God is Training You’

When my father was dying God revealed to me in my spirit even though I didn’t know it was God at the time that my father’s whole life was preparing him for the few last months of his life. He went into spiritual warfare like I have never seen before and if he didn’t have the trials in his past he would not been able to endure what he had to do in his last few months of his life. God perform a miracle in him, but he also had to cooperate with God so that it would be accomplished. And that was what his whole life was about getting ready for the real battle of his life. My mother was shown by God that my father was fighting for God (against demons) with all his strength. God was right out in front of the battle winning and giving my father the credit for it as if it was his doing. My mother also knew if my father withdrew even as small as an inch, God would go right back behind him and he would of lost the fight. All God was expecting of him was to fight with his all. The war had already been won through the cross of Jesus.

Jesus is Our Lawyer

isW102ZQ1LNow I have heard that most of us fight on the battleground, but we should be presenting our troubles first in the courtroom of heaven and then the rest will become easy to deal with. That the devil is always putting before God the Father cases against us (our sins) and Jesus acts like a lawyer and because He has paid the full price of all our sins and crimes against God, He is in a most powerful position to defend us. Once again if we do not turn to Jesus and call on Him to defend us in the courtroom of heaven we don’t get very far. Repenting of all our sins before Him is of course extremely necessary. And sometimes you should ask God what sin brought this problem about in the first place, so you can repent of it. Sometimes it maybe a curse and then you should also ask God to forgive them and plea for their salvation. You will be forgiven as you forgive others. We say that prayer every time we recite the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus taught us.

Sometimes our faith is not what it should be and another person brought up that you should have like a point of reference, my memory is not excellent so I can’t remember the exact wording. I tried it and straight away the problem was being solved. My point of reference was a picture of Jesus that touched my heart. It was a very moving picture and the eyes were full of love and so I used that while was calling on Jesus to remove a demon that was intimidating me. Fighting demons is an ongoing thing, if we don’t fight then we won’t grow and become strong enough to win the battle and therefore we miss out going to heaven and many souls also benefit from our battles.

After Each Trial If We Remain Faithful We Become More Christ-Like

After each trial if you are faithful your love for God always grows and so does your faith and you do learn how the demons work. So you grow in knowledge as well. It is always necessary to pray for protection, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to deal with what situation you happen to be in. This is how we learn about how great our God is and how much He loves us and how much He is there for us. You need to put on the full armour of God. In other words the mind is the battle ground, you are always tempted with so called logic. It always sounds good, but there is always something that is not quite right. God is always right, it always rings true our spirit feels it is right. I get deceive too and every time I wake up to it, God will always use the experience and make me wiser and bolder. I learn the difference how the kingdom of darkness works from the Kingdom of Light. The kingdom of darkness is always about domination and will do anything to get its way. It will be nice if that works or it will use force. The Kingdom of Light is pure and holy and it always truthful and always genuine with pure holy love. The kingdom of darkness does not even know what true love is and it is always confused by it. Pride is always its undoing.

God’s strength or you might even say His weakness is His great love for you and every person on this planet. His love is so great we can never come to an end of it. I had an experience when I was young God came to me as a whirlwind like He did with one of His prophets in the Holy Bible. The thing that amazed me, I saw everything about Him was equal in strength. His love was equal to His all-powerful strength, wisdom, and mercy, you name it is just as strong as each other including Thy Will be Done. He showed me His nature one at a time, not all of course but enough to realise that to be wise you would not want to be in His bad books or you will be in serious trouble. At that point I was trying to hide from God. I was only eight at the time and even then I knew it was a foolish thing to do. Who can hide from God? I eventually said yes to God and at the same time was panicking how I was going to be so good. God simply told me that not one hair on His head was standing on end. (An expression my mother used for something that really frighten her).  I thought to myself if I was God all my hairs would be standing on end, because I didn’t understand that all God wanted was my will. He wanted my complete allegiance to Him and stay and fight the good fight with Jesus to the end. I didn’t know then that the war had already been won by Jesus. When we fight the good fight we will meet resistances from the devil always. If you are sitting on the fence the devil will ignore you, because you are not a threat to his kingdom which is stealing souls away from God and their true destiny heaven.

Our fight first should be in The Courtroom of Heaven

 We sometimes think the whole world is on our shoulders. We have to learn Jesus ways. Only He knows the way and only He is the way and the door to heaven.  Jesus will do want we can’t do. He paid the full ransom and we should always remember that truth, especially in times of trouble. So fight the battle first in the courtroom and confess your sins before Jesus and He will then set you free by you declaring in Jesus powerful Name for whatever is troubling you.  If we know who we are in Christ Jesus we will have such authority over the kingdom of darkness that it will not only surprise others it will also amaze us. God uses our troubles so that we come to know Him better if we put our trust in Him first. Things have a way of working out, because we belong to Him. And I have been told by people several times before we really become aware of our true relationship with God we must be healed of our broken hearts first. Some of this information I got about the courtroom was from watching one of Sid Roth show and it has helped me. So I am hoping the information I am giving you is also going to be useful to you. We never stop learning even in heaven we will be still learning, but it will also be a whole lot more fun. There is no devil in heaven who will try to rob us of anything anymore.

We grow one step at a time, it doesn’t happen all at once. Like I said at the very beginning, my father’s whole life was preparing him for the fight on his death bed. I been told by God the Father and God the Son (Jesus Christ) if I ask my father’s help in this life time it is like I asked Jesus himself. I am not saying this to brag, even though I am extremely proud of him for good reason. I saw the fight he was fighting and even then I knew what I saw was the tip of an ice Berger of what he was going through. This truth applies to us all. We are being trained for something big, even if we can’t see it just yet. One day God is going to show you off before all heaven proudly and say your name out loud for the whole of heaven to hear and let everybody know you are His. He did that to me in a vision I had because I gave witness to Him before people who were asking me in a mockery voice ‘are you a Christian’ and I said yes in a defensive manner. It didn’t seem to worry God how badly I did it, but I did it. To see God showing you off like that so proudly to all the inhabitants of heaven really touches your heart and astounds you that He could be so proud of you for so little.

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