Going the Extra Mile

You probably notice that most of us may tend to go the extra mile with our friends and family and not so much to people we don’t know that well. Sometimes it is shyness and lack of confidence, but sometimes it maybe indifference. Going the extra mile by putting somebody before your own interest, I believe wins that many graces for you. I believe it is one of the quickest ways to grow in the gifts of God. Because you have serve Him well in the small things and are now ready to serve Him in the greater things.

is(11)I had a very short dream and it was basically telling me to be more willing to go the extra mile with strangers as I would with my best friend. It was also saying for me to give up my space when need to. This is going to be a very difficult challenge for me and I think for most of us. Though what I am noticing each time I obey God there is always a wonderful surprise waiting for me as to encourage me to keep it up.  He is starting to give me little breakthroughs according to how much I have stretched myself in doing good to others. Of course this should not come as a surprise to me, since it is what Jesus has told us to do anyway in the Holy Gospel. He has also told us to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. In this picture Jesus is forgiving and setting free a women who was just about to be stoned to death, because she was an adulterous is a reminder that we are all in need of forgiveness.  So learning to forgive others as we would like to be forgiven is also going the extra mile.

There is More Grace At Easter than at any Other Time


The Church Service this morning was the most beautiful Service I have ever attended. Today is Good Friday. I believe everybody made an extra effort to please God, and I believe God’s Spirit was working hard on our hearts, because most of us were crying of repentant sorrow. Therefore there was much healing for all of us taking place. We were sorrowing over that our sins caused Jesus so much suffering. My favourite Mass was on Holy Thursday about forty years ago when I first got converted to the Catholic faith. God does pour out His blessings in a most special way when people are more attentive than normal on His love and the price He paid to save us, especially during Easter.

There are many ways of going the extra mile depending on your set of circumstances. For example you wouldn’t expect a person who is cripple to walk unless you have the faith to heal him in Jesus name. When I was housebound I offered up my sickness as a sacrifice for God to use for His glory. I bore my illness with as much patience as I was able. I believe that means a great deal to God and therefore He hears our prayers more favourably when we accept our crosses in life as best we can. Now it seems He is healing me and now giving me new orders. With somebody else they maybe experts at socialising and making people feel welcome, but they may need to go the extra mile by sitting quietly before the Lord. So as to keep Jesus company when He is lonely. We all have different strengths and weakness and we also are in different set of circumstances where our Lord has placed us to serve Him. Going the extra mile keeps us on our toes and it even has a healing affect.

Isaiah 41:13

“I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you. ‘Do not fear; I will help you.”

Hebrews 10:36

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He promised.

God wants us to all grow in His likeness and that is love and power. We all need to pray for the healing of our broken hearts first. Then we will be able to do incredible things for our God, because He goes with us.

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