Teach Your Children to Love

isYIDIAPUBIf I was a parent in these times I would be so strict on what my child was watching on T.V. and what games they were playing on the computers and so forth. Because there is an enemy who wants to destroy your children’s innocence. So that they never will learn to have a personal relationship with God. Not ever knowing how much God loves and cares for them. Many children are not being supervised. And Mary the mother of Jesus does appear to people, she has appeared to me also. There was one visionary Mary told her to let people know, ‘don’t let your children be raised by the world.’ Unfortunately that is what is happening when you sit your child in front of a T.V. set, to get some peace and quiet. Nobody can blame you, but you have to figure another way. My mother use to send us to our bedrooms and it worked for her. Have you notice children’s cartoons encourages your children to be rebellious, disrespectful of their elders, be violent towards one another with a-me- first attitude. It is a worldly attitude, they are learning and in the long run you are going to have even less peace and quiet. They will do what they have been taught by the shows they watching, on you.

Not All Churches are Teaching Your Children Correctly

I use to teach Sundays school when I was very young at the ages between thirteen and eighteen years of old in a Presbyterian church that I belong to at the time. Things were going OK and then at the end they were no longer teaching Bible stories, but fiction. When you read the small print what was actually being taught was selfishness and cheekiness to their elders. So I refused to teach anymore. Both Protestants and Catholics are basically in the same boat even with all the fighting that is going on between the two churches. Your children need to be taught by you. Don’t leave it to chance that your church is teaching them correctly. Even if they are, you are still the most influential person they have in their lives. Not only what you teach by being their role model, but you need to teach them one on one, who Jesus is and the Bible stories. Really let them know that God does truly love them and is ever so proud of them. Get them to talk to God and teach them to look on God who will rescue and help them if they learn His ways. That He is really their Heavenly Father who loves them more than any person can. Make Him the most important person in the family. Don’t turn it into a religion make it personal.

I had a very good friend many years ago, who was a Protestant and she told me one day in amazement that her 15 year old daughter shocked her by saying something negative about Christians and Jesus crucifixion. Her mother said to her ‘I thought I was raising you up to be a good Christian girl.’ She said her daughter just looked at her as if to say ‘I didn’t know that.’ I know Protestants are usually more evangelical than Catholics as a rule and Catholics are more prayer and sacrifice orientated as a rule. Not in every case, but the two churches tend to concentrate more on one thing than the other. I really think in many cases that is where much of the prejudices towards one another comes from. I am not pointing the finger at Protestants, because it is also happening in the Catholic churches too. Many Catholics don’t know what Catholics are supposed to believe in either. The parents send them to Catholics schools thinking they are getting their religious education and they are not. Because the Catholics schools are really run here in Australia by the government, who in truth have no loyalties towards Christ. So what can we expect if we do not personally teach them about the love of Jesus has for them. If the next generation are not being taught about their Christian heritage!! What do we expect?

Teach Your Children Very Early

You have to start teaching your children about God or your children will most likely end up in the New Age religion and it is a religion. This religion may seem harmless to a great many people I was fooled by some of the practise myself, like crystal healing, but it is far from harmless. It starts out small and then they go deeper and deeper and then the person becomes so trapped and their minds no longer can see reason. Just look at drugs for example how many people who started out with pot or weed or whatever they call it. My spelling of its real name is so bad I can’t even find it in the dictionary. But I am sure you know what drug I am talking about. The one they say is harmless that it is not addictive. It is addictive, some people more than others. They start out with pot and then how many do end up on hard drugs and can’t get off it. Mind you if you know somebody or you are willing to learn about self-deliverance you can get off anything if you put your complete trust in Christ and genuinely give your life over to Him. He can and does miracles even today. All Christians should learn how to do self-deliverance at the very least and you never know your faith might grow and you then can start delivering demons out of your family members and then who knows!!

We all Should Learn How to do Self-deliverance

is(7)There is videos on YouTube, where people do deliverance. Derek Prince is very powerful and I have watched it twice and the first time I started to wail like I never did before. So much grief left me the first time. The second time I did a lot of coughing. Demons can go out by coughing, yawning, crying and sometimes screaming are some of the ways that I know they do go out. He is delivering Christians, if you are not a Christian and you have lived a very sinful life. I would suggest go and search for a church that practise healing and deliverance. You may need deliverance more on one on one basis. With born again Christians it is not such a problem as a rule. If you are not a born again Christian, those demons can be more dramatic and need that extra special attention. They do leave you in the name of Jesus. It is just you may need somebody with more experience and maybe a group of people interceding for you while the deliverance is taking place. I am really talking about people who are possessed by demons. Christians that are true Christians can never be possess, because their spirit is one with Jesus. They still can however be very much oppressed by demons, and need deliverance from those demons that are interfering with their lives.

So as usual I have got off the track. New age is a form of devil worshiping, though the people would be horrified if they knew it. People might become interested in white magic for example and think it is harmless, but then how many people who are now into black magic that first started with the white magic. Satan will start you off with something that seems harmless to you and then as you go deeper things get twisted without you noticing it. So be warned.

Start teaching your child real early like when you are changing the child’s nappy.  Tell the child how much God loves them. I personally believe they understand more than you think. Make loving God fun. Let them know God is not stern and a judgemental God by how you talk about Him. If you talk about Him with love they will learn to trust Him. They are looking at you. You are their role model. A prayer life is so important, so begin early in a fun way. Don’t complicate things. Simple is good and powerful.


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