The Need to Pray for the Time When We Die

This might seem unimportant to some, but it is in fact extremely important to pray that you die worthy of entering into heaven. We should never suppose we will never fail God. We are all weak and should never put faith in our strength or holiness. I remember a sad story I heard from somebody in YouTube that went to hell for all our sakes to learn about the different places in hell and why they go there. She witnessed a person in hell that was a good person in this life, who was serving God but fell into temptation and before this person had time to repent the devil took his life by causing an accident. So this person died a sudden death and therefore was not in a state of grace when he died. God is not mean, and Jesus tells us to pray for perseverance. Many do not, so we leave ourselves expose to all sorts of dangers. We need to cover ourselves through prayer and good works. Our prayers are answered because of the price Jesus paid for us. It doesn’t matter how well you think you prayed or serve God, we are never good enough to enter heaven. It is only through believing in Jesus’s merits can we rely on the cleansing of our souls so that our efforts become worthy in God sight.

A Promise isPLLWHJ3S

In the rosary there are fifteen promises. One of them is “The soul which recommends itself to me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall not perish.” Of course if you say the rosary or any prayer for that matter just out of habit without any real devotion, they most likely will not be heard. You have to put your heart into prayers and show respect like you would when you are talking to a person on this earth. If I was talking to you and you noticed I was more interested in looking at other people around me than talking to you, you would feel offended. Many people while saying their prayers don’t recognise the fact that God wants your whole attention when you are praying. Mary is not God nor are the other saints that you might be asking for their help to intercede on your behalf, but if you are inconsiderate to them, by not giving them your whole attention don’t be surprise if the prayer goes unheard. There are also many times our minds wander without our desire to do so, that is not counted. It is when you don’t even make an effort to concentrate on what you are saying and to whom you are saying it to.

is(2)You Pray for Your Death Every Time You Say the Rosary

When we say the rosary we say the prayer “Hail Mary” many times over again. If we only say one mystery we have said the prayer fifty times. If we have said the three mysteries we would have said the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer, one hundred and fifty times. And at the end of each ‘Hail Mary’ prayer we say ‘pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.’ So I am not at all surprise about the promise about ‘we will not perish’ if we say this prayer often. Jesus has spoken to a prophetess who goes under the name Maria Divine Mercy. She is worth looking up, she has a site in the internet covering the many prophesy over the years she has been prophesying. They very important prophesy, concerning the second coming of our Lord. She is not prophesying about the rapture of the church, but for those who have to go through the Great Tribulations. I trust her more than any other prophet and I do trust many good prophets, because God is sending out that many these end days. Jesus has told her He wants Protestants and Catholics to say the rosary.

Believe it or not there are Protestants out there saying the rosary and are finding comfort in it. They have a clearer understanding about why the role of the communion of saints are so important than most Protestants. There is nothing like experience to teach you things. It is no longer head knowledge. Truth and understanding of a thing goes deep into your heart and therefore has more power through experience than just talk. Jesus honours both His parents as we are all expected to do so in ‘The Ten Commandments ‘and one of His parents happens to be Mary His mother. He never refuses His mothers’ prayers. I know a great many people would like to bring up the fact anybody who obeys Him is His mother, brother and sister. I like to mention everybody is at different levels of faith and holiness. We still don’t bet Mary’s great faith or her obedience to the will of God. I have seen my earthly mother who in this life bought a stature of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and as she was holding the stature I saw supernaturally Jesus hugging into my mother as His mother. God does use statures to get His messages across. So I am definitely not watering down what Jesus said. We are all very much his mother, sister or brother. But look and see for yourself some mothers, sister and brothers of Jesus vary in degrees of holiness and faith in God Almighty. The more you imitate Him in all things the more pleasing you are and your prayers therefore become extremely more powerful as a result.

Expand Your Knowledge about God

I really wish people will get out of their comfort zone and start looking deeper into what God is saying to all the churches. I wish so much people stop being so prejudices that many Christians suffer with. Prejudice is poisoning the Body of Christ and they don’t seem to realise it. Being narrow minded is not healthy and it does restrict you in so many ways in having a closer relationship with God than you would otherwise have. The problem with Protestants and Catholics, I believe we have a language problem. We could be saying the same thing in many cases, but don’t realise it, because we are not use to one another’s way of expressing things. Like husband and wife I am told have great many arguments mostly, because they too speak a different language from each other. They are coming from two different places. Men and Women minds and needs are different from each other. If they learn the language of the other and know where the other is coming from there will be less arguments. One guy for example explained it this way the word romance are spelt differently for a man and a woman. This too applies with the languages of the different churches, in my mind.

Not All People who Say they are Catholics, Are

Another thing I need to point out, because there is so much misunderstanding about Catholics. The true Catholics are going through the hardest time in its history at present and it is going to get worst. It has been prophesied centuries ago. So for the alert Catholics it does not come as a surprise. The Catholic teachings are being under attack. So when I am talking about Catholics, I am not referring to all people who call themselves Catholics. I am not referring to the ones that are posing as Catholics for the very purpose to destroy the Church. Once they got the Catholic Church under their thumb, don’t think for one minuet the Protestants churches won’t be next, because they will. We are in the end times and there will only be a remnant that will remain true to God, whether you are a Catholic or a Protestant. That remnant is going to be so powerful that the enemy is not going to know what’s hit them. (Like Gideon’s army in the Bible). I believe the greatest revival in Christian history will happen after the rapture. I believe the rapture will act as proof to the unbelievers that we were true to the teachings of Christ. That is just my opinion. The remnant will suffer like never before in history, for the sake of saving lost souls. Our sufferings won’t be in vain, because through them in union with Jesus suffering’s we will bear much fruit. We will be given supernatural grace to do it if we put our complete trust in our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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