Growing in the Lord

isZJPOFTZOGrowing in the Lord is exciting, costly but so exciting. Every time you are willing to stretch yourself, and go out of your comfort zone, God always rewards you, even in this life. And it can be like a roller-coaster. Up and down all the time. We go through spiritual seasons. In the winter season nothing much seems to happen at all and you could complain sometimes everything is so slow and boring. Then along comes spring and there is so much growth all at once and movement that you don’t have the time to accomplish all that you want to for the Lord. It is acceleration time. It is that season for me and I believe most of us are in that season now. The enemy is always trying to steal my new treasure that God is giving me away. When you throw yourself into God’s arms, even the enemy is used by God to accelerate you. It is a case of sink or swim. And if you chose to swim there are many surprises waiting for you. Life seems to be full of contradictions, but little by little everything starts to make sense.

Our Authority In Jesus Christ

I am learning about my authority in Jesus Christ thanks to Kat Kerr. She has videos on our identity with God. Be careful if you looking for her YouTube shows on the internet. The enemy has been busy copycatting anybody who are successfully reaching out and educating people about God’s tender love for each and every one of us. So there is always somebody trying to confuse you in pretending they are the genuine person that you are looking for, but they are not. Like Jesus said you can tell if the person is a false prophet by their fruits. If their actions match up to Jesus Teachings or not, in other words does the fruit give out light or darkness. If it is darkness than it is not of God.

I have more confidence in using my authority in Christ in some areas more than others, but since I love learning, it makes life more fun and interesting. I encourage you in Jesus Name to try new things for Him. Ask Him to help you do this. He will reward you. I have been praying that God’s presence in me will overflow to the people who come in contact with me that they will be healed, delivered and saved. I know that may sound arrogant to some, but believe me God does do this. If He does it to other people I thought I will ask Him to do it to me also. You should learn to pray big and pray for what people consider impossible, because all things are possible to God and we are His children whom He loves so much.

God Works through Us

I was sitting in church one day, not so long ago. God has given me a new gift called the gift of tears and He is using it not just for me, but people who are near me and I think long distances too. When I do cry, out of love of God, healing does happen. When I am in the privacy of my own home and I feel it coming on me, I just let go and let God do His work in me. In public, I try to control it. I don’t like crying in public at all. During one service I was so touch by God’s love for me, I cried a little, because I couldn’t hold it back that well. The person sitting next to me who has been going to church for years, the Spirit of God entered in her and she was overcome by God’s love for her and revelation came to her of a little of what Jesus great love for her was like. Even a drop of Jesus’s love can melt a hardened heart. I have seen it, when they see Jesus their face has that melt away look of love. Getting back to what I was saying, this woman is so much more humble than me and she just broke down completely with tears and openly repented before all.

is(14)Some people might just think it is a coincidence. I truly don’t think so. I am starting to show strangers my love and compassion for them more than I have ever done. I have been so hurt by strangers it has taken me a long time to believe there was any good in people. So much healing has taken place in my own life. Once when I was at Mass many years ago God told me and showed me that as deep as my suffering was, He will fill me with Himself. Can you imagine that with you? What God said to me also applies to you. And we don’t not remember all our pain, if we did it would simply kill us, so we conveniently forget a great deal, but it is all recorded and God has even thanked me and showed me His appreciation on another occasion for my suffering that I endured for Him. More is going on than we realise.

I am very happily and confidently declaring in Jesus’s Name for the Host of Heaven to destroy strongholds in my town, country and then the whole world all the time. It lifts me up and it will you if you give it ago. It increases confidence in that area. I seem to be a fighter more than a healer, but both qualities do interacted with each other. Try it and find out for yourself. May God bless you and give you the courage to give it a go.

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