The Smaller You Are the Greater God Will Use You.

We are called to do something. The more courage you have the more you will accomplish, because it takes courage to serve God. I remember when I was a teenager I would go to a church Youth meeting and our teacher would ask a question and everybody just looked at one another, because they were too scared to speak up. I remember this particular day I could see the teacher was feeling uncomfortable, because nobody, doesn’t matter how hard he tried, would say anything. I was angry back then, because I felt sorry for the teacher. I use to be often the first person to speak up in a group situation, because nobody else would. I know now God was teaching me something very important back then. Instead of being angry with my peers I should have rejoiced that God would chose me to break the ice. You see I was angry at the others, because they did not have the very serious handicap that I had of a shyness that was so severe you couldn’t describe it. I couldn’t communicate very well because the shyness was agonising. I could see them talking to one another with ease and having so much fun communicating with each other. I told God that it was unfair that I was always the one that had to break the ice and I was the one that needed the most courage to do it.

God Wants to Use You

Now what I have noticed time and time again as with so many other Christians have also noticed this.  It is no accident. When God wants to use somebody in a powerful way He usually choses the weakest. So that people can see it is Him working through that person, not the person. I have heard people say ‘the greatest qualification for God to use you, is that you don’t have any qualification. If you do people would give you the credit instead of God.

1 Corinthians 1: 27-29

But God chose the ignorant of the world, so that He would put the wise to shame, and God chose the weak ones of the world, so that He would shame the strong, and God chose the lowly of the world, even those who were despised, even the things that were nothing, so that He would make ineffective the things that were, thus no flesh could boast before God.

isSA7LX265This reminds me of two saints that their example have really influenced my walk with the Lord. One is Saint Francis of Assis, who happens to be my Patron Saint by the way. One of his friars ask him to test Saint Francis of his humility, ‘why is everybody following you.’ Saint Francis stopped and must have asked that same question to God, because he turned and smiled, I think to Brother Leo and said because I am the vilest person Jesus could find. The other saint Sr. Josefa was told by Jesus I chose you not because you are good, but because you are the weakest of all. I do find in my life where I am weakest God will use me for His Glory. There is a prayer I say most days I got it from Sr. Josefa. She was told to say it. “May Your Will triumph over me. May Your love consume me and may my misery glorify You.

A Important Lesson Learnt

isH87QAJS3When I first said this prayer with all my heart Jesus draw my attention to ‘may my misery glorify you.’ I knew clearly what He meant. I don’t know what my greatest fault is, but pride unfortunately is high on the list. I never use to like people knowing how sinful I was, so I never confessed them. Basically I was told if I wanted that prayer to be answered I had to learn to be humble enough and start confessing them. That is why I tend to confess my sins in my articles, to prove to God I want Him doesn’t matter how much it is going to costs me.

So don’t be surprise if God is calling you to do something that you have difficulties with. The greater the weakness the more He will use you in that area if you allow Him.  And everybody will know that you have been truly blessed by God, which gives God great honour and glory. Many souls will be saved by your witness as a result. You may have a hidden ministry that only God knows about or a public one. Neither are greater than the other. Both the hidden and the public ministry are both extremely important. Look at the life of Jesus most of his life, thirty years was hidden and only three years He lived the public life.



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