The Chaplet of Our Lady’s Tears

isML02FNOPYou will need the Marian Rosary of 59 beads.

Begin as follows:

Replace the Creed with:

“Crucified Jesus! We fall at Your feet and offer You the tears of her who with deep compassionate love accompanied You on Your sorrowful way of the Cross. Grant, O Good Master, that we take to heart the lessons which the tears of Your most holy Mother teach us, so that we may fulfill Your holy will on earth, that we may be worthy to praise and exalt You in Heaven for all eternity.”

Replace the Our Father’s with:

V. ” O Jesus look upon the tears of her who loved You most on earth,” R. “And loves You most ardently in Heaven.”

Replace the Hail Mary’s with:

V. “O Jesus, hear our prayers,” R. “For the sake of Your holy Mother’s tears.”

At the end of the Chaplet, say 3 times the following:

V. “O Jesus, look upon the tears of her who loved You most on earth,” R. “And loves You most ardently in Heaven.”

Say the following prayers at the end of the Chaplet:

“O Mary, Mother of love, sorrow and mercy, we beg you to unite your prayers with ours so that Jesus, your Divine Son, to Whom we turn may hear our petitions in the name of your maternal tears and may give us in addition to the favours we ask, the crown of everlasting life.” Amen.

Quiet often I do things a little differently. I am on my own, so I just say the V. and the R. by myself. I have never been told personally what V. and R. stands for, but I suppose it is the leader and the follower. Another thing when I said it once, I imagine myself praying with everybody who was asking a favour from Jesus in the whole world. I just believed it made God very happy, so now I do it often. To give somebody who is praying with a little extra help from Mary.




The Word of God and Forgiveness

is570FUPLHThe Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. We need to know our place before God, before we can ever begin to appreciate all that He does for us. We all should know walking on the straight and narrow road sometimes is so narrow if it is like walking on a rope. You know when you see people up in the air, putting one foot carefully in front of the other walking on a rope in the middle of the air with only a long rod to balance themselves with. In many ways that is how I see our spiritual walk with God is like. Miss place your foot by an inch and you fall.

Thanks to our great God He has given us His Holy Word to keep us balanced. If we stray from the Word of God, we will fall. Understanding the Word of God, we need to ask God to fill us with His Holy Spirit. Which is often called the Spirit of Enlightenment. We need the Holy Spirit more than we need the air we breathe. Without the precious sacrifice of Jesus we would never be able to pass the test of salvation. It is Jesus blood that has made way to eternal life. If Jesus didn’t make His life one long sacrifice paying for our debits, not one person would be allowed to enter into heaven, full stop. Because of Jesus sacrifice we can hope to be saved, but if we don’t hand over our life and soul to Him, His blood has been wasted on us and we won’t be saved. Only the pure, humble, meek and the perfect enters heaven. We are None of these things. We fall every day and that’s when we are trying to be perfect. What is it like when we are not trying?

isW102ZQ1LThere is no hope for us, but in the name of Jesus. We do not value Him anyway near as we should. To do so we have to be another exact copy of Jesus. When we join His sheep fold, we start to resemble Him and then as time passes with diligence we learn to die more and more to ourselves and put on the new nature of Jesus. We do become more and more like Him through His grace. It is a process. It takes time and after a great many deaths to self-love, another way of explaining it, when we stop worshiping ourselves and start worshipping God with a pure and humble heart, we will arrive. Thanks to Jesus this is possible. Through His death we are offered life, but we must have to die to sin first. Saints of old have even preferred to suffering than having what the world calls having a good time, because of this truth. There is a prayer that was made in St. Francis honour and in it is says ‘in dying we are born to eternal life.’ The more you can put Jesus first in your life the more you die to sin and that does set you free.

There is so much God is willing to forgive to those who genuinely seek it. God has absolutely no difficulties forgiving a repentant sinner. Just a few days ago Jesus amazed me again in the ease He forgives sins when you are humble before Him, and are genuinely sorry that you have offended Him. We are always up and down. One minuet we doing fairly well in being obedient to God and then in the next moment we come down hard to the floor crushing loudly with our sins. We just have to keep persevering and repent. Jesus tells us to keep persevering. That is the only way we are going to make it. Jesus has already paid the price for our sins, we just have to do our bit.

Why I believe the straight narrow road that Jesus teaches us to travel on can be like a walking on a rope, is that being balanced spiritually is very important. It can make or break you. When we read the Word of God, we must watch our tendency to lie to ourselves. We must always take in the whole message and not ignore the part we don’t want to hear. For example in the past and it is now creeping back again in the churches again, a particular scripture that has been used to abused rather than do the work that St. Paul intended it to. When St. Paul was preaching on marriages. The preachers only preached that woman had to obey their husband, but exceedingly rarely preached the whole message which was in reference to how men was to treat their wives. Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved His church. Look at the love Jesus has for us. There is no love like it on earth and St. Pauls was telling the men that is how they are to loved their wives according to
God’s Will. What a difference that would of made in the world throughout the centuries. If they only preached it as keenly and persistently as they did with the woman having to obey their husbands.  Our world would not be in the state it is now in.

Balance is so important, we have to put the whole Word of God into practice. We are not to choose what we will obey and what we will not obey. That is not fearing the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. Don’t ever forget that, because is so important to our spiritual survival. You can go overboard too with the fear of the Lord. Once again it has to be balanced with the knowledge Jesus has made a way for us to becoming pleasing to God. So much so, we will have equal inheritance with Jesus Himself if we only listen to His teaching and obey. We are not to use His Words to mean something else.

God is so forgiving to those who truly repent. And He doesn’t make a big thing of it either. As long as we know our place before Him, everything works out fine. A few days ago, I was repenting over something, which I now can’t remember, because of the shock how Jesus accepted my repentance so casually if I could call it that. There was not the slightest drama attached to it. We read over and over again about the goodness of our God, but seeing it face to face has a powerful effect on you. It was so obvious that He forgave me with such ease with no drama attached to it. I am not explaining it that well. I had a visitation from Jesus. He always comes unexpectedly. I think I was apologizing over my many life-long faults, which was immediately forgotten, because of Jesus acceptance was so gentle with total acceptance of me.

We must learn to believe this. Just because we have problems learning how to forgive one another at times, it doesn’t mean our God has this problem. We should stop putting limits on God, just because our human nature has limits.

Jeremiah 17:14

Lord, if you heal me, I will be truly healed; if You save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for You alone!

Don’t Listen to the Lies

Satan as we all know only too well Satan is referred to as the father of lies and if people only knew how true that is. Satan is always bringing you down by either puffing you up with lies or dragging you down with lies that you are not worth much. Whatever he finds works best with you he will do. Satan doesn’t care if you are going off either left or right from the straight and narrow road that Jesus tells us to stay on. Satan just wants you to be as miserable as he is. He does know in the end he will land in hell and he wants everybody going there with him. Misery loves misery is a saying and if you look at how many times this is so, you would keep away from people who are always trying to steal your joy away from you.

Satan will not even leave you alone in your sleep. You hear that some people receive dreams from Jesus in their sleep. That is so beautiful and uplifting to hear. Many of us also receive evil spirits directing our dreams too. And sometimes they have the nerve and pretend they are from God. Pray over everything, especially when you are uncertain about anything. The lies Satan is forever telling us is either to puff us up with conceit or drag us down in disbelief in our own worth as a person or tries to tell us we are so unlovable even God who created us out of His love, doesn’t love you either.

Don’t believe every thought that comes to your mind comes from you. Did you noticed I used the word ‘comes’. If it comes to you it is came from another source. When it is your own thoughts, you are not listening. You are actually thinking about things in a deliberate manner. When you received thoughts, it came to you. It is either from God, who does talk to you all day once you learn how to recognise Him, or it is coming from the enemy. Jesus explains well how to work out who are the false prophets in scripture, it is in the same way we work out where our thoughts are originating from. This has taken me all my life to work out, and it has been a very costly lesson. Without spiritual teachers who have this knowledge to train you, you are force to rely only on books, which is much harder to learn from. That is if you can get them on the subject you wanting or needing to know about.

Satan Hardens Hearts

If the thoughts come from Satan or his agents, it will always lead you to sin. It may not look like sin at first. It is Satan’s whole plan to remove you far away from the knowledge of God and His personal and infinite love for you. He doesn’t want you to be free and he is very jealous that God is wanting you to spend the rest of eternity with Him. He had that chance once and he chose to worship himself and now he is trying to get you do that. He is going to do everything he can to wreck your chances of getting there. Here is an example; somebody has wronged you and then a thought will come to you. It will say that person had no right to tell, or treat you like that. It will suggest you have the right to be angry with that person and if you agree on it, in other words you chose to act upon it suggestions that part is you. Your free will is always you. This step is your own doing, Satan has to get your permission before the following steps will have a chance to take place. If you agree to it, your heart is now harden. When God speaks to you, your heart becomes soften, it has the opposite effect. The next step Satan will introduce you to see the other person with hatred. Unforgiveness follows and then the final act is of retaliation. It will come across as the appropriate action to take. See here he has been working on your pride. Pride is something we have to pray and work hard at all our lives, because the moment Satan sees a chance he will take it to destroy your chances of meeting Jesus and going home with him.

God Softens Your Heart

isI2TNE013If you are receiving an accepting thoughts that God gives you, it is going to lead you to a life of holiness, self-denial for the good of others and it is always wise in its instructions. It causes love to flourish in your life even when people hate you. Your eyes are on God, not the ugliness of mankind. There are at times we obey instantly and at others times when we have to be talked into it. For example martyrdom we often have to be talked into. There are many times and I know some of you can relates to this well, when you ask yourself ‘why did I let God talk me into doing this or that.’ When the fruits of your labour starts to ripen and you are now harvesting it and seeing how rich you have become spiritually, because of your obedience, then you become so glad you obeyed. God is always more generous than any of us.

The thoughts God gives you are not like lightning strikes or anything. They just seem ordinary thoughts. Until you recognise them you believe they are your own thoughts. It does take practise to work it out. I have been asking myself for a long time how to know the difference from my thoughts from God’s. I finally asked God to show me and not long after that my friend rang me. She told me she believed God wanted her to wear a crucifix and she didn’t know where to get one. She told me God told her not to worry about that He will arrange it. As she was telling me this a thought just came to me without any effort and it brought to light that I had a spare crucifix that I never used and I could give it to her. So then straight away I realised God was showing me how He talks to me so naturally that I have mistaken His voice (thoughts) as my own.

Practise Makes Perfect

You won’t understand any of what I am saying here, until you have tried it for yourself. God is going to test you at times to see how much you are willing to sacrifice yourself, family, friends and even your own country at times. The more you give God, it often means more courage is needed and you need to pray for courage on a daily basis. I am noticing my courage growing every day, I have prayed for it for years and still praying for more. It is always costly, but then at other times, things that I use to need great courage to do, is now something I do without the least bit of fear. I do it now with joy knowing God has freed me from this or that fear. And it feels so good. God always answers prayers, but we need to understand sometimes, there is a bigger picture than we see at present, but God sees, and it may be needed to be sorted out first.

Psalm 25:5

Lead me by Your truth and teach me, for Your are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in You.


While there is Life There is Hope

After the Warning when God will make it clear to the whole world that He truly Exist and exposes our sins for what they are. And how much they cost Jesus in order to save each individual, there will be many people who will die of horror of their sins. So Jesus is asking us to pray for them that they will have time to repent before they die. If you want to know more about the Warning and the Second Coming there is a site fatherofloveandmercy. Marie Divine Mercy is the name of the prophetess the sites goes under it is a huge site. She has been prophesying for many years now and has received much suffering from her obedience to serve God. That is a sure sign to notice, when testing if a prophet is real or not. Are they prepared to suffer for God? False prophets would run the other way. She has been under supervision of a priest all this time, so her work has been checked to see if it is genuinely from God or not. Like right now this text should be normal and I can’t make it normal because my attackers interfering with my work.

During this time in history (the perilous times) there will be many sucides, because people don’t understand that it is not too late to ask for repentance. So we must pray that they do and educate people it is never too late, while you still have breath in you. She has said even when Jesus appears and is about to judge the world at His Second Coming we are to pray for ourselves and for others. So that is clearly saying even in that last moment, our prayers are heard and people can be saved.

Nobody knows really how serious a sinner we really all are, because our mind is so limited we don’t realise whom it is that we sin against. God is so big and we are so insignificant before Him, if we only could realise that. We are totally dependent on Him for our existence and yet we take Him so much for granted. A good healthy fear of Him keeps us safe. It keeps us in line and we need a lot of that. Only through the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ, can we be made worthy of being in the presence of God. We have to pray for humility all the time, because it is unnatural for us wicked souls, who are prone to arrogance. We were born with the belief that we are the most important person in the universes. That has to all change if we are to follow Jesus and enter His kingdom.

God will save us even at the very last of the last moment of our live, if we turned to Him in humble hope and repentance. I have had experience of it personally and one of them I want to share with you, so that you may have hope if something like this ever happens to you. When I found out that prayers was exceedingly powerful and that I could pray for people even on the other side of the world and ask God to save them in humility, God would do it. Well that of course attracted Satan’s attention. When a Christians finds out how powerful they are in Jesus name and if they have the true desire to do the will of the Father in Heaven, Satan in going to get real nasty with you. (like he is now through his little workers) And I was attack by demons for approximately twenty five years physically. They tend to attack me in a different way now.

is1DPX2JISThey seem to be getting more sneaker and yet more open at the same time. Satan has sent his worshipers onto me instead. Saint Teresa actually feared man more than demons. I too believe man in many ways are more dangerous, because it is man that gives the demons their power in the first place. All this God uses, so that we get even stronger and wiser in the service of God.

I use to get attack at the very beginning about three times a week for about ten years and then it was three time a fortnight and then it got lesser and then lesser. During these attacks I will be paralysed and therefore couldn’t call out to anybody to help me in anyway. Like asking them to pray for me. So it is just the demon, me and God. In that situation you do learn a lot, because God is not going to abandon anybody who calls on Him in trust. The moment the attack began I would automatically start reciting the prayer ‘Hail Mary’ and just kept at it until God gave me another prayer. Then I would say the prayer God gave me and usually the demon would go straight away. Well after twenty five years of this, it dawned on me that Mary had never ever let me down. That she had always protected me while I was waiting on God to give me a prayer during the attack. when this truth dawned on me, I kept saying over and over again that Mary has never failed me not even once. I just want to point out God does listen to every word we say and He does remember them, even if we forget God never does. It was like God said, “Good! she is ready now for the next lesson.”

is(2)In the following attack God put a prayer in my heart to say, instead of the Hail Mary, I knew from them on that was the prayer He wanted me to say instead, during these attacks. I have been saying the Hail Mary prayers for twenty five years and I was comfortable with that prayer. I even said it in my sleep, because it came so easy for me. The prayer God wanted me to say was harder to say. I needed to concentrated on what I was saying a lot more than what I needed with the Hail Mary prayers. I said the Hail Mary prayer knowing what God preferred me to say instead. God punished me, by letting the demon have the upper hand and I was running out of breath. I knew I would be dead before I could finish the prayer. I repented of my sin quickly and prayed for help and He gave it to me straight away. To my surprise God seemed to stop time so I could say the prayer He wanted me to say in the first place. God wasn’t putting me in danger. He knew how I would respond with repentance and basically that is all He is asking from us. If we do that He straight away forgives, but if you refuse to repent what can God do?

I will write the prayer that God had asked me to say, but first with a strong warning. I got this prayer which is in fact from another longer prayer of the meditation of the Fourteen Station Cross Rosary from the enemy camp. I didn’t say this pray for a long time when I was first introduce to it, because of where it came from. At the same time I was very confused, because it was a prayer at that time Jesus kept begging me to say. I don’t know if the guy had a true vision of Mary and then turned away through pride and started his own cult or what. That to me is a possibility, but I really don’t understand it at all. I just know this prayer came from him. Meditating on the crucifixion comes with promises from God Himself and one of those promises is eternal life for those who meditate it often with deep dedication. It stands to reason if you meditate like that you will be worshiping Him with a greater love than if you didn’t ever think of what Jesus suffered for us.

This is the prayer

Bless be the wounds of Jesus Christ for they heal us from the pains of sin. Bless be His precious blood which washes away our iniquities.

This prayer is exceeding powerful and if you say it over and over again while you are being attack, you will find the demons eventually go away.  Sometimes instantly, it depends a lot on faith, but sometimes God might be teaching you something, so you just keep at it. It is also powerful for anything at all. The demons whether they like it or not, don’t know everything and they can judge you wrongly.

I just want to mention quickly that I disagree with a teaching that is now popular and that is Satan can’t hear your thoughts. Satan would love you to believe in that lie. He knows you weaknesses better than you do. He has had plenty of practise to tempt mankind. I had a demon attack who was fully aware I could hear his thoughts and he tried to still his mind by blanking out his thoughts, but it was too late I already heard what he was thinking. He didn’t want me to know how powerful the above prayer was. Another thing I believe Satan worshipers use mind control a lot when they are attacking people. I believe it is a form of hypnosis, they suggest things to you so that you may  lose self control, like over spending your money, losing your temper etc.

I can hear thoughts too sometimes, when it is the Will of God for me to do so. So if humans can, Satan sure can hear our thoughts as well. There is a difference when a person deliberately learns how and wills to read a person’s mind to control another, then when it is the Will of God. For one thing there is no effort on the persons part. It is all God’s doing, I suppose maybe evil spirits do it too, since they basically are copying the Holy Spirit. But when it is God it never leads to evil.

isSA7LX265There are records of Saints of old that use to be able to read minds and of course it was always for God’s glory never for self gain. Saint Francis my patron saint had this gift. A friar was having thoughts that he was wrestling with and finally chose to do the right thing and Saint Frances turned to him and told him that he chose the right thing to do. I have heard peoples thoughts and it is usually negative judgemental type. I hear these thoughts for no other reason than God is teaching me about human nature. It is not for me to judge and it never has that effect on me. I have never judge them. God doesn’t do this to me all the time and it is certainly not something I seek. That is probably why I have this gift. I am not that interested in it, but the gift of healing is something else again. I think I have to work at receiving that gift longer, because if I get that gift too easily it might go to my head.

Sing Your Own Song to God

isPMK3SZJMMost of us love music and when we hear a song that touches our hearts in a tender or a passionate way in worshiping God, it cheers us up to great heights, depending how much we have given our heart to God in worship. I was searching high and low for my flute this early morning, just everywhere and couldn’t find it at all. God had a better plan for me. I wanted to be able to play a musical instrument for worship that was portable and that didn’t have to depend on electricity, for the days when our world will be griped in fear, through the disasters that will take place. We are going to need music to lift us up so that we will be strengthen and be able to endure what will take place during those days ahead. I thought of this woman’s advice that I read about singing, the day before and I thought that won’t do because I have a bad memory and won’t be able to remember the words. At this stage I couldn’t think of anything else to do. So I gave it a try but with a difference. I looked through my little Bible promises book and made up my own song using a verse that I found. Practise does make perfect. Just be child like.

If you are not a perfectionist and just want to have fun singing songs to God to worship Him with, this is a great way to do it. I believe God appreciates it even more, because it is not somebody else’s words but our very own, especially for Him.  First time I attempted it wasn’t so good, but I did get better. With more courage I tried out different ways of doing it. It got even better when I started to use my hands for clapping with the song that I made up.  The thing is, a beautiful surge of energy of joy filled me up. I believe that is a sure sign that God is letting me know He wants me to do this often. And I believe God would love all His children to give it ago, because I feel you can put your prayers to music and you don’t have to please anybody but God. And He is easy to please if you put your heart into it for Him. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a good singing voice either. You not out to impress anybody but God.

Just imagine if your beloved small child composed a song to you out of their love and appreciation of you. How would you feel? Would you criticised it because it wasn’t perfect or that it wasn’t professionally done well? Or would you look at your child with sheer joy and affection for this child’s attempt in pleasing you. God loves you far more than you do your child. So give it ago. Spend time with God and minister to Him. I think it is odd how God wants us to minister to Him, but the truth of the matter He does and He needs us to do it. Love needs love. I am going to try to do this at least 30 minutes a day from now on. I believe God will be so delighted if you give it ago too, you get instant benefits from doing it. Joy is one of them, and it brings that wall down that some of us put up so we won’t get hurt and after a long time it becomes a habit and we even do this to God. So it is very healing and give us confidence that God does love us, it brings us so much closer to Him. And there are so many more benefits that we all can go on and on telling one another what we all get out of loving God through music.


The Enemy is now

I just want to write to you all, I am having so much problems writing my articles. We at war, right now. Don’t take things for granted. When you get the truth, from any source grab it with both hands and give thanks to God. I and so many Christians in  Western Countries are having so many problems getting our articles out to you that it is very obvious it is getting more and more serious everyday.  And what amazes me it’s not like many people read my articles anyway. So the enemy is very jealous over what material they allow on the internet. We are being attack and most Christians aren’t even aware of it. They are always interfering with my writings so that if they can spoil it they will and they try very hard to prevent me even getting the article posted. I have to pray in tongues maybe a half an hour in front of the computer, before I can get in. So time is getting shorter and shorter. The end is coming real soon. Be strong in the Lord. And don’t give up the good fight. Pray and remember God is with us, because I tell you what they have been trying to stop me from posting ever since this blog got started. And God has supernatural answered my prayers so many times, it is a miracle that I can post any at all. I love you and I am praying for you. God Bless you all, I don’t know how long I will be able to write to.

Not All Who Call Jesus Lord, Will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven


isNQHK1W8IMany people outside of the Christian Faith don’t realise that just because a person calls themselves a Christian is a Christian in truth. True Christians are not perfect, they have faults they are constantly wrestling with. For some reason many people don’t seem to understand following Jesus doesn’t make you perfect in an instant. Being perfect one minuet, than in the next falling down hard, is quiet the norm. Our religion is perfect, but that doesn’t make us perfect. We have to work at perfection every day. And as it is written in the Bible ‘a chaste man falls seven times a day.’ A chaste man is a holy man who is serving God with his all. The human flesh has many weaknesses and we are all in a very sinful world that is trying it’s best to drag everybody down with it. Satan hates us with every fibre in his being and will stop at nothing to distract a person from being faithful to God. There are temptation after temptations but we try. It so important to keep trying, it is an important key in pleasing God. Repenting every day is the norm for a faithful Christian. If you don’t repent it is saying I don’t sin. I am always pure and holy and I have nothing to fear God about, so I don’t need to repent. In the Bible it will tell you ‘the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.’ So let’s then look into what is being Christian really like and what it is not.


Many people outside of Christianity like most people, judge by what things look like. God told Samuel that man judges by outward appearance, but God looks into the heart. I wish we judge that way, the way God does. We would be a great dealer kinder as a whole, because most of the time we judge so wrongly and badly that it doesn’t even resemble what is actually taking place. Just to give you a classical example. My father at the end of his life was working in a very big office. He worked for the Government.  There was a man working there, who didn’t say much to anybody. He kept to himself. His work mates didn’t like him for that reason. They thought that he consider himself superior to them all and that was the reason why he kept to himself. One day very unexpectedly, a man who worked with them was given the sacked very publicly before them all. The sacked man left the room all distressed of course. The bosses that sacked this man thought it was a big joke and was laughing over it. Guess who stood up and defended that man. He told the bosses exactly what he thought of them, for sacking him and especially in the manner that they did it. Telling them to their faces that they betrayed him, who worked for the firm faithfully for thirty years and that they can sack him too if they liked. The bosses and everybody else in the office was so stunned by this man actions. My father and everybody there couldn’t believe it was the same man that they use to talk about in a negative manner behind his back. He became the office hero, from that moment on. They then had the highest respect for that man from then after.  I believe he didn’t even get the sack for sticking up for the guy the way he did.

We all do it!!!!!  We all judge one another unfairly!!!!!  We all get it wrong!!!!  And we will all be judge by how we judge another!!!!!

The difference is some of us are truly sorry for our sins and do our best to avoid doing them again, while others boast of them. Some pretend they don’t exists. We all need to daily repent of our sins and ask for forgiveness from God, or none of us have a hope in entering the kingdom of heaven otherwise. None of us are worthy to go before the presence of God. None of us are good enough. It doesn’t matter how generous or kind you can be, you still not good enough to go before the presence of God. To enter the kingdom of God we have to made worthy, through the blood of Jesus. If God didn’t come down to earth in human flesh and died on our behalf paying our debts in full, we would be in hell now. It only takes committing one sin to make us unworthy of being in the presence of God, forever. And we all know to be sinless is an impossible task for us sinners.

It is a constant fight, fighting our flesh. When we say fighting our flesh we are referring to our lowly desires such as greed, laziness, bad temper, lust, dominating one another, cruelty towards one another and etc. and etc. In other words our attraction to sin. We all have problems with our attraction to sin. If we are faithful to God we are at war with ourselves pretty much all the time. The thing is we also have a spirit, which is made to desire all the wonderful things of God. Like love, kindness, patience and friendship all things that give us spiritual life. If we live in constant sin it is a death sentence. We are not living in God’s Spirit, and when we are living in God’s Spirit, it alone gives us joy and peace. It isn’t the peace people expect. When people think of peace they think of a life without troubles. The peace Jesus gives us through His Spirit. This peace stays with us even in difficult times. The secret is staying in union with God. And that can only be done through obedience to God’s will and always trusting and believing in Him.

You have to be One Hundred Percent Sold out To God.

Just because a person says ‘I am a Christian;’ is not enough to be a Christian. You have to behave like one. Falling and getting up again with a humble contrite heart is all part of being a good Christian. Just because a person goes to Church every Sunday without fail, and do all the things that are expected of a Christians, means nothing to God, if they are not doing it for God. You see you can pray all day long and fast every day, all you like for that matter, and God can be still not be please with you. If you did not do it for God and especially out of love of Him, you have wasted your time. Misleading yourself and all the people in thinking that you are good Christian. Now when a person is really been severely hurt by others and are so hungry for love and I have been there, like so many in this world, and a goody, goody comes your way, you can see through their false actions of love and concern a mile off. Because you want the real thing, not a poor imitation of it.

Not all Who Call themselves Christians are

Jesus says very clearly not everybody who says “Lord, Lord” will enter His kingdom. Why? Because they are secretly in love with themselves not God. They put themselves first, not God. And God does know the difference. I don’t want to scare a devout Christian, who is trying to put God first all the time, only to fall back on self-love from time to time. It simply can’t be helped. God is reasonable and so kind and understands our human condition. I am just writing to get the facts down about what a false Christians are like compared to a true Christian. The false ones don’t repent, they may even think they are doing a great job for God. You have to always keep your head down before God and remember any good in you, first came from God.  We can’t even think one kind thought without the Holy Spirit helping us. To please God we have to give Him all the credit. It is His glory we are living off.

isH87QAJS3People have a tendency to honour and praise the false prophets or the false teachers more than those who really and truly come from God. The world loves its own. Jesus tells us this that the world hated Him before it hated us. To follow Jesus you will be hated for His sake in this day and age for sure. If you are not hated for His sake, I would start to question am I really living for Him? If we really love Jesus we will obey His commandments and that is not easy. The laws are very simple, but hard to practise, because of our selfish love for ourselves. If we love ourselves in a holy way, we wouldn’t be listening to our fleshy desires, but what is good for our spirits. While we are in the flesh we can’t do this perfectly. In this picture is a woman that I admire so much and she is not the only person who was so in love with God that their eyes were only on God and didn’t count the cost. False prophets and false teachers usually choose for themselves the soft life. You can be still rich, but if you follow Jesus there will be a cross some where. Following Jesus isn’t for cowards.

Some people know what to say and how to say it to win popularity and get what they want from others. Others do not. Others are more honest and the world does hate honesty. My example happen to be a time when I just worked this out for myself. When I was a girl in high school my friend and I was supposed to be in class. And we were caught in the school grounds. A teacher appeared from nowhere and I thought ‘we are going to be in real trouble now.’ My friend on the other hand met the teacher all friendly with all smiles and we got away with it. The teacher didn’t even tell us to go to our classrooms, which shocked me. Because the teacher did know what was going on.

isW102ZQ1LJesus speaks truthfully. He doesn’t puff up our pride. Some truths we just love and can’t hear enough of it. Yet there are things we don’t want to hear. Like we must live a holy life and love one another unconditionally and treat one another as we would like to be treated. To love and forgive our enemies, that is a hard one. Human nature is very unforgiving and revengeful by nature. Being revengeful isn’t something we have to learn, we do it naturally. To forgive and love one another especially our enemies, is so unnatural to human nature and learning to do the opposite is an on-going effort. See how imperfect we are? No wonder why it is a life time effort. We don’t suddenly become perfect and then fold our arms as if to say we don’t have to try anymore. It is something we have to work hard at all our lives. It only takes a small sin to lead to very serious ones. We have to be alert all the time. We are so bless because there is plenty of beautiful things God has added to our natures, but it is all His doing. The evil side to our natures is something we are guilty of. God does not make anybody sin.

We love hearing about how much God loves us. We love hearing about that He was prepared to come down in human form and pay the price we couldn’t pay. That He loves us so much that He said ‘Father forgive them for they know what they do.’ It might even bring tears to our eyes. What if, God may one day want us to return the compliment? Are we willing to die for Him?

How Deep is Our Loyalty to God

I heard about this guy many years ago. He loved being a sailor, but the moment he had to go to war for his country, he jumped ship. It was no longer something he wanted to be. That sounds like, a lot like many Christians in the Western Societies. While it is comfortable being a Christian they are all for it, but the moment they are called upon to risk their lives for God, they run in the opposite direction. The prophecy of the great harvest (the conversions of great multitudes to Christ) which, we Christians are waiting to see fulfil, I believe personally will happen just after the rapture. What-ever you do don’t let anybody microchip you. It is the mark of the beast and if you do it, you have sentenced yourself to hell. Apparently millions and millions these last ten years have been chipped under surgery and do not know it. According to a prophet, God said He will not judge them, because it was done to them unknowingly. I don’t want any surgery done to me, in case that happens to me. So if we turn to God and ask God to strengthen our faith. So much so to expect to be miraculously healed by Him. I think that would please God so much. He has told people there is going to be a great many more healing miracles going to happen for all to see. It will be the norm for us for those who believe.

isJesus is the Only Way

It is important to turn to Jesus as Your Lord, there is no other way to enter the kingdom of heaven. By His blood we are save. Nobody else has been worthy enough to enter heaven by their own steam. Jesus alone is worthy to pay for our debts and He has. However if people don’t accept Him as their King and obey Him, they can’t enter Heaven. It is not because He doesn’t love them, but it simply not possible. To start off with, it is His kingdom He is inviting us to go and live in. If we do not accept the King along with his laws what else is there to do.  If you live in a country but refuse to obey the king there, you would find yourself in prison. There simply would not be any other choice in the matter. The King of kings is inviting you to live with Him forever, but we do have to choose Him and serve Him. Joining His army and fight the good fight with Him. And when it is all over then we enter His kingdom where there be no more fighting going on ever. Peace, Love and eternal joy for evermore.

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Love has patience, love is kind, not jealous, love does not boast, it is not proud, it does, not dishonour, it does not seek things for itself, it does not become angry, it does not charge evil to another, it does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices together in truth, it endures all things, it believes all things, it hopes all things, it is steadfast in all things.

Science Has Caught Up with Some of The Things in Our Holy Bible

is9YG6VBK5A YouTube show, showed how scientifically they proved that Jesus the Son of Man and the Son of God was conceived without any help of a man. So there is only one alternative reason for this and that is God’s Holy Spirit over shadowed Mary as it is written in the Holy Scriptures. There are so many things that they were able to prove, through the study from Jesus shroud. The shroud of Jesus is said to be the first negative. When the resurrection happened the imprint of His body was infused on the shroud. It has been studied by scientists for decades. And scientific equipment’s has been so advance now they can see the shroud three dimensional.

A young women when she was a young child went to heaven and saw Jesus. When she came back she painted a picture of Him, while she was still a very young child. It has proven to match so accurately the shroud that it is about 90% correct. To look for this painting, I just googled the words ‘the real painting of Jesus Christ’ and the picture came up. The painting is famous, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting it.

True Picture of Jesus

You can see for yourself that Jesus does not resemble any of the paintings we often see in churches or books etc. He is very masculine and there is no way you can mistake Him as anything else but a man. This piece of information is very important. Because it just so happens that men determines a baby’s sex. A man sperms has either and x or a y. On the other hand a woman’s egg has only an x. So if she receives a sperm that has an x, she will conceive a girl child, but if the man’s sperm is a y the child will be a boy. When they tested Jesus’s blood it is an xx. So by the laws of nature only girls have xx. And there is absolutely no mistake that Jesus is a man. I know people want to disbelieve that Jesus’s Father is truly God the Father and that Mary was truly conceived by the Holy Spirit. They are going to distort the truth of what this message is all about. Satan is a father of lies. If you are not really interested in seeking truth with all humility you will not find it.

Our Bible is Always Used for Research

So much of the Bible has been proved correct. Mathematicians and historians and so forth have relied on it throughout the ages. There is no other book of other religions that has been so relied on as the Bible to acquire knowledge and etc. That is saying something in itself. Mind you that is about to change with the Mandela effect. You need to do some research on this subject for yourself.  You are not going to hear it from the news. And it is easily proved. It is not just isolated with the Bible either. Cern is involved, changing the written word that was written in the past to be something else. In other words many scientists have interfered with space and time. Time travel if you like to call it has happen.  And they change Bible passages in very old Bibles. Look at your old Bibles that you grew up with you will find a great many things are in it now that wasn’t there once. Like a lion sitting with a lamb is now a wolf sitting with a lamb. Wine skins are now called bottles and so on. Have a look for yourself. This is going to a big problem with the young and new believers, because they don’t have our memories to rely on. So we must pray for them in earnest and God will look after them, but we must pray.

People are so easily led to believe in the lies of Satan, because he does know our weak spots and much of that is our laziness to find out the important truths of our salvations. People often stay in the dark. You have to be opened minded enough to ask God Questions and seek. If you don’t ask you won’t receive and if you don’t knock the door will not open and if you don’t seek you will not find. And if you don’t persevere you will never reach your goal. God does test you to see how much you want it in truth. If you don’t persevere until the end you have proven you don’t want it badly enough, so God will not give it to you.

Keep Seeking Don’t Give Up

When I was young I believe in the mid 1960’s most Christians that I knew of back then were all going around in circles, asking everybody ‘who is the Holy Spirit?’  We all said ‘I know who the Father is, I know who the Son is, but who is the Holy Spirit? God was putting in our hearts this question, and we were all going crazy with really wanting to know the answer. The Holy Spirit back then was often left out. So I asked my minister and I could see in his eyes, he had the same begging look that I had felt inside of me and everybody else. He too wanted to know who the Holy Spirit was. He answered me with something he was told to recite when asked this question. I could see that answered wasn’t satisfying him either. This went on for about a few months or more.  It definitely went on for a very long time. I then noticed God was answering those who were still searching for the answer, by giving us another question and it was ‘what is love?’ And I noticed that only a few of us remain persistent long enough to get this far. Even fewer still remain persistent long enough to get the answer of the question of what is love?  The second question was in fact the answer to the first question. Sometimes God does answer this way. God does test you out. God will test you to see how much you really love Him and how far you will go and how much do you truly want Him to be the centre of your life. He if you past the test you will find the testing has strengthen you and you always get rewarded for ‘pushing in’ as they now say.

Some People are Called to Stay Behind

isCDQ8IBZ3I thought I better write this, it will comfort some and not others. Some people are not called to meet Jesus in the air at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, but at the end. If you look at Revelation chapter 11, you will understand what I mean. Some of us are called to stay back through no fault of our own, but to fulfil the Will of God. I do believe before we are even conceived in our mother’s womb, we make certain agreements with God first. So nothing God does is forced on you. The devil however is another story, he will force and cheat his will onto you. So we have to stay close to God, so that we won’t be easily led and trapped by the devil’s evil plans against our souls. The war over our soul is in on full throttle, every twenty four hours, around the clock day and night until the Lord comes for you. The devil and his army never give up, so we should never either.

We have to stay close to God by obeying His commandments with a true prayer life that has God the centre of our lives. We fight in His grace not by our so called intelligence and strength. We have to pray constantly for discernment and be able to recognised God’s voice. It is getting more and more important in our era than at any time in history. We fight back in Jesus Name mostly through the power of praise. None of us have no idea how powerful praising God is. What about the time when the Israelites went to war in one part of their history. The musician went in front of the army, and their enemy fought each other until they were all dead. The Israelites army didn’t have to lift a finger. Praising God works miracles.  When we do it from our hearts it is fun, because that is the time God reveals Himself to us in a most personal way. It is much better than reading about Him.

More than Two Raptures

Why I am bringing the topic up about not everyone is going to be raptured the first time. Is because there are so many video’s, people saying if you are not ready you won’t be taken, as if that is the only reason for not being Raptured. Unfortunately it is true for most of the people left behind, but there are some that God has put aside deliberately to help out in those days. I believe I am not going up in the first Rapture. I believe that’s why everything was so confusing for me for a while. Things were not making sense. For example, long story short I was told by Jesus that I was more than ready for the Rapture. Despite of my falls I do get up quickly and repent straight away. I knew even though Jesus is saying He is coming so soon and we have to be all ready and alert, because we don’t know the day or the hour we just know it is so soon!!!  And yet something inside of me is saying there are three very important things that needs to take place before I am Raptured. And none of these things are going to happen right now.

In my early adulthood, God put a question in my heart. I didn’t know it was God back then, but I do now. It asked ‘will I go to prison for Him?’ And the second most important question I was ever asked came about more than two decades later and it was ‘Do I love Him enough to be a martyr for Him, and will I do it?’ When I finally said yes to both of them in the time lot they were given to me, they were both followed by two very different supernatural experiences that left me with no doubt that they would take place. Now if God had put in my heart a question like ‘will you stay back and continue to serve me on earth during the Great Tribulation, after the first rapture has taken place. ’ I would have said ‘no I want to go with you.’ God plans things well. He knows when we are strong enough to say yes and so He will wait patiently for that day to arrive.

Some are Called to Stay Through the Great Tribulation

I have said this before and I will say it again, because I feel there is a need to. He is coming soon, but I felt like there are a few things to do first before I go up. You may have the same feelings yourself or have been told something that at the moment doesn’t make complete sense yet. There is a possibility some of you to are not called to go up in the first Rapture either. If you know you are not being called up in the first Rapture, there is no way any of us are going to backslide. So that isn’t the reason for us not going with the first group of people who will be Raptured. It is because you are faithful that God is saying to you ‘stay I need you here.’ While I am writing this I don’t want people, who are called to go up in the first Rapture to have any guilty conscious of going either, because that is not God’s plan for you. ‘This is the day of the Lord, rejoice and be glad in it.’ I am just trying to help out those that have just found out like me we are called to go through the Great Tribulation, it does need some courage, you must pray for us.

Revelations do not always come to us overnight for most of us. Most of the time God has to prepare us for it first. Out of all the prophets there is one I believe God has truly blessed with His favour more than any other and that one is Marie Divine Mercy. She has been specially been trained by God to prepare us for the way of the Second Coming of Jesus. She is not prophesying about the Rapture, like most of the prophets, but about Jesus Second Coming. There is another prophet that has been around for a long while I believe, and I only know her by her first name Elizabeth, her prophesies I have only heard a couple of them and she is very passionate. She is highly anointed by God too, I believe. I think many people will know which Elizabeth I am talking about. God often refers her as Elijah. I know there are many more very highly anointed prophets too. Some are more anointed then others. And it is my belief that the more you are prepared to suffer for God, out of love and humble obedience to Him , the more likely you are blessed in a more profound way, when the time is right. It is not always the case, but in my mind that is the way it often happens.

The Two Witnesses

Getting back to Marie Divine Mercy, Jesus has told her something that makes more sense to me than the many other interruptions of the two witnesses. The two witness I am referring to can be found in the book of Revelations chapter 11, at the very back of the Holy Bible. She has been told by Jesus the two witnesses does not represent two people only. The spirit of Enoch and the spirit of Elijah will be with these two groups of people. Enoch will be with the people of the House of Israel and Elijah will be with the Christians. The Jews and the Catholic Christians will be particularly targeted. Far as I am concern the attack on the Catholic Church has well and truly begun. Many people are already believing in the lies said about her. There are many priest, of course it is not true of all them, since so many are true priest of God, but the other group have no right to be in the priesthood in the first place. Many serve Satan behind the scenes. They have entered the priesthood deliberately to destroy Christianity. I believe as so many do that once they have brought down the Catholic Church, the rest of the Christians denominations will fall down easily. Satan has planned it well. It is so far fetch, very few are awake to it. It sounds too unbelievable, for most to believe. What a clever trick.

If you read Revelations Chapter eleven, the two witnesses will be all killed and it will be witnessed by all people to see, I supposed on their T.V sets in their homes and could be in pubs etc. for all to celebrate the deaths of all God’s people. They don’t bury their bodies, because they are so happy believing they have won victory over God, by killing His people they are giving one another gifts over it. So our bodies are not buried for three and a half days and then God will breathe life into us again and everybody is now terrified and then they hear God’s voice speak from on high, for us all to join Him in the clouds. That is the story in brief. Some of us are going to be the ones that come back alive and terrify those who have killed us, because they will see the power of God at work in us.

God Doesn’t Reveal Everything to us at Once

I believe some of you are in my position or similar, where we being having clues all our lives, but not put two to two together. Simply because it wasn’t time for us to know just then. There are times when we want two opposite things at the same times. Just like Saint Paul did. He was torn between two desires. One wanted to go to God, but the other part of him wanted to stay and save as many people as possible. I believe God has stirred up a few more hearts here on earth to stay, not because they want to, but they want to see God’s face smiling on all those people in heaven that would not of made it, only that we accepted the challenged. Maybe reluctantly but never less we did it.

I think of it in this way, and I get comfort because in the Bible my mind has just expanded on what was written (in other words I meditated on it) about the joy of giving birth of a child so that all the pain is now forgotten. So my thoughts go like this; the joy of a mother receiving her child, after all the strenuous and painful suffering that goes in giving birth to her child, is far greater than anything imaginable. Since we are called to give birth to multitudes it is even going to be a great deal harder again, but so will the joy be greater still. It is written in Psalms I think somewhere ‘With You I can scale any wall.’

A New Heaven and A New Earth

isZJPOFTZOI felt I had to say this. Most of you know the time has come for you to be ready to leave this world any minute now. You are truly blessed and for those who just feel they are to stay to help out the next generation of believers and help bring back the bake sliders, you are also being blessed, but by a different way. Those who are Raptured first will get out of the Great Tribulation. When it is all over, they will come back to a clean new earth to finish the rest of their lives in perfect peace and excitement. Those who are called to stay behind and go through the Great Tribulation, will have finished their work on the old earth once and for all and then they will rule with Jesus for the thousand years on the new earth. We are forever free, we done our time. We will be then citizens of heaven for ever. And guess who we will be ruling over with Jesus? It will include the ones that come back from the first Rapture, who will be then living on the new earth as the first generation. So there is no need to worry which group you belong to, you are doing the will of the one who sent you, our Heavenly Father. 




Complete Surrender to God

When most of us look at the cost that at times God might call upon us to do, can be very scary. We may even turn God down by disobeying Him. When I have done this I end up with a heavier cross than if I had obeyed Him in the first place. Living in regret that I had let Him down and the people He had called me to help, is in my opinion so much harder, because it is with you always. And when I do obey, especially a very hard one, the reward brings much happiness. God lets you feel a little of His joy for doing it. If you are one of the privilege ones that see Jesus smile at you at times, it melts your heart with sweetness, love and so much joy that you are willing to do it all over again. We will all see Him smile at us in heaven and it won’t be through a veil either. That alone is worth all we go through here on earth.

Satan will try to deceive you into believing that God won’t fulfil His end of the bargain. That you have to face the trials by yourself without God’s help. In other words God will not give you the grace to fulfil what He has called you to do. God will fulfil His end of the bargain. For starters God’s love for you is so amazing we have trouble believing God can love something as insignificant as ourselves. We straight away look at our many sins and think how can this love be? And another thing God does not make empty promises, we do, but He doesn’t.  I want to write down another prayer that I feel God has given me, with a little help of somebodies else’s prayer that God gave her.

Eternal Daddy I offer up the Sacred Heart of Y’shua with all its love and all its sufferings and all its merits, I declare that Your Will is all that matters. My free will is Yours. Do with it as You may and may all your children and the whole church, be not deceive of the lies of Satan, the false prophets and of Anti-Christ. May we surrender completely and confidently, with full trust of Your Love and Mercy and our salvation in Jesus Christ our lord.