Growing in the Lord

isZJPOFTZOGrowing in the Lord is exciting, costly but so exciting. Every time you are willing to stretch yourself, and go out of your comfort zone, God always rewards you, even in this life. And it can be like a roller-coaster. Up and down all the time. We go through spiritual seasons. In the winter season nothing much seems to happen at all and you could complain sometimes everything is so slow and boring. Then along comes spring and there is so much growth all at once and movement that you don’t have the time to accomplish all that you want to for the Lord. It is acceleration time. It is that season for me and I believe most of us are in that season now. The enemy is always trying to steal my new treasure that God is giving me away. When you throw yourself into God’s arms, even the enemy is used by God to accelerate you. It is a case of sink or swim. And if you chose to swim there are many surprises waiting for you. Life seems to be full of contradictions, but little by little everything starts to make sense.

Our Authority In Jesus Christ

I am learning about my authority in Jesus Christ thanks to Kat Kerr. She has videos on our identity with God. Be careful if you looking for her YouTube shows on the internet. The enemy has been busy copycatting anybody who are successfully reaching out and educating people about God’s tender love for each and every one of us. So there is always somebody trying to confuse you in pretending they are the genuine person that you are looking for, but they are not. Like Jesus said you can tell if the person is a false prophet by their fruits. If their actions match up to Jesus Teachings or not, in other words does the fruit give out light or darkness. If it is darkness than it is not of God.

I have more confidence in using my authority in Christ in some areas more than others, but since I love learning, it makes life more fun and interesting. I encourage you in Jesus Name to try new things for Him. Ask Him to help you do this. He will reward you. I have been praying that God’s presence in me will overflow to the people who come in contact with me that they will be healed, delivered and saved. I know that may sound arrogant to some, but believe me God does do this. If He does it to other people I thought I will ask Him to do it to me also. You should learn to pray big and pray for what people consider impossible, because all things are possible to God and we are His children whom He loves so much.

God Works through Us

I was sitting in church one day, not so long ago. God has given me a new gift called the gift of tears and He is using it not just for me, but people who are near me and I think long distances too. When I do cry, out of love of God, healing does happen. When I am in the privacy of my own home and I feel it coming on me, I just let go and let God do His work in me. In public, I try to control it. I don’t like crying in public at all. During one service I was so touch by God’s love for me, I cried a little, because I couldn’t hold it back that well. The person sitting next to me who has been going to church for years, the Spirit of God entered in her and she was overcome by God’s love for her and revelation came to her of a little of what Jesus great love for her was like. Even a drop of Jesus’s love can melt a hardened heart. I have seen it, when they see Jesus their face has that melt away look of love. Getting back to what I was saying, this woman is so much more humble than me and she just broke down completely with tears and openly repented before all.

is(14)Some people might just think it is a coincidence. I truly don’t think so. I am starting to show strangers my love and compassion for them more than I have ever done. I have been so hurt by strangers it has taken me a long time to believe there was any good in people. So much healing has taken place in my own life. Once when I was at Mass many years ago God told me and showed me that as deep as my suffering was, He will fill me with Himself. Can you imagine that with you? What God said to me also applies to you. And we don’t not remember all our pain, if we did it would simply kill us, so we conveniently forget a great deal, but it is all recorded and God has even thanked me and showed me His appreciation on another occasion for my suffering that I endured for Him. More is going on than we realise.

I am very happily and confidently declaring in Jesus’s Name for the Host of Heaven to destroy strongholds in my town, country and then the whole world all the time. It lifts me up and it will you if you give it ago. It increases confidence in that area. I seem to be a fighter more than a healer, but both qualities do interacted with each other. Try it and find out for yourself. May God bless you and give you the courage to give it a go.

The Era of the Holy Spirit

is(10)About forty years ago I heard a preacher, preached that he believed during the Old Testament was the era of the Heavenly Father and the New Testament was the era of the Son, Jesus Christ. He believed we are now in a new era of the Holy Spirit. I personally believe him, because when I look around now and compared to how it was back then and now, there is a remarkable difference. God is no longer head knowledge to many of us. Of course we are learning more and more about Him all the time. And getting closer to Him as our relationship grows.

A Horrified Child

I remember being horrified as a child of eight, of what the minister at my church was preaching one day. He said God doesn’t talk to you the way He did with people in the Bible anymore. We don’t do miracles like the first century Christians. I was only eight at the time, and didn’t know that what he was teaching was what most preachers were teaching at the time. I had two visitations of God the Trinity and Jesus at another time. So being so young I just thought a man of God knew everything, of course that is not true, but for a child that is how they think. I remember being so shock at what he said, it was like to me blaspheme in the first degree. I would not have known how to express it in those words back then, but that was what was going on in my soul. Total disbelief a man of God could talk that way about God. Poor man, right! He simply was teaching what he was taught. So of course now that I am a senior citizen I know now where he was coming from.   

In these times more and more people are coming to know God in a supernatural way. Especially Christians that are hungry for more of God are experiencing life supernaturally. As I am growing God is increasing my gifts in a variety of different ways and that is what I am seeing in other Christians too all over the globe. More and more Christians who are genuinely following Jesus can no longer truthful say ‘I believe in God the Trinity’ because they have experienced Him in some way. In all truth the real answer should be ‘I know God.’ What a difference is that; HUGE!!!. Once you experience Him you are never the same. God is eternal, so nobody can say I know all there is to know about Him.

Ask God Questions He will Answer You

I asked God this afternoon a question, I have a sick dog and I have felt God presence in me saying He is healing my dog, about three weeks ago and I can’t see any healing taking place. So I prayed I hope he will be healed and it is not me that is blocking the healing, because of lack of faith on my part. So I turned to the Bible and asked God a question, before opening up the Bible. I asked what way is the quickest way to grow in faith so that I can heal people and my dog. I opened up on

1 Corinthians 14:1

You must constantly pursue love, and you must continually be zealous for the spiritual things, and particularly that you would prophesy.

It is spot on. God does that so many times with us. It is not always the Bible either that God uses to speak to us, but it is always spot on. And I think it is funny too, because just after my first visitation of God, which happened to be the most powerful experienced I ever had with God, I was so afraid that He would send me out to the world to prophesies and for some reason (it can only be God’s doing) I seem to want to do that now. I think God is amazing how He can get around you.


Some Prayers I Say

isYIDIAPUBFor those who may be confused I often will call Jesus by His real Hebrew name Y’shua. And I often say these types of prayers using the rosary beads. The idea is the more I say these prayers the more powerfully it will be answered. Each time I use the rosary beads I am saying these prayers 50 times and when I am really keen I will say one of these prayers using the whole rosary 3 times which means I am saying the prayer that I have selected 150 times. And I do notice a difference when I am saying it with all my heart. God often will let me know He is pleased with me saying them.

Prayer one

Eternal Daddy I love You, I offer up the Sacred Heart of Y’shua with all its love and all its sufferings and all its merits, I declare through Your great Mercy and in union with all the inhabitants of heaven that no weapon form against me will be successful. And all people who are now against me will be for me in the Mighty Name of Y’shua. And through His precious blood will become living testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Prayer two

Eternal Daddy I love You, I offer up the Sacred Heart of Y’shua with all its love and all its sufferings and all its merits, may you bless all people who believe, love, serve You and all those who suffer for Your sake and for Your Glory. Bless us with all the graces, blessings and breakthroughs that we need of in our daily lives and to fulfil our destiny.

Prayer three

Eternal Daddy I love You, I offer up the Sacred Heart of Y’shua with all its love and all its sufferings and all its merits, may I and all Christians made worthy not to fear man, nor the kingdom of darkness, but to have a holy fear of You and a great wiliness and complete trust in You to pick up our cross and follow Y’shua all the way with great victory.

Prayer four

Eternal Daddy I love You, I offer up the Sacred Heart of Y’shua with all its love and all its sufferings and all its merits, may you open the flood gates of heaven and pour down your rain of graces and mercy upon all the inhabitants of earth, so that we may know You and surrender to Your Holy Will and be saved.

Growing in Faith

is(14)If you are a True Believer in Christ You Must Learn to Really Believe You can Perform Miracles In The Name of Jesus. Our faith grows like a small seed. The more we look after it the more it grows. I have heard it said if you want a spiritual gift as an example let’s say prophecy, you surround yourself with people who have that gift. So in other words you join their group and the chances are you will be imparted with it through the Holy Spirit, by just being around the people who are gifted in that area. Faith is exactly the same thing. The more you hang around people who have faith it will grow in you. You should always watch the company you keep, because you do tend to become like them in the end. Instead of catching something negative from the people you mix with, like impatience and rudeness ext. start mixing with good company and catch the presence of God that is working through that person. We all know what it is like to catch a cold, well to me it is the same thing, except catching the fruits and the gifts Holy Spirit is much more fun.

Here are Some Clues to Increase Faith


So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

James 2:17

Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

2 Corinthians 5:7

We walk by faith not by sight.


The above scriptures are very important clues to improve on your efforts to make faith grow. Like a plant you have to look after it. You have to plant it in the right soil, in the right position and not give it too much water or too little, nor too much sun or too little.  Everybody who loves gardening knows every plant is different and have different needs to brings’ the best results for its growth.

Something I think is very important to realise, God knows when it is the best time for you to receive a gift. When you are mature enough, responsible enough in looking after that gift and when it will do the most good in your life. And of course you must ask yourself, is it your calling or is it just something you want to please your own ego and impress people with. Nothing is ever a secret with God. How do you know if God is calling you to do something or that He wants you to ask for a certain gift? He puts the desire in you so strongly you may not even know why you want this gift or serve God in this or that way. You may even wish you didn’t have the desire at all, but something inside you just keeps wanting it. That is the Holy Spirit calling you. It is like it is a need you have to fulfil doesn’t matter what sacrifice it demands of you. Just because He is calling you it may not happen straight away. He may be putting it in your heart so that you now know what to pray for, sometimes without ceasing so that you will be one day ready for it when God wants to give it to you.

Spiritual Gifts can be Costly

Usually if you don’t want the gift God is sending you it is usually because you don’t want to pay the price. Or you feel totally unqualified for it. Might add the best qualifications when God is calling you to do something is to have absolutely no qualifications what so ever. It will prove to you and everybody who knows you and that of the world, it is all God’s doing. Every gift is going to cost in this life time. The enemy will try to steal, kill and destroy you for it. He doesn’t want people to be saved, he wants them to be his so he can torment them in hell forever. God wants to give you eternal life, so that you will party the rest of eternity with Him. The greater the joy you will receive in heaven depends how much you are prepared to lose your life for Him. When we lose our life for Him we gain it. By losing your life I mean that you now live to please God and no longer yourself. Those who do only what pleases them in this life, will lose it forever in the next life. Meaning they will go to hell for all eternity. Jesus tells us this in the Gospel, I just used my own words to explain what He has already told us what to do in the Gospel pages.

 Romans 6:23

The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

The gift on one hand is free, because Jesus has done all the hard work saving us through His sacrifice and all we have to do is believe and follow Him. On the other hand you are going to have to fight to keep the gift of salvation. You will have to fight with your dear life for the rest of your life on earth with the help of God.  Jesus tells us that the devil is roaming like a roaring lion on earth to see whom he can devour. On this earth expect hardship, it is the way of life, only because many people have chosen to live by Satan’s standards, which is domination, control, steal, kill and destroy others who get in their way. For some it simply they are so weak through being so self-indulgent that the only person who really matters to them is themselves. God’s ways are peace, love and joy. When we love one another, we will only treat one another with dignity, respect and truly cherish one another.

Love One Another Unconditionally

To love one another unconditionally is so important. Until we can do that we are not really following Jesus that well. The more we live like Christ the happier we are going to be for all eternity. This is truly important and we must in all earnest be serious and beg God for this fruit of the Holy Spirit. The gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirt are two different things. The fruit is love, peace, joy and so on, it is all the virtues of Christ. I want to add, when we forget our own interest and start chasing after pleasing God that is when you really do enjoy life here on earth a whole lot more. It sounds like a contradiction, but it is true. The more we live to please God and not ourselves that is when we are truly free, despite of all the hardship. We will see life completely differently and it is freeing.

During my life I was never taught to pray for miracles like healing and deliverance from evil spirits. Matter of fact I don’t think I was ever taught to pray for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. We all said the Lord’s Prayer, but I don’t think we thought it could happen in our life time, it was going to happen in some distant future or to somebody else. That is not believing in miracles. We all prayed for our family’s needs and our friends, but I don’t really think we were inspired to pray with great deal of confidence, for greater things like changing the world to be a better place. Many churches these days are beginning to pray for the greater things, than we ever did.

We are all Called to believe in Miracles

These last two years of my life, I have prayed for my dogs mostly to be healed miraculously. Both my dogs had arthritis really bad with their back legs at different times. They had to be carried. Both of them are healed and they run about, and one of them can jump on my bed and she is an old dog. Mindy one of my dogs, was blind so much so I had to put a bone that she loves with passion right under her nose so she knew where it was, and now through calling on the name of Jesus to be healed from blindness she can see. My knees have got healed and they were in a great deal of pain when I had to make sharp turns, which you would be surprise how often you have to do that. My eyes at two different occasion had been healed so that I could see clearly and be able to read. Everything I looked at, looked like it was moving so I wouldn’t be able read at all and I love reading. It was all done miraculously and a few other things were healed through God answering my prayers. I am still in kindergarten when it comes to praying for faith healing. I have yet to pray for healing and see it happen in an instant, most of the time it would take about 3 months of praying and declaring. My point is once I wouldn’t even had the faith to do these things, but I had to start somewhere, so I did. I don’t think it is my calling faith healing, but I think we all are expected to ask for the faith to do it when God wants us to heal through having faith in His Son Jesus.

I still having difficulties in sleeping, and I actually think sometimes not all things are meant to be healed. I believe God sometimes uses sickness in the same way that He use our fasting and prayers. So as to allow God to give people the grace of conversion that otherwise they would not been able to receive. We have to realise without our co-operation God won’t step in and solve our problems or even save a soul. Jesus has paid the price of our salvation, but we who believe in the power of Jesus’s Name have to do our part as well.  That is to obey God in everything and serve him, by doing good to others. Everybody is called to pray for other people’s needs as well as their own, including praying for one another’s salvation.

Our Prayer Life

isK9K5GSHBI love ready about people’s testimonies, especially how they came to receive Christ as their Lord and Saviour. They are all very touching. Well one person converted from Devil worshiping, and he is now worshiping our Saviour and God. Long story short, while he was still in his mother’s womb his parents offered him up to Satan and he said by the age of three his parents were scared of him. He grew powerful in witchcraft. Witchcraft is all evil. It starts out like most dangerous things to the soul does. The enemy makes out something is harmless and then you go deeper into it and find you are now trapped and need special deliverance from Jesus our Saviour. Getting back to where I left off this guy would leave his body and go up to the second heavens. Our earth is the first heavens and the sky is the second heavens and the third heavens is where God’s throne is. Least that is the order that I was told.

He said the demons and some people who had left their bodies would go to the sky and try to stop God’s children’s prayer from getting to heaven. He explained when we first start our prayers it is like smoke and it goes up a little and then nowhere and then our prayers get stronger and then stronger until it is extremely hot. Too hot for the demons to touch and so then they try to arrange you to be distracted by all sorts of means. One of the most common method is that the phone rings just at that time. You think I will just answered it and then I will go back to my prayers. He said it doesn’t happen that way.  If you do go back to your prayers, you have to start all over again. Another method they used is that you get very hungry during prayer and so on. These temptations are because your prayers are so powerful, not one pray doesn’t get unanswered. So of course they are going to try every trick they can think of to stop you from praying.

A Trick He Used on Me

One night my fire alarm was going on and off all through the night. I persisted in my prayers and it then stopped and hasn’t done that since. I knew there was nothing wrong with it, so I just kept pressing the button off with a broom and continue with my prayers with even more fervour. I knew the reason for it and it was that they really hated my prayers. Especially that night and I am going to write down the prayers that I said. Hopefully you will say these prayers or something very similar. We have to learn to fight back and stop just taking it anymore. We have to remember we are fighting not the flesh but demons, powers and principalities and wickedness in high places. And they won’t go away until we claim back what they have stolen from us. We are not meant to be victims we are supposed to do something about it. And we do have the power. To me it is something like chess. I make a move and then they make a move so it forces me to make another move and it goes on and on like that until God Kingdom comes. And it is coming soon according to the many prophets. A great many of them are very excited about the promises of God. Most people are going to be not only baptised by water but also by fire. God has let me know that He plans to baptise me with fire one day, so I can’t wait until that day arrives.


The Prayers Satan Hates

My powerful prayers that day, I natural got the ideas from other people and do it my way. So I won’t be surprised if you arrange it to the way you prefer. I said three different prayers using my rosary beads, because I find them good counters and they help me concentrate on what I am saying and they also push me along so I say more prayers than I would otherwise say. When I use the rosary beads it means I say these prayers 50 times each time I go around. I often use Jesus’s real Hebrew name Y’shua, it is of course up to you how you want to address Him.

Prayer One

Eternal Daddy, I love you, I offer up the Sacred Heart of Y’shua with all its love and all its sufferings and all its merits and in union with all the inhabitants of heaven, I declare that we will all be made worthy of being mighty men and women of God.

Prayer Two

Eternal Daddy, I love you, I offer up the Sacred Heart of Y’shua with all its love and all its sufferings and all its merits and in union with all the inhabitants of heaven, I declare that we will not miss our destiny.

Prayer Three

Eternal Daddy, I love you, I offer up the Sacred Heart of Y’shua with all its love and all its sufferings and all its merits and in union with all the inhabitants of heaven, I declare that we are all made worthy of being a living testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ.

I Love to Mix and Match Prayers

Kat Kerr says that is what your love ones are declaring over you all the time while they are in heaven. After I said those prayers I felt like a rush of energy went through my body. Kat Kerr gave me the ideas of what to pray for, I just added my favourite Sacred Heart of Y’shua prayers with it. I just feel it just makes it a whole lot stronger than saying it alone. Another thing I am finding out every time I feel like criticizing somebody I just say one of those prayer on their behalf and once again I feel like I am being filled with God’s power strengthening me. They say a great many illness are caused, because of all the negative things we say about one another. Not only do we curse ourselves by being unfaithful to the teachings of Christ, we are cursing the person we are saying the negative things about and the person we are saying it to.

isBT9KR36YWe need to earnestly pray for unconditional love and I do believe we will soon experience it worldwide, because God has plans to wake His people up. I am afraid most people come running to God when there is severe trials and they know they can’t cope by themselves and that’s when most will turn to God. And it is also going be a time when we are going to see miracles worldwide like never before. He is only allowing these trials to take place, because He loves us and He wants to one day takes us all home to heaven. He doesn’t want anybody going to hell. Nor would any of us want people to go there if we knew how easily it is to go there and how terrifying the place is. We are all sinners, nobody is worthy of going to heaven by our own steam. We all need to be saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. If you genuinely believe and genuinely sorry for all yours sins and do your best to obey God on His terms, you don’t have anything to fear. If you would like to believe but have problems, just do as Jesus tells you to do, keep praying for it and eventually you will receive. I believe the longer it takes the greater the reward for your persistence will be. God will not only back pay you, you will get interest on the interest. He is that generous.


Joy of The Lord


People of the world are relying on this world to give them lasting joy, which cannot ever happen. The joy is depended on physical things, such as having all the possessions they want, a beautiful day, plenty of friends, a lovely house, expensive car etc. Jesus wants us to look to Him for joy. The joy is different from worldly joy. The joy God offers us is spiritual joy, it depends on our love, faith and hope in God and in all that He promises. While you have this relationship with God it produces spiritual joy in God’s love for you and for things to come such as going to heaven for eternity to worship God, which will give us such joy that we cannot even begin to imagine here on earth.

is(6)Worshiping God is beautiful, because when we are in Heaven we will be able to see His great love for us for ever.  While we are still on earth we do not depend on the things of this earth to make us happy. When God gives us this joy it does not mean we will not feel sadness. This earth is often referred to as ‘the valley of tears’ for good reason. This world is so corrupt with all kinds of evil, it can never truly satisfied us. Jesus is calling us to follow Him all the way. Even prepared to die for Him, if necessary.

While we are still on our journey on earth our faith, love and hope are constantly being challenged. If we persevere our faith, love and hope will be strengthen, so will our joy in the Lord. The joy in the Lord will strengthen you. Now I have suffered intensely throughout my life, like so many people and if it wasn’t for my joy in the Lord and His promises, I would not have had the strength to make it. So it is important to keep your faith, love and hope alive, it does not matter what you are going through.

We are told to pray without ceasing and that I believe will help you tremendously. One way of doing it is to beware of God’s presence and His love for you as much as you can all day. And say little prayers to Him when you are busy with things, like My adorable Jesus I trust in You. Anything that brings you near to God. If you can set up an hour aside for prayer that would help you a great deal to keep your mind on God too. Despite of all the suffering you may be facing there still can be joy in the Lord and His promises if you believe in Him. When Christ returns He is going to wipe every tear away, knowing this will help us through bad times.

Nehemiah 8 v 10

Nehemiah said, ‘Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks and send some of those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.’

In this verse it is clear you can enjoy the things of this earth too, but real joy is in the Lord.

What Does God Call being Succesful?

The world thinks back to front from how God thinks and that is sometimes where we go wrong as Christians. The world believes if you are always busy you must be doing something important and therefore you must be important. So a great many Christians think to serve God you must be busy all the time. If we never eat food nor drink water, we die. We all say that is common sense.  If somebody was to say that is not true you can live without eating food and drinking water, we would consider them without any doubts, they must be insane. But Many Christians don’t see that is what they are trying to do when serving God. They want to do all these wonderful things without a good holy prayer life. And one of the ingredients for a good holy prayer life, is rest in the Lord. Be still and know the Lord is God. clip_image00412

If we slow down to a halt and just spend time looking into God, we will be able to know the will of God and have the means to accomplish it. We starve ourselves of spiritual energy for starters if we don’t rest in our Lord. We have to learn to rely on God’s wisdom and His timing in everything. Much can happen in a moment with God. God can get you to do a great deal in supernatural time. When we rely on ourselves it takes forever to do the same work that somebody who relies on God can do in just a moment. So it is good spiritual investment to spend quiet times with God. You may say I don’t have any time to pray.  Make time! And in many cases after a little while, you will find you can’t afford not to be alone with the Lord. You will receive many blessings that open up to you, because of your quiet times with the Lord. If we look at all that He has done for us, we will be more willing to do all that He wants us to do. Love is like that.

Quieten Our Emotions Is Necessary

One of the greatest secrets of success in the spiritual life with our Lord, is learning to quieten your emotions and desires to be Christ-like emotions and desires. If you do that you will be living in the presence of God. When this is accomplished you will receive the peace and joy of the Lord without fail. You are not always going to be successful, because you are going to get tempered from time to time to listen to the desires of the flesh, which never leads you into holy silence. When we listen to the voice of the world or our own flesh, it will always make you needy and empty. Its desires will never fulfil you and so you try even harder to be fulfil and things actually get worse and then you become even more needy and empty. More you listen to your flesh, the more dissatisfied you become. Even when you get what you so called want.

We were all made to be loved and to love all that God has created for us. Above all we were made to be loved and to love God our creator. That is why anything less is never going too satisfied us. Only then will we feel true fulfilment and even like ourselves. The reason we were original created in the first place was to have all the blessing of being a Child of God. We were not made to be slaves to our own lust and passions, nor slaves to serve other people’s lust, passions or their desire of power over us. We were created to live in God’s Kingdom which is nothing like the kingdom of darkness. There is so much fun in heaven. We will do fun things. Worship God is not going to be boring, because we will see how magnificent and majestic God really is. We are going to see God face to face. We will see the tender and passionate love He has for each and every one of us. He is fun to be with. I have often and I know you have too, laugh at a small child’s playfulness, where do you think we got that from. From God, we are made in His image. Anything evil is not from God only good.

We can Choose

Silencing your emotions and desires for the things of the world, is to put on the nature of Christ. Instead of choosing anger, choose love, instead of choosing jealousy, choose love, instead of choosing, mockering, and choose love, instead of choosing to be right for the sake of being right, choose love, instead of choosing filth, choose love, instead of choosing domination over another, and choose love! This is what I mean by silencing your emotions and desires. I am talking about silencing your negative emotions that do not come for a loving God who is how Father. If you want love, prepare to give it. The more love you want, give more, especially to God, because God will find a way for you to receive it. Narcissism loves is so selfish and self-centred it can never be happy or content with anything for very long. If all we think of is ourselves and what we want, we are not open to receive the things true love from others have to offer. Or feel the love God has for us that leads to true happiness, even in cases of martyrdom.

People Who are Holy See Suffering Differently from The Rest of UsisFHBX52TI

People who are very holy, endure suffering differently from people who are not so close to God. If we have a true imitate relationship with God, we can see the fruits of suffering through the eyes of God. God can make even the most horrifying experience work for us, if we rely on Him. When we offer our sufferings with the sufferings of Jesus, it always has redemption power for our own soul and those of lost souls. Believe it all not sometimes God wants us to offer up ourselves to suffer voluntary on behalf of His lost children’s, according to the level you are capable of. Not that He enjoys seeing us suffer, but He sees the big picture of those souls we bring to Him. By uniting our sufferings with His Son has power unknown to the people of the world. Giving birth to a child is never easy. If you look at it this way, martyrs are not giving birth to just one child, but multitudes. So no wonder why it is so painful.

Psalm 37:5

Commit everything to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you.

We Know So Little

I had a vision many months ago. I saw a very small picture of people standing in front of the table of the Wedding Feast and then they suddenly turned and was dancing. I was complaining to God, because the picture was so small. It was on the bottom of the left hand corner and the rest of the screen was empty. I said to God ‘can’t you make the picture bigger?’ Then light dawned on me that was the message. The message was with all the prophesies out there about the Rapture and the Wedding Feast, gives us only a small picture of what is going to take place. More than three quarters of the screen was empty. So I feel God is saying, don’t be surprise of many twists and turns and plenty of the unexpected is going to take place. I also think much of what will take place is up to us. What are we going to do with our free wills?

isRKENV7PDWill we truly surrender to Him so God can do all that He desires to do through us.  He wants to show His Immense Glory for the whole world to see, so many will believe and be converted and truly be saved. Will we give Him the chance to perform His maximum glory, by allowing Him to use us or are we going to waste the gifts God has given us in these last days. He won’t do many things without us, it is just God’s way. Are we willing to learn and grow and come closer to God and have a real relationship with God, like the great saints and prophets before us? Don’t think it can’t be done. The wiliness to learn what is available, discovering what God gifts He is willing to give you. Will we let Him be number one in our lives or will we live only to please ourselves? Are we willing to miss out receiving supernatural gifts due to spiritual laziness and reluctance to perseverance through the hard times? If we refuse to serve God on His terms it won’t be just us missing out, but multitudes!!!! Because God really wants to use us.

I Believe God Wants to do Great Things Through All of Us!

I believe God really and truly wants to do great things through us. Beyond our wildest dreams if we will only do our part and believe God is for us. We have to keep in mind that we are royalty. We belong to God and people should be able to see that in all that we do. Meaning we should be able to pray big and expect things to happen. So we need to learn about God’s promises for us and understand what God expects of us. And really believe in the power and authority Jesus has acquired for us on the Cross and His Resurrection. I got a book and four CD’s from Sid Roth’s Supernatural on-line shop. The books and CD’s are called ‘Operating in The Courts of Heaven’ by Robert Henderson. I highly recommend it. It explains many things that I have never heard before and this may also apply to you also. I think it is one of those books and the CD’s that changes your life for the better. Basically it explains why some prayers don’t get answered. We need to learn about the legal system in the courts of heaven. We need to learn to pray like we never did before, because in this day and age we are going to have to learn to pray for big miracles to move mountains that awaits us. Miracles that changes history and nations. I think it is going to be exciting for those who will choose to fully commit themselves to God. I believe God will use us in a way that will surprise everybody including ourselves. If we are only be willing to go all the way. That means to be prepared to pick up our cross and follow Jesus all the way.

1 Corinthians 13; 9   One New Man Bible translation

We know in part and we prophecy in part.


1 Corinthians 13: 12-13

For we are seeing through a mirror dimly, but then face to face: even now I know in part, but then I shall know thoroughly just as I have been known. And now these three remain, faith, hope, love: and the greatest of these is love.

The Need to Pray for the Time When We Die

This might seem unimportant to some, but it is in fact extremely important to pray that you die worthy of entering into heaven. We should never suppose we will never fail God. We are all weak and should never put faith in our strength or holiness. I remember a sad story I heard from somebody in YouTube that went to hell for all our sakes to learn about the different places in hell and why they go there. She witnessed a person in hell that was a good person in this life, who was serving God but fell into temptation and before this person had time to repent the devil took his life by causing an accident. So this person died a sudden death and therefore was not in a state of grace when he died. God is not mean, and Jesus tells us to pray for perseverance. Many do not, so we leave ourselves expose to all sorts of dangers. We need to cover ourselves through prayer and good works. Our prayers are answered because of the price Jesus paid for us. It doesn’t matter how well you think you prayed or serve God, we are never good enough to enter heaven. It is only through believing in Jesus’s merits can we rely on the cleansing of our souls so that our efforts become worthy in God sight.

A Promise isPLLWHJ3S

In the rosary there are fifteen promises. One of them is “The soul which recommends itself to me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall not perish.” Of course if you say the rosary or any prayer for that matter just out of habit without any real devotion, they most likely will not be heard. You have to put your heart into prayers and show respect like you would when you are talking to a person on this earth. If I was talking to you and you noticed I was more interested in looking at other people around me than talking to you, you would feel offended. Many people while saying their prayers don’t recognise the fact that God wants your whole attention when you are praying. Mary is not God nor are the other saints that you might be asking for their help to intercede on your behalf, but if you are inconsiderate to them, by not giving them your whole attention don’t be surprise if the prayer goes unheard. There are also many times our minds wander without our desire to do so, that is not counted. It is when you don’t even make an effort to concentrate on what you are saying and to whom you are saying it to.

is(2)You Pray for Your Death Every Time You Say the Rosary

When we say the rosary we say the prayer “Hail Mary” many times over again. If we only say one mystery we have said the prayer fifty times. If we have said the three mysteries we would have said the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer, one hundred and fifty times. And at the end of each ‘Hail Mary’ prayer we say ‘pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.’ So I am not at all surprise about the promise about ‘we will not perish’ if we say this prayer often. Jesus has spoken to a prophetess who goes under the name Maria Divine Mercy. She is worth looking up, she has a site in the internet covering the many prophesy over the years she has been prophesying. They very important prophesy, concerning the second coming of our Lord. She is not prophesying about the rapture of the church, but for those who have to go through the Great Tribulations. I trust her more than any other prophet and I do trust many good prophets, because God is sending out that many these end days. Jesus has told her He wants Protestants and Catholics to say the rosary.

Believe it or not there are Protestants out there saying the rosary and are finding comfort in it. They have a clearer understanding about why the role of the communion of saints are so important than most Protestants. There is nothing like experience to teach you things. It is no longer head knowledge. Truth and understanding of a thing goes deep into your heart and therefore has more power through experience than just talk. Jesus honours both His parents as we are all expected to do so in ‘The Ten Commandments ‘and one of His parents happens to be Mary His mother. He never refuses His mothers’ prayers. I know a great many people would like to bring up the fact anybody who obeys Him is His mother, brother and sister. I like to mention everybody is at different levels of faith and holiness. We still don’t bet Mary’s great faith or her obedience to the will of God. I have seen my earthly mother who in this life bought a stature of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and as she was holding the stature I saw supernaturally Jesus hugging into my mother as His mother. God does use statures to get His messages across. So I am definitely not watering down what Jesus said. We are all very much his mother, sister or brother. But look and see for yourself some mothers, sister and brothers of Jesus vary in degrees of holiness and faith in God Almighty. The more you imitate Him in all things the more pleasing you are and your prayers therefore become extremely more powerful as a result.

Expand Your Knowledge about God

I really wish people will get out of their comfort zone and start looking deeper into what God is saying to all the churches. I wish so much people stop being so prejudices that many Christians suffer with. Prejudice is poisoning the Body of Christ and they don’t seem to realise it. Being narrow minded is not healthy and it does restrict you in so many ways in having a closer relationship with God than you would otherwise have. The problem with Protestants and Catholics, I believe we have a language problem. We could be saying the same thing in many cases, but don’t realise it, because we are not use to one another’s way of expressing things. Like husband and wife I am told have great many arguments mostly, because they too speak a different language from each other. They are coming from two different places. Men and Women minds and needs are different from each other. If they learn the language of the other and know where the other is coming from there will be less arguments. One guy for example explained it this way the word romance are spelt differently for a man and a woman. This too applies with the languages of the different churches, in my mind.

Not All People who Say they are Catholics, Are

Another thing I need to point out, because there is so much misunderstanding about Catholics. The true Catholics are going through the hardest time in its history at present and it is going to get worst. It has been prophesied centuries ago. So for the alert Catholics it does not come as a surprise. The Catholic teachings are being under attack. So when I am talking about Catholics, I am not referring to all people who call themselves Catholics. I am not referring to the ones that are posing as Catholics for the very purpose to destroy the Church. Once they got the Catholic Church under their thumb, don’t think for one minuet the Protestants churches won’t be next, because they will. We are in the end times and there will only be a remnant that will remain true to God, whether you are a Catholic or a Protestant. That remnant is going to be so powerful that the enemy is not going to know what’s hit them. (Like Gideon’s army in the Bible). I believe the greatest revival in Christian history will happen after the rapture. I believe the rapture will act as proof to the unbelievers that we were true to the teachings of Christ. That is just my opinion. The remnant will suffer like never before in history, for the sake of saving lost souls. Our sufferings won’t be in vain, because through them in union with Jesus suffering’s we will bear much fruit. We will be given supernatural grace to do it if we put our complete trust in our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Getting Out of Our Box

Being prepared to do what God is calling you to do and not look at what others are doing is a scary challenge for most people. I am finding out when I am casting out demons, calling on the Name of Jesus doesn’t always work for me. Sometimes instead demons come out when I am simply praising God. I might not even be thinking of demons at the time. Some other time is just stating a truth about Jesus character and that will do it. It seems God wants variety from me. He seems to want spontaneous declarations that come straight from my heart.

I remember I was casting out a demon that came to me through God’s enemies cursing me. (There is so much of that going on, most people have no idea.) I did what the books told me to do. “In the Name of Jesus I cast out….” Nothing much happened. And for some reason I got side tracked and just started talking to God and I happened to say “the one in me is stronger than the one in the world.” I was just praising Him and forgot all about the demons. When I said that they just piled out of me rapidly. I wasn’t expecting it.

isPMK3SZJMI think God is unpredictable for a reason. He doesn’t want us to get into a rut. He wants genuine praise from our hearts. It isn’t meant to be just routine. True praise always comes from the heart. It is love talking. Love is creative and affectionate. He wants us to grow and learn more about His love for us and the power of His love for us and His faithfulness to us. God is infinite and there is much to learn. So basically we serve God according to what He puts in our hearts. It doesn’t matter if we are the only ones doing it that way. God has a plan and we need to learn to listen to Him not our preacher, teacher or best friend. We have to learn to trust Him and be brave enough to step out in faith. We are His children and He wants the world to know about it. We do need direction, by praying about it and sometimes fasting is also needed on those occasions when we are not sure if it is God speaking to us or not. Though at other times we know it is God, because He has spoken so clearly to you that their is no room for doubts. When you know and you don’t do what He is saying to you, you are straight out disobeying God’s will for you. Many of us for some reason think we have a choice. One hand we do. We can choose to disobey, but there is always a price to pay for disobedience. When we choose to obey there is so much joy, when we accomplish His will, it is more than worth it serving God on His terms. The payoff for serving God on His terms is eternal life with so much to look forwared to. It is worth all the discipline and acts of self-denial and suffering it can demand at times. The reward is so great that when we are in heaven we will wish life on earth was so much harder so we could receive even more incredible and amazing joy.  One woman died and appeared to her Mother Superior and said I wish I could come back down to earth and say one more ‘Hail Mary’. She said everytime you say a ‘Hail Mary’ your place in heaven is so much higher and of course the joy that goes with it is so much greater too.


Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.