Complete Surrender to God

When most of us look at the cost that at times God might call upon us to do, can be very scary. We may even turn God down by disobeying Him. When I have done this I end up with a heavier cross than if I had obeyed Him in the first place. Living in regret that I had let Him down and the people He had called me to help, is in my opinion so much harder, because it is with you always. And when I do obey, especially a very hard one, the reward brings much happiness. God lets you feel a little of His joy for doing it. If you are one of the privilege ones that see Jesus smile at you at times, it melts your heart with sweetness, love and so much joy that you are willing to do it all over again. We will all see Him smile at us in heaven and it won’t be through a veil either. That alone is worth all we go through here on earth.

Satan will try to deceive you into believing that God won’t fulfil His end of the bargain. That you have to face the trials by yourself without God’s help. In other words God will not give you the grace to fulfil what He has called you to do. God will fulfil His end of the bargain. For starters God’s love for you is so amazing we have trouble believing God can love something as insignificant as ourselves. We straight away look at our many sins and think how can this love be? And another thing God does not make empty promises, we do, but He doesn’t.  I want to write down another prayer that I feel God has given me, with a little help of somebodies else’s prayer that God gave her.

Eternal Daddy I offer up the Sacred Heart of Y’shua with all its love and all its sufferings and all its merits, I declare that Your Will is all that matters. My free will is Yours. Do with it as You may and may all your children and the whole church, be not deceive of the lies of Satan, the false prophets and of Anti-Christ. May we surrender completely and confidently, with full trust of Your Love and Mercy and our salvation in Jesus Christ our lord.

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