Are You Getting Bolder in Your Walk with the Lord?

is(7)I think many of us are getting bolder in the Lord. God is pouring more of Himself in us and so we are getting to know our Father better. I think more and more of us are getting to know our true identity in Him as well. I was surprise one day I just felt within me telling the devil how small and insignificant he was before God. I was really letting Satan have it and at the same time I visualised myself as a toddler jumping up and down with joy as a victor (like you can’t hurt me sort of thing) on our Heavenly Father’s lap with His huge arms wrapped around me for protection, while I was really letting Satan have it. I was real surprise, because this was just my imagination, but God became a part of it and was smiling at me and encouraging me, letting me know He was all for it. I would never do such a thing without the arms of God’s protecting me that would be mad. Only through the precious blood of Jesus was I am able to get away with it.

Just yesterday I was outside. I am becoming closer and closer with God by looking at His clouds, now that I know that it is the second heavens. While I am looking at the clouds I know there are real angels doing battle for us and especially when we release them to do so in the precious name of Jesus. I am learning that I am a king now, because Jesus has given all born again believers in Him who are faithful this role. All kings have authority and we are called to use it and the angles are stuck and can do nothing until we call them into action. Before it was only head knowledge and now I am really believing it in my heart. We always growing all the time, it never stops and I am so glad, because I love growing in the Lord.

Getting Bolder for Jesus

Well yesterday I was so unusually bold and was giving Satan what for again and I felt the power of God or angles I don’t really know, but it was sure powerful and once again they were egging me on so to speak, to be even bolder still and not to back down. Our power is in believing God will answer our prayers and when we really do that, we see results and we become even bolder again and start praying and declaring for all sorts of great things to happen in Jesus’s Name. We see clearly how much we depend on God for everything and if we are praying for the right things we are so powerful, because we have a very, very infinitely more powerful Daddy who rules and is the God of all that is seen and unseen. What a Father! It is so much fun. I am not ignoring the fact that fighting for God’s kingdom is always fun, there are plenty of times we cry out of sorrow of all the evil is going on around us, and we have to work when we are too tired or simply not feeling up to it. But there is a fun side too and we shouldn’t miss it out on it.

I use to often hear people speak highly of Derek Prince so I thought I search him out in YouTube and I am now see why everybody thinks so highly of him. He does a very good teaching on demons, witchcraft and at one of them he finished it with deliverance and I had never wailed and cried so much in my life when he did it. He definitely has a very strong anointing for those who need to know more about those subjects I recommend him highly.


And I have just read a prophesy from Daryl Crawford-Marshall and he saw Jesus pulling things out of a bag and one of the things Jesus pulled out impressed me so much was a compass. Jesus is telling us we are going to war and we are going to win. He told this to Daryl with a big smile and I do feel it, don’t you?  I thought about the compass Jesus took out of the bag and thought compasses are real handy and life-saving if you are lost. When you at the thickest part of the battle and you cannot see anything, but hopelessness with your physical eyes, you can only survive by relying on God’s words, because they act like a compass or a lamp to your feet. That gives me great encouragement. Any Christians with strong faith, know what I am talking about, because you don’t get strong faith by sitting around doing nothing.  You get it because you have been at war with Satan and you had to rely on God and not on what you see with your physical eyes but by His promises. The reward for perseverance is a stronger faith and love for God, because you always win when you fight with Jesus and in His name.



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