The Difference between Speaking in Tongues and The Gift of Tongues

is(16)Now I am a very slow learner, I should have been able to work this out decades ago, but I didn’t. The truth can be staring in my face and yet I don’t see it at all. I think I am not alone in this. When I was twenty two years old my father was dying and he was speaking in the gift of tongues. He was quoting St. John’s Gospel in the Bible, word by word. He had never had any religious training what so ever. He came into the lounge room one day and I was reading my Bible, I usually read it in my bedroom, but not that day. He was very embarrassed when he came in and found me reading it. It was like he caught me undressing. He went straight out of the room. He had nothing against me reading it, it was just something he wasn’t use to. Yet when he was under the influence of the Holy Spirit at the hospital, he was quoting St. John’s Gospel that he had never read before. When you could understand him, you understood every word so clearly that you were puzzled why nobody else could and the same with you. When you didn’t understand what he said if sounded guttural or another way of putting it, it sounded like a mad man raving.  You couldn’t understand what he was saying at all.

In Act chapter two, it is about what happens to the disciples when the Holy Spirit descended on them during Pentecost Day. The people of Jerusalem heard them preaching in their OWN language. The disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit. They were not speaking in tongues, there is a difference. If they were speaking in tongues the people would not ALL heard them in their OWN language. When a person is speaking in tongues it is only one language you are speaking in at a time. You would never understand it unless you happen to know the language the person speaking in. If I was speaking in English and you didn’t know English you would not understand me. When it is the gift of tongues it is far more supernatural and it needs a supernatural gift to understand it. If you don’t understand it, it sounds guttural or a mad man raving.

Acts 2: 3

And something appeared to them that seemed like tongues of fire, these separated and came to rest on the head of each of them.

You Need to Born Again to Speak in Tongues

When you speak in tongues after you are born again, it is a distinct language. When I speak in tongues I don’t know what language I am talking in, but I do know it is a distinct language. One show I watched on Sid’s Roth ‘It Supernatural’ they had a program on, that Sid and his production manager experimented with. They both spoke in tongues and recorded it and sent it to an expect to find out what languages they were speaking in. They did not tell the expect that they were speaking in tongues at all. And what the expect came up with was the woman was talking in an ancient Medieval French language of a small community in France. And they found out that Sid was speaking mostly in Latin.

Some people worry if they are letting an evil spirit talking through them instead of the Holy Spirit. I did too for a while. But God soon put me at eased. While I was looking at another YouTube show, another show was overlapping it. And the person was speaking in tongues and I knew straight away it was not from God. It sounded evil. If your heart is in the right place worshiping God it is not the devil talking through you. The devil would never be united with you and start praising God in you. You can guarantee that. The devil hates God and would never acknowledge God is worthy of praise. Because he wants you to worship him not God. If your heart is full of love for God, Satan doesn’t want to be around you.

One of the reasons why I felt I should write this, was while my computer wasn’t working I felt drawn to write the differences of the gift of tongues and speaking in tongues and I was attacked by the enemy straight way. So I knew he didn’t want me to write it. So it has to be for a reason, which still confuses me, why it is so important for him, for us not to know the differences.

How Does One Speak in Tongues

How does one speak in tongues? If you are a born again Christian you just open your mouth and say whatever comes out. And it will be a language given to you by God. The reason why you have to be born again is that the Holy Spirit is the sign of ownership on you only if you are born again. So you can’t be a practising Christian and the Spirit of God not be in you. Being a practising Christian doesn’t mean doing all the outward signs in pretence that you are a good Christian. Like going to Church on Sundays and then behaving like an unbeliever every other day of the week, like many do. A born again Christian has given their life to God and believe from the heart that Jesus is not only Lord but their personal saviour. You can believe Jesus is the Lord, but that is not enough because as it is written in James, the devils also believe and shudder. Jesus has to be your Lord. You can’t be double minded. You have to choose to follow Him and all His instructions, not hanker after the world. You don’t put the world’s teaching into practise, but Jesus teachings into practise. And many people will think you are strange, because they don’t understand the way of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are no longer of the world. You live in the world like a foreigner in a strange land, looking forwarded to the day when Jesus takes you to your real home in heaven. Where there will be no more trials of any sort, but eternal bliss.



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