Joy of The Lord


People of the world are relying on this world to give them lasting joy, which cannot ever happen. The joy is depended on physical things, such as having all the possessions they want, a beautiful day, plenty of friends, a lovely house, expensive car etc. Jesus wants us to look to Him for joy. The joy is different from worldly joy. The joy God offers us is spiritual joy, it depends on our love, faith and hope in God and in all that He promises. While you have this relationship with God it produces spiritual joy in God’s love for you and for things to come such as going to heaven for eternity to worship God, which will give us such joy that we cannot even begin to imagine here on earth.

is(6)Worshiping God is beautiful, because when we are in Heaven we will be able to see His great love for us for ever.  While we are still on earth we do not depend on the things of this earth to make us happy. When God gives us this joy it does not mean we will not feel sadness. This earth is often referred to as ‘the valley of tears’ for good reason. This world is so corrupt with all kinds of evil, it can never truly satisfied us. Jesus is calling us to follow Him all the way. Even prepared to die for Him, if necessary.

While we are still on our journey on earth our faith, love and hope are constantly being challenged. If we persevere our faith, love and hope will be strengthen, so will our joy in the Lord. The joy in the Lord will strengthen you. Now I have suffered intensely throughout my life, like so many people and if it wasn’t for my joy in the Lord and His promises, I would not have had the strength to make it. So it is important to keep your faith, love and hope alive, it does not matter what you are going through.

We are told to pray without ceasing and that I believe will help you tremendously. One way of doing it is to beware of God’s presence and His love for you as much as you can all day. And say little prayers to Him when you are busy with things, like My adorable Jesus I trust in You. Anything that brings you near to God. If you can set up an hour aside for prayer that would help you a great deal to keep your mind on God too. Despite of all the suffering you may be facing there still can be joy in the Lord and His promises if you believe in Him. When Christ returns He is going to wipe every tear away, knowing this will help us through bad times.

Nehemiah 8 v 10

Nehemiah said, ‘Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks and send some of those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.’

In this verse it is clear you can enjoy the things of this earth too, but real joy is in the Lord.

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