Science Has Caught Up with Some of The Things in Our Holy Bible

is9YG6VBK5A YouTube show, showed how scientifically they proved that Jesus the Son of Man and the Son of God was conceived without any help of a man. So there is only one alternative reason for this and that is God’s Holy Spirit over shadowed Mary as it is written in the Holy Scriptures. There are so many things that they were able to prove, through the study from Jesus shroud. The shroud of Jesus is said to be the first negative. When the resurrection happened the imprint of His body was infused on the shroud. It has been studied by scientists for decades. And scientific equipment’s has been so advance now they can see the shroud three dimensional.

A young women when she was a young child went to heaven and saw Jesus. When she came back she painted a picture of Him, while she was still a very young child. It has proven to match so accurately the shroud that it is about 90% correct. To look for this painting, I just googled the words ‘the real painting of Jesus Christ’ and the picture came up. The painting is famous, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting it.

True Picture of Jesus

You can see for yourself that Jesus does not resemble any of the paintings we often see in churches or books etc. He is very masculine and there is no way you can mistake Him as anything else but a man. This piece of information is very important. Because it just so happens that men determines a baby’s sex. A man sperms has either and x or a y. On the other hand a woman’s egg has only an x. So if she receives a sperm that has an x, she will conceive a girl child, but if the man’s sperm is a y the child will be a boy. When they tested Jesus’s blood it is an xx. So by the laws of nature only girls have xx. And there is absolutely no mistake that Jesus is a man. I know people want to disbelieve that Jesus’s Father is truly God the Father and that Mary was truly conceived by the Holy Spirit. They are going to distort the truth of what this message is all about. Satan is a father of lies. If you are not really interested in seeking truth with all humility you will not find it.

Our Bible is Always Used for Research

So much of the Bible has been proved correct. Mathematicians and historians and so forth have relied on it throughout the ages. There is no other book of other religions that has been so relied on as the Bible to acquire knowledge and etc. That is saying something in itself. Mind you that is about to change with the Mandela effect. You need to do some research on this subject for yourself.  You are not going to hear it from the news. And it is easily proved. It is not just isolated with the Bible either. Cern is involved, changing the written word that was written in the past to be something else. In other words many scientists have interfered with space and time. Time travel if you like to call it has happen.  And they change Bible passages in very old Bibles. Look at your old Bibles that you grew up with you will find a great many things are in it now that wasn’t there once. Like a lion sitting with a lamb is now a wolf sitting with a lamb. Wine skins are now called bottles and so on. Have a look for yourself. This is going to a big problem with the young and new believers, because they don’t have our memories to rely on. So we must pray for them in earnest and God will look after them, but we must pray.

People are so easily led to believe in the lies of Satan, because he does know our weak spots and much of that is our laziness to find out the important truths of our salvations. People often stay in the dark. You have to be opened minded enough to ask God Questions and seek. If you don’t ask you won’t receive and if you don’t knock the door will not open and if you don’t seek you will not find. And if you don’t persevere you will never reach your goal. God does test you to see how much you want it in truth. If you don’t persevere until the end you have proven you don’t want it badly enough, so God will not give it to you.

Keep Seeking Don’t Give Up

When I was young I believe in the mid 1960’s most Christians that I knew of back then were all going around in circles, asking everybody ‘who is the Holy Spirit?’  We all said ‘I know who the Father is, I know who the Son is, but who is the Holy Spirit? God was putting in our hearts this question, and we were all going crazy with really wanting to know the answer. The Holy Spirit back then was often left out. So I asked my minister and I could see in his eyes, he had the same begging look that I had felt inside of me and everybody else. He too wanted to know who the Holy Spirit was. He answered me with something he was told to recite when asked this question. I could see that answered wasn’t satisfying him either. This went on for about a few months or more.  It definitely went on for a very long time. I then noticed God was answering those who were still searching for the answer, by giving us another question and it was ‘what is love?’ And I noticed that only a few of us remain persistent long enough to get this far. Even fewer still remain persistent long enough to get the answer of the question of what is love?  The second question was in fact the answer to the first question. Sometimes God does answer this way. God does test you out. God will test you to see how much you really love Him and how far you will go and how much do you truly want Him to be the centre of your life. He if you past the test you will find the testing has strengthen you and you always get rewarded for ‘pushing in’ as they now say.

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