God Can Make Anybody Look Good

I got the title from a sermon I heard once. How true it is too. We cannot claim to anyone at all that we are so beautiful of soul and spirit through our own efforts. We are expected to do our best to resemble Christ in our words, action, mannerism and dress. The closer your walk with Christ, the more your soul becomes so beautiful like Christ Himself. People who serve the evil one, after a time lose their good looks and can look evil, which is never attractive. God is our creator, we cannot create something out of nothing. If we do ‘creative miracles,’ it is God’s doing and it has nothing to do with us. It is simply the love God has for us that He does these things. We just give God tokens of our love and even then it is through grace of God we do these small things. Doesn’t matter how hard we work if we do it for the wrong reason, God is not present in our actions.

Psalms 127:1-2 From the One New Man Bible

A song of Ascents for Solomon. Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain: unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman wakes in vain. It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit late, to eat bread of toils, for so He gives His beloved sleep.

If we try to obey God by relying on our own strength, we will surely fail. We offer up our wills to Him and we give Him all our good intentions, but it won’t look like much until God’s Spirit is manifested in us. When God Spirit is working in you, then people around you sense there is something different about you. Your good deeds as it were shines with something they are not sure what. It is the Spirit of God dwelling in you. The fruit of the Spirit is given to us at the right hour. It is given, because of the merits of Jesus. We do our bit and ask God to bless it from our hearts. Depending how much we want to please God and do it for Him alone, wanting to give Him all the glory, then God will hear us. God also knows when it is the best time for our actions to bear fruit.

God has given us many lessons if we study the earth He has created. Fruits that are most prised take the longest time to reach to maturity as a rule. Just think of your favourite fruit. One of mine is a nice juicy mango. It takes time to grow a mango tree from a seed and then into a tree. The fruit isn’t on the tree all year around. You have to wait for the right season. One Mango is so expensive where I live. I don’t always get them every year. I have a low budget to work with.

The more gloriously God is working through you, will be seen at the right hour. Don’t fret if you can’t see much progress, because if your heart is in the right place (being genuinely hungry for God) and you keep at it, praying for God’s will to be accomplish in you, for His glory and not for your own it will happen at the right hour.

Sometimes you experience something very powerfully supernaturally and don’t understand it at the time. Then God opens your eyes at the right hour and has it explained to you. It may take many years before you do understand it. One experience I had early in my twenties, I wanted to become a nun. I was being interviewed and the Mother of Superior walked in. You could see she was so holy. I don’t think I have ever met somebody so holy in my life. I believe she was a contemplative. The presence of God was so strong in her. I knew she was a saint, she was so holy. The thing that totally confused me was she was so full of the presence of God, but on the outside around her, I felt a presence so dirty. If I could smell, it would have stunk. The complete contrast totally confused me. What I believe God was showing me was the contrast of her sins and the washing away with the Holy Blood of Jesus. It was God’s doing that the presence of God was so strong in her not hers. She obviously surrendered her life completely to God. It didn’t mean she never sinned, but she belonged to God and this was His reward for her for doing so. And that reward is for us too.

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