The Era of the Holy Spirit

is(10)About forty years ago I heard a preacher, preached that he believed during the Old Testament was the era of the Heavenly Father and the New Testament was the era of the Son, Jesus Christ. He believed we are now in a new era of the Holy Spirit. I personally believe him, because when I look around now and compared to how it was back then and now, there is a remarkable difference. God is no longer head knowledge to many of us. Of course we are learning more and more about Him all the time. And getting closer to Him as our relationship grows.

A Horrified Child

I remember being horrified as a child of eight, of what the minister at my church was preaching one day. He said God doesn’t talk to you the way He did with people in the Bible anymore. We don’t do miracles like the first century Christians. I was only eight at the time, and didn’t know that what he was teaching was what most preachers were teaching at the time. I had two visitations of God the Trinity and Jesus at another time. So being so young I just thought a man of God knew everything, of course that is not true, but for a child that is how they think. I remember being so shock at what he said, it was like to me blaspheme in the first degree. I would not have known how to express it in those words back then, but that was what was going on in my soul. Total disbelief a man of God could talk that way about God. Poor man, right! He simply was teaching what he was taught. So of course now that I am a senior citizen I know now where he was coming from.   

In these times more and more people are coming to know God in a supernatural way. Especially Christians that are hungry for more of God are experiencing life supernaturally. As I am growing God is increasing my gifts in a variety of different ways and that is what I am seeing in other Christians too all over the globe. More and more Christians who are genuinely following Jesus can no longer truthful say ‘I believe in God the Trinity’ because they have experienced Him in some way. In all truth the real answer should be ‘I know God.’ What a difference is that; HUGE!!!. Once you experience Him you are never the same. God is eternal, so nobody can say I know all there is to know about Him.

Ask God Questions He will Answer You

I asked God this afternoon a question, I have a sick dog and I have felt God presence in me saying He is healing my dog, about three weeks ago and I can’t see any healing taking place. So I prayed I hope he will be healed and it is not me that is blocking the healing, because of lack of faith on my part. So I turned to the Bible and asked God a question, before opening up the Bible. I asked what way is the quickest way to grow in faith so that I can heal people and my dog. I opened up on

1 Corinthians 14:1

You must constantly pursue love, and you must continually be zealous for the spiritual things, and particularly that you would prophesy.

It is spot on. God does that so many times with us. It is not always the Bible either that God uses to speak to us, but it is always spot on. And I think it is funny too, because just after my first visitation of God, which happened to be the most powerful experienced I ever had with God, I was so afraid that He would send me out to the world to prophesies and for some reason (it can only be God’s doing) I seem to want to do that now. I think God is amazing how He can get around you.


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