Confusion Who to Listen to

isCDQ8IBZ3I have been watching more video’s and I feel I have to write this urgently. I have enjoy Kat Kerr video’s very much about what heaven is like. The confusion was she claims certain people that lived a very wicked life that they are in heaven, because somebody prayed for them, so they repented just in time. I am also hearing people that I feel are very honest and they do not agree, because they claim that they either saw them in hell or God has told them they are there. So now I am wondering about if Kat Kerr has been deceived herself. Good people can get it wrong. And another confusion came about, which God used it for His glory and that is some people say there will be a rapture before the great tribulation and others say it is going to happen in the middle of the tribulation and others say after. So I ask God ‘is there more than one rapture. I looked in the Bible to see if He would answer me, but He chose not too. The very next day I was watching another prophet of God that I believe he is very honest and God told him that there will be three raptures. So I feel God has answered my prayer, but in a different manner than what I expected Him to.

I know God is telling me through the Bible for me to get ready now. I feel there is some few things that I am to do and I feel it will happen very quickly, but still not sure about it. All I know the rapture is real, even though Kat Kerr is saying that Jesus has told her ‘pick up your rapture rug.’ I know false prophets often will tell you what you want to hear. She is talking about there will be no rapture that we are not living in the perilous times, which everything in our era does indicate it is so. So these times are very tricky, so be very careful, what and who you believe. One thing for sure is to obey God in all things. Live a holy life and pray for your own salvation and everybody else. And ask for decernment in everything and give witness much as you are able that their is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ our Lord. And ‘repent of your sins before God!!!’ I am sorry if I have mislead anybody and I am praying if I have that God will come to their aid.

2 thoughts on “Confusion Who to Listen to

  1. I think that Kat Kerr is a obvious false prophet. So why does The Victory Channel show Flashpoint put her on???? Endless spew and ranting about God on those opposing Trump but not on the CHRISTIANS opposing voting God’s word? I am a Republican, supported Trump but not false prophets. Real prophets would tell America to REPENT, be forgiven in Jesus and then the USA stands strong. Flashpoint ruins program with more than one false prophet promising God’s glory on den of sinners America. Ridiculous.


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