and the world does hate honesty. My example happen to be a time when I just worked this out for myself. When I was a girl in high school my friend and I was supposed to be in class. And we were caught in the school grounds. A teacher appeared from nowhere and I thought ‘we are going to be in real trouble now.’ My friend on the other hand met the teacher all friendly with all smiles and we got away with it. The teacher didn’t even tell us to go to our classrooms, which shocked me. Because the teacher did know what was going on.

isW102ZQ1LJesus speaks truthfully. He doesn’t puff up our pride. Some truths we just love and can’t hear enough of it. Yet there are things we don’t want to hear. Like we must live a holy life and love one another unconditionally and treat one another as we would like to be treated. To love and forgive our enemies, that is a hard one. Human nature is very unforgiving and revengeful by nature. Being revengeful isn’t something we have to learn, we do it naturally. To forgive and love one another especially our enemies, is so unnatural to human nature and learning to do the opposite is an on-going effort. See how imperfect we are? No wonder why it is a life time effort. We don’t suddenly become perfect and then fold our arms as if to say we don’t have to try anymore. It is something we have to work hard at all our lives. It only takes a small sin to lead to very serious ones. We have to be alert all the time. We are so bless because there is plenty of beautiful things God has added to our natures, but it is all His doing. The evil side to our natures is something we are guilty of. God does not make anybody sin.

We love hearing about how much God loves us. We love hearing about that He was prepared to come down in human form and pay the price we couldn’t pay. That He loves us so much that He said ‘Father forgive them for they know what they do.’ It might even bring tears to our eyes. What if, God may one day want us to return the compliment? Are we willing to die for Him?

How Deep is Our Loyalty to God

I heard about this guy many years ago. He loved being a sailor, but the moment he had to go to war for his country, he jumped ship. It was no longer something he wanted to be. That sounds like, a lot like many Christians in the Western Societies. While it is comfortable being a Christian they are all for it, but the moment they are called upon to risk their lives for God, they run in the opposite direction. The prophecy of the great harvest (the conversions of great multitudes to Christ) which, we Christians are waiting to see fulfil, I believe personally will happen just after the rapture. What-ever you do don’t let anybody microchip you. It is the mark of the beast and if you do it, you have sentenced yourself to hell. Apparently millions and millions these last ten years have been chipped under surgery and do not know it. According to a prophet, God said He will not judge them, because it was done to them unknowingly. I don’t want any surgery done to me, in case that happens to me. So if we turn to God and ask God to strengthen our faith. So much so to expect to be miraculously healed by Him. I think that would please God so much. He has told people there is going to be a great many more healing miracles going to happen for all to see. It will be the norm for us for those who believe.

isJesus is the Only Way

It is important to turn to Jesus as Your Lord, there is no other way to enter the kingdom of heaven. By His blood we are save. Nobody else has been worthy enough to enter heaven by their own steam. Jesus alone is worthy to pay for our debts and He has. However if people don’t accept Him as their King and obey Him, they can’t enter Heaven. It is not because He doesn’t love them, but it simply not possible. To start off with, it is His kingdom He is inviting us to go and live in. If we do not accept the King along with his laws what else is there to do.  If you live in a country but refuse to obey the king there, you would find yourself in prison. There simply would not be any other choice in the matter. The King of kings is inviting you to live with Him forever, but we do have to choose Him and serve Him. Joining His army and fight the good fight with Him. And when it is all over then we enter His kingdom where there be no more fighting going on ever. Peace, Love and eternal joy for evermore.

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Love has patience, love is kind, not jealous, love does not boast, it is not proud, it does, not dishonour, it does not seek things for itself, it does not become angry, it does not charge evil to another, it does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices together in truth, it endures all things, it believes all things, it hopes all things, it is steadfast in all things.

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