Be Free to be Different

How little we know of the real true character of God. I love listening to peoples testimonies of their experience of The Holy Trinity so much. To learn from other people’s encounters of God that I would otherwise would have never learnt means a lot to me. And I hope when I share my experiences it also gives people hope and joy too. I have just learnt something new about The Holy Spirit that I didn’t know anything at all about and am now so happy that I do. I have just found this out by a person I trust on YouTube. I always had difficulties talking to the Holy Spirit directly, because I use to think of Him as only a spirit. Like love isn’t an emotion, or a mental thing, or a will thing, it is the Spirit of God. So I didn’t feel comfortable talking to a Spirit. I have found out now He is a person, and has a body. The Holy Trinity of God is three person as we all know, but one God. You know sometimes it takes time to connect all the dots. I believe there is an eternity of dots we will be connecting in heaven and it is going to be so much fun.

Knowing Who The Holy Spirit is Makes A Big Difference

When I found this out, I now find I can talk to Him so easily. Another thing I have learnt about Him, in heaven He is called the Drummer King. The Holy Spirit loves the arts and He is a real gentleman with blond hair and blue eyes. If we are free and let God teach us things where we would not normally go, it is going to be so exciting. Because God is exciting to those who know Him. You have to test every spirit to find out if it is God or not and I also would go one step further and say you should also test your own spirit where it is coming from. If you are narrow minded for example you become unteachable, if you are gullible and believe in only what pleases you, you will be deceived by the devil sooner or later. So you must pray always.

Both my parents were strongly influenced by the Victorian times. The Victorian era is not that far away from us and I believe there is still some of it, carried onto this generation. Expressed completely differently, but it is still present. In the Victorian era if you didn’t abide by the rules you were kicked out of polite society. Conformity is still very much a part of our society. The difference is our society expects us to conform to the rough and ugly and ridiculous instead of the stuffy man made rules of how they expect their generation to serve God.

God is CreativeisZJPOFTZO

God is so creative and He wants us to be creative how we serve Him. If routine bores us it could be because it bores God. We are made in His image. There are season for everything. There are important times when we have to work so hard and fulfil all our duties and then there are seasons when God want us to relax with Him and play with Him. If we work all the time for God, but don’t ever relax we lose the playful childlike spirit that God created us with. Remember Jesus had told His disciples while holding a child in His arms ‘such is the kingdom of heaven’. He wants us to be childlike. There is a difference to be childlike and childish. To be childlike you are free to express the real you, which brings out happiness and joy, trust, love, faith and so on. Being childish, we see that everywhere. You don’t have to be a child to be childish. There are plenty of selfish, immature adults around demanding to have their way all the time, and when they don’t get it they explode into a fury of temper.

There are many times God wants you to think outside of the box. God Himself does it all the time. I watched a YouTube show and God told this lady to dye her hair pink. At first it came as a complete surprise to her and she asked God would it be all right to dye her hair pink after her daughter’s wedding, because her daughter’s future in laws already think she is strange. God allowed her to do so. Since she has dyed her hair pink people come to her and start talking to her about her pink hair. She has a natural way with people and it gives her the opportunity to talk about her encounters with God. People get saved. 

God does not think like the Victorian era or the rebellious generation we belong to either. God doesn’t mind ‘different’. It is immoral God detest. So before we judge another, let’s ask ourselves is it immoral or is it just something outside of ‘my’ box.

Proverbs 11:1

A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight.

Proverbs 11:30

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and whoever captures souls is wise.

To do evil to save souls is a common blind spot to many, believe it or not. Music for example can lead you to God. God’s music makes you happy in a pure way. Some people use the wrong kind of music to get the young people to church. If you listen carefully and ask God to give you discernment you can tell the difference. God’s music will heal and lift your soul up to praise Him, not the musicians. Satan’s music isn’t pure. It can be sometimes just noise and it always leads you to the world and its values. Standards are always dropped in favour of the desires of the flesh. Be free to be different, but always check it out with God first. God does gives us signs, but we have to also ask to recognise those signs when He gives them to us.



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