Growing in Faith

is(14)If you are a True Believer in Christ You Must Learn to Really Believe You can Perform Miracles In The Name of Jesus. Our faith grows like a small seed. The more we look after it the more it grows. I have heard it said if you want a spiritual gift as an example let’s say prophecy, you surround yourself with people who have that gift. So in other words you join their group and the chances are you will be imparted with it through the Holy Spirit, by just being around the people who are gifted in that area. Faith is exactly the same thing. The more you hang around people who have faith it will grow in you. You should always watch the company you keep, because you do tend to become like them in the end. Instead of catching something negative from the people you mix with, like impatience and rudeness ext. start mixing with good company and catch the presence of God that is working through that person. We all know what it is like to catch a cold, well to me it is the same thing, except catching the fruits and the gifts Holy Spirit is much more fun.

Here are Some Clues to Increase Faith


So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

James 2:17

Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

2 Corinthians 5:7

We walk by faith not by sight.


The above scriptures are very important clues to improve on your efforts to make faith grow. Like a plant you have to look after it. You have to plant it in the right soil, in the right position and not give it too much water or too little, nor too much sun or too little.  Everybody who loves gardening knows every plant is different and have different needs to brings’ the best results for its growth.

Something I think is very important to realise, God knows when it is the best time for you to receive a gift. When you are mature enough, responsible enough in looking after that gift and when it will do the most good in your life. And of course you must ask yourself, is it your calling or is it just something you want to please your own ego and impress people with. Nothing is ever a secret with God. How do you know if God is calling you to do something or that He wants you to ask for a certain gift? He puts the desire in you so strongly you may not even know why you want this gift or serve God in this or that way. You may even wish you didn’t have the desire at all, but something inside you just keeps wanting it. That is the Holy Spirit calling you. It is like it is a need you have to fulfil doesn’t matter what sacrifice it demands of you. Just because He is calling you it may not happen straight away. He may be putting it in your heart so that you now know what to pray for, sometimes without ceasing so that you will be one day ready for it when God wants to give it to you.

Spiritual Gifts can be Costly

Usually if you don’t want the gift God is sending you it is usually because you don’t want to pay the price. Or you feel totally unqualified for it. Might add the best qualifications when God is calling you to do something is to have absolutely no qualifications what so ever. It will prove to you and everybody who knows you and that of the world, it is all God’s doing. Every gift is going to cost in this life time. The enemy will try to steal, kill and destroy you for it. He doesn’t want people to be saved, he wants them to be his so he can torment them in hell forever. God wants to give you eternal life, so that you will party the rest of eternity with Him. The greater the joy you will receive in heaven depends how much you are prepared to lose your life for Him. When we lose our life for Him we gain it. By losing your life I mean that you now live to please God and no longer yourself. Those who do only what pleases them in this life, will lose it forever in the next life. Meaning they will go to hell for all eternity. Jesus tells us this in the Gospel, I just used my own words to explain what He has already told us what to do in the Gospel pages.

 Romans 6:23

The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

The gift on one hand is free, because Jesus has done all the hard work saving us through His sacrifice and all we have to do is believe and follow Him. On the other hand you are going to have to fight to keep the gift of salvation. You will have to fight with your dear life for the rest of your life on earth with the help of God.  Jesus tells us that the devil is roaming like a roaring lion on earth to see whom he can devour. On this earth expect hardship, it is the way of life, only because many people have chosen to live by Satan’s standards, which is domination, control, steal, kill and destroy others who get in their way. For some it simply they are so weak through being so self-indulgent that the only person who really matters to them is themselves. God’s ways are peace, love and joy. When we love one another, we will only treat one another with dignity, respect and truly cherish one another.

Love One Another Unconditionally

To love one another unconditionally is so important. Until we can do that we are not really following Jesus that well. The more we live like Christ the happier we are going to be for all eternity. This is truly important and we must in all earnest be serious and beg God for this fruit of the Holy Spirit. The gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirt are two different things. The fruit is love, peace, joy and so on, it is all the virtues of Christ. I want to add, when we forget our own interest and start chasing after pleasing God that is when you really do enjoy life here on earth a whole lot more. It sounds like a contradiction, but it is true. The more we live to please God and not ourselves that is when we are truly free, despite of all the hardship. We will see life completely differently and it is freeing.

During my life I was never taught to pray for miracles like healing and deliverance from evil spirits. Matter of fact I don’t think I was ever taught to pray for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. We all said the Lord’s Prayer, but I don’t think we thought it could happen in our life time, it was going to happen in some distant future or to somebody else. That is not believing in miracles. We all prayed for our family’s needs and our friends, but I don’t really think we were inspired to pray with great deal of confidence, for greater things like changing the world to be a better place. Many churches these days are beginning to pray for the greater things, than we ever did.

We are all Called to believe in Miracles

These last two years of my life, I have prayed for my dogs mostly to be healed miraculously. Both my dogs had arthritis really bad with their back legs at different times. They had to be carried. Both of them are healed and they run about, and one of them can jump on my bed and she is an old dog. Mindy one of my dogs, was blind so much so I had to put a bone that she loves with passion right under her nose so she knew where it was, and now through calling on the name of Jesus to be healed from blindness she can see. My knees have got healed and they were in a great deal of pain when I had to make sharp turns, which you would be surprise how often you have to do that. My eyes at two different occasion had been healed so that I could see clearly and be able to read. Everything I looked at, looked like it was moving so I wouldn’t be able read at all and I love reading. It was all done miraculously and a few other things were healed through God answering my prayers. I am still in kindergarten when it comes to praying for faith healing. I have yet to pray for healing and see it happen in an instant, most of the time it would take about 3 months of praying and declaring. My point is once I wouldn’t even had the faith to do these things, but I had to start somewhere, so I did. I don’t think it is my calling faith healing, but I think we all are expected to ask for the faith to do it when God wants us to heal through having faith in His Son Jesus.

I still having difficulties in sleeping, and I actually think sometimes not all things are meant to be healed. I believe God sometimes uses sickness in the same way that He use our fasting and prayers. So as to allow God to give people the grace of conversion that otherwise they would not been able to receive. We have to realise without our co-operation God won’t step in and solve our problems or even save a soul. Jesus has paid the price of our salvation, but we who believe in the power of Jesus’s Name have to do our part as well.  That is to obey God in everything and serve him, by doing good to others. Everybody is called to pray for other people’s needs as well as their own, including praying for one another’s salvation.

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