Going the Extra Mile

You probably notice that most of us may tend to go the extra mile with our friends and family and not so much to people we don’t know that well. Sometimes it is shyness and lack of confidence, but sometimes it maybe indifference. Going the extra mile by putting somebody before your own interest, I believe wins that many graces for you. I believe it is one of the quickest ways to grow in the gifts of God. Because you have serve Him well in the small things and are now ready to serve Him in the greater things.

is(11)I had a very short dream and it was basically telling me to be more willing to go the extra mile with strangers as I would with my best friend. It was also saying for me to give up my space when need to. This is going to be a very difficult challenge for me and I think for most of us. Though what I am noticing each time I obey God there is always a wonderful surprise waiting for me as to encourage me to keep it up.  He is starting to give me little breakthroughs according to how much I have stretched myself in doing good to others. Of course this should not come as a surprise to me, since it is what Jesus has told us to do anyway in the Holy Gospel. He has also told us to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. In this picture Jesus is forgiving and setting free a women who was just about to be stoned to death, because she was an adulterous is a reminder that we are all in need of forgiveness.  So learning to forgive others as we would like to be forgiven is also going the extra mile.

There is More Grace At Easter than at any Other Time


The Church Service this morning was the most beautiful Service I have ever attended. Today is Good Friday. I believe everybody made an extra effort to please God, and I believe God’s Spirit was working hard on our hearts, because most of us were crying of repentant sorrow. Therefore there was much healing for all of us taking place. We were sorrowing over that our sins caused Jesus so much suffering. My favourite Mass was on Holy Thursday about forty years ago when I first got converted to the Catholic faith. God does pour out His blessings in a most special way when people are more attentive than normal on His love and the price He paid to save us, especially during Easter.

There are many ways of going the extra mile depending on your set of circumstances. For example you wouldn’t expect a person who is cripple to walk unless you have the faith to heal him in Jesus name. When I was housebound I offered up my sickness as a sacrifice for God to use for His glory. I bore my illness with as much patience as I was able. I believe that means a great deal to God and therefore He hears our prayers more favourably when we accept our crosses in life as best we can. Now it seems He is healing me and now giving me new orders. With somebody else they maybe experts at socialising and making people feel welcome, but they may need to go the extra mile by sitting quietly before the Lord. So as to keep Jesus company when He is lonely. We all have different strengths and weakness and we also are in different set of circumstances where our Lord has placed us to serve Him. Going the extra mile keeps us on our toes and it even has a healing affect.

Isaiah 41:13

“I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you. ‘Do not fear; I will help you.”

Hebrews 10:36

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He promised.

God wants us to all grow in His likeness and that is love and power. We all need to pray for the healing of our broken hearts first. Then we will be able to do incredible things for our God, because He goes with us.

A Short Summary of What Christians Believe in

Our beliefs are in the Holy Bible. I personally believe, because God is eternal there is more knowledge, that is not in the Bible. In other words I don’t agree with Martin Luther. I have memories of praising God when I was less than eighteen months old. I saw a huge tree, probably a gum tree and I somehow knew it was once a seed and it grew it into this huge tree. I was praising God about His creations and I also knew that God chose my parents and I was thanking Him that He chose my parents. I even knew there were bad parents out there and I knew I was very fortunate to have my parents. Where did this knowledge come from! It had to be by the Holy Spirit. Martin Luther if I have read right, believes you can only find the truth in the Bible. There are people in the world that does not even have a Bible and yet in some cases are more inform about God than many that do have a Holy Bible and read it every day.

The problem is some misinterpret the Bible wrongly deliberately and others don’t simply see what somebody else might see. We all grow at different rates and at different levels. The Bible is really like two different books. If you are cardinal you will read it using only your intellect and stop there. In other words you will only be able to read the Bible though earthly means such as the flesh. Depending on the degree of your growth in Christ. The closer you are to God the more you will be able to see and understand the Holy Bible through the Holy Spirit. And it then becomes a completely different book than what cardinal people see.

The Word is Living

Many Christians can tell you from personal experience that they have seen with their own eyes, spiritually and physically eyes that the word is living. I remember once I was going through a very hard time and I was writing it all down in the hope of publishing it, which I didn’t. But I was writing down verses from the Bible and in the end I saw the passages of the Holy Bible was begging me and saying to me ‘take me! Take me!’ With such urgency. For some people they would not be able to appreciate what I am saying here. Some people simply cannot imagine this can be true and others know deep in their heart it is true, but don’t want to believe it.  Many can believe or rather know it is true because they experience the same thing or something similar. Such as they have seen the words jumped out onto them with very great and deep revelation of the meaning into the word that they are reading. They feel the Presence of God in the Word. The words of the Holy Bible has layers of revelations and we only learn where we are up to. For example you wouldn’t be teaching the same lesson to a kindergarten child as a more senior students. It wouldn’t make sense to do that and who knows it more than God Himself.

And we also have to remember Satan is also so keen to use the Bible also for his own purposes. So if you are not genuinely seeking truth you won’t find it in the Holy Bible, because Satan will blind you to its truth. If we only knew just how important humility really is. It is a lifesaving virtue and we must pray for it. If you have already have this virtue, pray for an even deeper level of humility. We are to climb the mountain of Righteousness. We should never be satisfied with what we have. We must be always wanting to come closer to God or we will in fact go backwards, which results more times than not losing your souls in the end. That is the way to become luke-warm. And we know what it says in Revelations. God says ‘you are neither hot nor cold, but luke-warm and I will spite you out of my mouth’.

Slight Difference of Opinionsis(10)

There are many different Christians Churches all serving God according to how they read the Bible. Some think one passage in the Bible is more important than another. So they concentrate on it more than other churches. Ideally we should be open to God and treat all passages of equal importance, but because we are only human we learn a little at a time. I have always and will always preach that Protestants and Catholics should listen to one another, because God speaks to both. What He will say to one person He will not say to another, because that person isn’t ready to hear that truth yet. I don’t believe for one minuet that there is one person on this earth that knows and understands all that the Holy Bible teaches. We all at different stages of growth and are called to different areas to serve God. So one part of the Bible you will be studying all the time, because you feel it is specifically talking to you. Some people might brag that they can recite the whole Bible, but can they understand it? Without humility and true desire to know truth you will never understand it full stop. Without praying to God for the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and the eyes of your heart, how can you begin to understand something as spiritual as the Holy Bible?

Now I want to write down the Apostle Creed that might help you to understand the basics of what Christians believe. Protestant became into existence during the fifteen Century. So long before the Protestants ever came into existence, people would say in the apostle creed ‘I believe in the Catholic Church’. Now there are many churches that will object in saying ‘I believe in the Catholic Church.’ Most of our beliefs are exactly the same, because we both study and teach from the Holy Bible. Once again there are some beliefs we do not share. Like Many Protestants believe in the Rapture, Catholics as a whole do not believe in it. The Bible doesn’t use the word Rapture, but if you look closely, I believe it does talk about it, as so many Protestants do. Now interesting enough Catholics believe in Purgatory and the Protestants are horrified that Catholics believe it. Once again it depends on how you have interrupted the Holy Bible. In Matthew 18:34, I believe like so many Catholics that it is referring to Purgatory. The person is sentence to a temporary torment. Protestants believe this verse is talking about hell. Hell is forever not temporary. 

Matthew 18: 34

In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.

According to our understanding as Catholics, he has the ability to pay back all that he owes and won’t get out until that happens. So we can argue and argue about it. There is so many evidence of holy saints who were in their right mind that had visited Purgatory, as many people today are visiting hell to tell us there is such a place. And there is so many people from Purgatory who have come to certain saints asking for prayers. I have had one soul in Purgatory thanking me for my prayers. There is plenty of witnesses if you would only look out for them. You are not going to find those books on Purgatory in Protestant bookstore, because they are rather on the aggressive side on that subject. In the same way you will not find books on the Rapture in Catholic bookstore either. So you see people are not always willing to accept that we don’t know everything and we need to call on God Himself for the answers. That is why I am a cross between the Catholic faith and the Protestant faith. My whole lifestyle that God has given me has made it so. There is a little wrong in every Church, because we are only people trying to do our best in understanding God’s Word. The word Catholic also means universal so in the Apostle Creed you might exchange the word Catholic to Universal Church if you wish. I am sure God won’t mind.

Apostles’ Creed

I believe in God, the Father Almighty. Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried. He descended into hell; on the third day He rose again form the dead; He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.

I am going through a hard time right now, which no doubt does not comes as a surprise to anyone. Since we are all living in the end of the end days. In my dream; long story short I was told to say these prayers ‘the Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘the Apostle Creed.’ For protection.  So I thought I past this message on in case it is also meant for some of you.


God is Training You’

When my father was dying God revealed to me in my spirit even though I didn’t know it was God at the time that my father’s whole life was preparing him for the few last months of his life. He went into spiritual warfare like I have never seen before and if he didn’t have the trials in his past he would not been able to endure what he had to do in his last few months of his life. God perform a miracle in him, but he also had to cooperate with God so that it would be accomplished. And that was what his whole life was about getting ready for the real battle of his life. My mother was shown by God that my father was fighting for God (against demons) with all his strength. God was right out in front of the battle winning and giving my father the credit for it as if it was his doing. My mother also knew if my father withdrew even as small as an inch, God would go right back behind him and he would of lost the fight. All God was expecting of him was to fight with his all. The war had already been won through the cross of Jesus.

Jesus is Our Lawyer

isW102ZQ1LNow I have heard that most of us fight on the battleground, but we should be presenting our troubles first in the courtroom of heaven and then the rest will become easy to deal with. That the devil is always putting before God the Father cases against us (our sins) and Jesus acts like a lawyer and because He has paid the full price of all our sins and crimes against God, He is in a most powerful position to defend us. Once again if we do not turn to Jesus and call on Him to defend us in the courtroom of heaven we don’t get very far. Repenting of all our sins before Him is of course extremely necessary. And sometimes you should ask God what sin brought this problem about in the first place, so you can repent of it. Sometimes it maybe a curse and then you should also ask God to forgive them and plea for their salvation. You will be forgiven as you forgive others. We say that prayer every time we recite the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus taught us.

Sometimes our faith is not what it should be and another person brought up that you should have like a point of reference, my memory is not excellent so I can’t remember the exact wording. I tried it and straight away the problem was being solved. My point of reference was a picture of Jesus that touched my heart. It was a very moving picture and the eyes were full of love and so I used that while was calling on Jesus to remove a demon that was intimidating me. Fighting demons is an ongoing thing, if we don’t fight then we won’t grow and become strong enough to win the battle and therefore we miss out going to heaven and many souls also benefit from our battles.

After Each Trial If We Remain Faithful We Become More Christ-Like

After each trial if you are faithful your love for God always grows and so does your faith and you do learn how the demons work. So you grow in knowledge as well. It is always necessary to pray for protection, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to deal with what situation you happen to be in. This is how we learn about how great our God is and how much He loves us and how much He is there for us. You need to put on the full armour of God. In other words the mind is the battle ground, you are always tempted with so called logic. It always sounds good, but there is always something that is not quite right. God is always right, it always rings true our spirit feels it is right. I get deceive too and every time I wake up to it, God will always use the experience and make me wiser and bolder. I learn the difference how the kingdom of darkness works from the Kingdom of Light. The kingdom of darkness is always about domination and will do anything to get its way. It will be nice if that works or it will use force. The Kingdom of Light is pure and holy and it always truthful and always genuine with pure holy love. The kingdom of darkness does not even know what true love is and it is always confused by it. Pride is always its undoing.

God’s strength or you might even say His weakness is His great love for you and every person on this planet. His love is so great we can never come to an end of it. I had an experience when I was young God came to me as a whirlwind like He did with one of His prophets in the Holy Bible. The thing that amazed me, I saw everything about Him was equal in strength. His love was equal to His all-powerful strength, wisdom, and mercy, you name it is just as strong as each other including Thy Will be Done. He showed me His nature one at a time, not all of course but enough to realise that to be wise you would not want to be in His bad books or you will be in serious trouble. At that point I was trying to hide from God. I was only eight at the time and even then I knew it was a foolish thing to do. Who can hide from God? I eventually said yes to God and at the same time was panicking how I was going to be so good. God simply told me that not one hair on His head was standing on end. (An expression my mother used for something that really frighten her).  I thought to myself if I was God all my hairs would be standing on end, because I didn’t understand that all God wanted was my will. He wanted my complete allegiance to Him and stay and fight the good fight with Jesus to the end. I didn’t know then that the war had already been won by Jesus. When we fight the good fight we will meet resistances from the devil always. If you are sitting on the fence the devil will ignore you, because you are not a threat to his kingdom which is stealing souls away from God and their true destiny heaven.

Our fight first should be in The Courtroom of Heaven

 We sometimes think the whole world is on our shoulders. We have to learn Jesus ways. Only He knows the way and only He is the way and the door to heaven.  Jesus will do want we can’t do. He paid the full ransom and we should always remember that truth, especially in times of trouble. So fight the battle first in the courtroom and confess your sins before Jesus and He will then set you free by you declaring in Jesus powerful Name for whatever is troubling you.  If we know who we are in Christ Jesus we will have such authority over the kingdom of darkness that it will not only surprise others it will also amaze us. God uses our troubles so that we come to know Him better if we put our trust in Him first. Things have a way of working out, because we belong to Him. And I have been told by people several times before we really become aware of our true relationship with God we must be healed of our broken hearts first. Some of this information I got about the courtroom was from watching one of Sid Roth show and it has helped me. So I am hoping the information I am giving you is also going to be useful to you. We never stop learning even in heaven we will be still learning, but it will also be a whole lot more fun. There is no devil in heaven who will try to rob us of anything anymore.

We grow one step at a time, it doesn’t happen all at once. Like I said at the very beginning, my father’s whole life was preparing him for the fight on his death bed. I been told by God the Father and God the Son (Jesus Christ) if I ask my father’s help in this life time it is like I asked Jesus himself. I am not saying this to brag, even though I am extremely proud of him for good reason. I saw the fight he was fighting and even then I knew what I saw was the tip of an ice Berger of what he was going through. This truth applies to us all. We are being trained for something big, even if we can’t see it just yet. One day God is going to show you off before all heaven proudly and say your name out loud for the whole of heaven to hear and let everybody know you are His. He did that to me in a vision I had because I gave witness to Him before people who were asking me in a mockery voice ‘are you a Christian’ and I said yes in a defensive manner. It didn’t seem to worry God how badly I did it, but I did it. To see God showing you off like that so proudly to all the inhabitants of heaven really touches your heart and astounds you that He could be so proud of you for so little.

God Can Make Anybody Look Good

I got the title from a sermon I heard once. How true it is too. We cannot claim to anyone at all that we are so beautiful of soul and spirit through our own efforts. We are expected to do our best to resemble Christ in our words, action, mannerism and dress. The closer your walk with Christ, the more your soul becomes so beautiful like Christ Himself. People who serve the evil one, after a time lose their good looks and can look evil, which is never attractive. God is our creator, we cannot create something out of nothing. If we do ‘creative miracles,’ it is God’s doing and it has nothing to do with us. It is simply the love God has for us that He does these things. We just give God tokens of our love and even then it is through grace of God we do these small things. Doesn’t matter how hard we work if we do it for the wrong reason, God is not present in our actions.

Psalms 127:1-2 From the One New Man Bible

A song of Ascents for Solomon. Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain: unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman wakes in vain. It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit late, to eat bread of toils, for so He gives His beloved sleep.

If we try to obey God by relying on our own strength, we will surely fail. We offer up our wills to Him and we give Him all our good intentions, but it won’t look like much until God’s Spirit is manifested in us. When God Spirit is working in you, then people around you sense there is something different about you. Your good deeds as it were shines with something they are not sure what. It is the Spirit of God dwelling in you. The fruit of the Spirit is given to us at the right hour. It is given, because of the merits of Jesus. We do our bit and ask God to bless it from our hearts. Depending how much we want to please God and do it for Him alone, wanting to give Him all the glory, then God will hear us. God also knows when it is the best time for our actions to bear fruit.

God has given us many lessons if we study the earth He has created. Fruits that are most prised take the longest time to reach to maturity as a rule. Just think of your favourite fruit. One of mine is a nice juicy mango. It takes time to grow a mango tree from a seed and then into a tree. The fruit isn’t on the tree all year around. You have to wait for the right season. One Mango is so expensive where I live. I don’t always get them every year. I have a low budget to work with.

The more gloriously God is working through you, will be seen at the right hour. Don’t fret if you can’t see much progress, because if your heart is in the right place (being genuinely hungry for God) and you keep at it, praying for God’s will to be accomplish in you, for His glory and not for your own it will happen at the right hour.

Sometimes you experience something very powerfully supernaturally and don’t understand it at the time. Then God opens your eyes at the right hour and has it explained to you. It may take many years before you do understand it. One experience I had early in my twenties, I wanted to become a nun. I was being interviewed and the Mother of Superior walked in. You could see she was so holy. I don’t think I have ever met somebody so holy in my life. I believe she was a contemplative. The presence of God was so strong in her. I knew she was a saint, she was so holy. The thing that totally confused me was she was so full of the presence of God, but on the outside around her, I felt a presence so dirty. If I could smell, it would have stunk. The complete contrast totally confused me. What I believe God was showing me was the contrast of her sins and the washing away with the Holy Blood of Jesus. It was God’s doing that the presence of God was so strong in her not hers. She obviously surrendered her life completely to God. It didn’t mean she never sinned, but she belonged to God and this was His reward for her for doing so. And that reward is for us too.

The Smaller You Are the Greater God Will Use You.

We are called to do something. The more courage you have the more you will accomplish, because it takes courage to serve God. I remember when I was a teenager I would go to a church Youth meeting and our teacher would ask a question and everybody just looked at one another, because they were too scared to speak up. I remember this particular day I could see the teacher was feeling uncomfortable, because nobody, doesn’t matter how hard he tried, would say anything. I was angry back then, because I felt sorry for the teacher. I use to be often the first person to speak up in a group situation, because nobody else would. I know now God was teaching me something very important back then. Instead of being angry with my peers I should have rejoiced that God would chose me to break the ice. You see I was angry at the others, because they did not have the very serious handicap that I had of a shyness that was so severe you couldn’t describe it. I couldn’t communicate very well because the shyness was agonising. I could see them talking to one another with ease and having so much fun communicating with each other. I told God that it was unfair that I was always the one that had to break the ice and I was the one that needed the most courage to do it.

God Wants to Use You

Now what I have noticed time and time again as with so many other Christians have also noticed this.  It is no accident. When God wants to use somebody in a powerful way He usually choses the weakest. So that people can see it is Him working through that person, not the person. I have heard people say ‘the greatest qualification for God to use you, is that you don’t have any qualification. If you do people would give you the credit instead of God.

1 Corinthians 1: 27-29

But God chose the ignorant of the world, so that He would put the wise to shame, and God chose the weak ones of the world, so that He would shame the strong, and God chose the lowly of the world, even those who were despised, even the things that were nothing, so that He would make ineffective the things that were, thus no flesh could boast before God.

isSA7LX265This reminds me of two saints that their example have really influenced my walk with the Lord. One is Saint Francis of Assis, who happens to be my Patron Saint by the way. One of his friars ask him to test Saint Francis of his humility, ‘why is everybody following you.’ Saint Francis stopped and must have asked that same question to God, because he turned and smiled, I think to Brother Leo and said because I am the vilest person Jesus could find. The other saint Sr. Josefa was told by Jesus I chose you not because you are good, but because you are the weakest of all. I do find in my life where I am weakest God will use me for His Glory. There is a prayer I say most days I got it from Sr. Josefa. She was told to say it. “May Your Will triumph over me. May Your love consume me and may my misery glorify You.

A Important Lesson Learnt

isH87QAJS3When I first said this prayer with all my heart Jesus draw my attention to ‘may my misery glorify you.’ I knew clearly what He meant. I don’t know what my greatest fault is, but pride unfortunately is high on the list. I never use to like people knowing how sinful I was, so I never confessed them. Basically I was told if I wanted that prayer to be answered I had to learn to be humble enough and start confessing them. That is why I tend to confess my sins in my articles, to prove to God I want Him doesn’t matter how much it is going to costs me.

So don’t be surprise if God is calling you to do something that you have difficulties with. The greater the weakness the more He will use you in that area if you allow Him.  And everybody will know that you have been truly blessed by God, which gives God great honour and glory. Many souls will be saved by your witness as a result. You may have a hidden ministry that only God knows about or a public one. Neither are greater than the other. Both the hidden and the public ministry are both extremely important. Look at the life of Jesus most of his life, thirty years was hidden and only three years He lived the public life.



God Remembers Things You Have Long Forgotten

isO5HO9OA7How many times you have notice that you have to eat your own words? For example you may have judged somebody and said ‘I would never do that!’ Maybe a few years down the track and you are now in a similar situation finding out the person you judged, handle the situation better than you are now doing. God is really good at that!!!!

I have a few incredible memories given to me be by God. (Because I asked Him if I could have some babies memories and He gave about four.) This specific memory I want to share with you, I would have been about three months old I would say, but am not really sure. A long story short I was in my mother’s arms at the back of the line of all the other mothers and their babies. At the top of the line there was a very big black curtain and I noticed every time a mother carried her baby who went behind the curtain there was so an almighty scream let out by the child. I didn’t know what was going on, but we were all going to have our first injection for polio or whatever. I can remember very clearly, knowing God full well would not be happy with me, but I vowed to myself I am not going to give them the pleasure of seeing me cry. And I didn’t either. The problem that followed with that proud attitude, decades after I couldn’t cry, that much. And when I did even in the privacy of my bedroom I would be very embarrassed with myself if I did cry. How’s that for pride. I never knew what to do with people who wanted to cry on my shoulders either. Why I am bringing this up, is because God has been slowly but surely over a period of two years preparing me for the gift of tears.

Gifts Highly Valued in The Middle Ages

In the middle ages this gift was highly valued, which I will explain about it in a moment. The other gift greatly sought out blessing from God, was some saints were so privilege that Mary would appear to them and placed the baby Jesus into their arms. Not in spirit, but in the flesh. Some people might see Jesus as a toddler as well. Time means nothing to God. He can appear anyway He chooses.

Now the gift of tears comes with it healing and purification that is what I am witnessing at the moment. You will be reading something or even singing praises to God and a word may go so deep into your heart. It is much deeper than normal and in your heart love swells up so great that you cry for joy or sorrow (of what Jesus went through for you as an example). You seem to have a greater understanding of the word that has entered into your heart. It is incredibly deep and I don’t know for sure, but I believe they are tears coming from a supernatural place maybe even heaven. At one time I asked myself in my mind are these tears are my own or is it God crying through me? I still would like to know the answer to that one, because it is so deep. There is so much healing going to take place in heaven. I think maybe we have cried so much on the inside, we don’t even know how many tears are there waiting to be released. God will wipe every tear from our eyes when we get to heaven, it is a promised from God.

You see I think it is very funny that God would give me this gift, because it can happen any time or any place. I don’t mind crying alone now, but I still hate crying in public. This gift for me is so wonderful and also humiliating. I still have to die to myself in this area and many more areas also. And I know God is very busy getting His children ready for those who are willing to go all the way with Him.

Matthew 5:10-12

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for there is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Gifts don’t come cheap be warned. Receiving God’s love alone is worth every pain and suffering you receive, because God will always out do you in generosity. And please don’t be so quick to judge those that the media are targeting. I don’t know what is going on in your country, but in mine they seem to be looking for anything at all to bring a Christian down.

None of Us Really Understand God that Well

is(1)I believe this is the time in history to start praying for all kinds of spiritual favours and you will more likely to receive them than in any other time of history so far. I am hearing more and more reports of what heaven is like from those who have been blessed enough to go there. I am personally being revealed more and more about the true character of God as times goes on. I certainly don’t believe I am the only one, just look around and you will find out quick smart what God is doing with His people. God is pouring His Spirit to those who will humble themselves and repent of all their sins and acknowledge Jesus is the Lord and the only way, the door to enter heaven, nobody else.  

We are all called to do our bit too. Everything does have a price. Even things given freely such as the ability to hear and see etc. We have the responsibility to take care of them. And when you think the Holy Bible itself cost Jesus His blood, so that it has power. He had to fulfill the prophecies. Some people only come for the gifts, but will not give anything back that cost much. We all have had some friends at some time or other in our lives like that. We felt like we did all the giving and they did all the taking. That is not true friendship. The same principals works that way with our relationships with God. We too have to give back all that is asked of us, it is only fair after all that He has given us.  

If we Love God

If we really love God our interest would be the same as His. We know He grieves so much for His lost children and if we really truly love Him we would be grieving over them too. Because we know where they will end up if they don’t come to accept Christ as their Lord and saviour. We are only little babies compared to our big brother Jesus, so we will not be able to suffer for souls as courageously as He did. But we still are asked to give our all and sometimes that means suffering for His cause, which is always to save souls. We all go about it differently, but that is the beauty of it all. 

Now I have got off the subject as usual. I want to share with you an experience I had with Jesus. I want everybody know that God has a most beautiful and tender sense of humour. Full of love. And I want to give you an example of it that just happened recently. I have been talking to God a lot about all the things I want to do when I go to heaven. And one of the things I want to do, is climb trees with my cats. Since climbing trees and all other things will no longer be a problem there. Our bodies being in perfect health and so on. I have very fond memories of my sister and me climbing my grandmother’s mulberry tree. We would be there for ages and ages picking mulberries and eating them to our hearts content. Well one day when I said to Jesus I am going to climb trees with my cats. A thought came to me, (it is a sign to me now that God has put it there) ‘would Jesus climb trees with me and my cats.’ And I saw Jesus in spirit. Just His eyes really. And they had that real look of pleasure and joy because I was wanting in my heart to invite Him to climb trees with us. His eyes were shining with beautiful pleasure as if saying to me, ‘you really can’t believe enough in Me that I love you so much that I would gladly climb trees with you.’ 

We Really Don’t Know God that Well

We really don’t know our God that well. We think His love for us is always ‘so proper and formal.’ We don’t understand He made the hearts of children, because they reflect a little of His nature. We have many sides to our nature and that is so true with God. We are made in His image. He is of course so superior and pure that we do have no understanding of it. But we will have a better understanding of it when we are in heaven and I think our regret would be ‘if I only knew how much He loved me I would  have done so much more.’ 

John 16:13

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.”

 John 8:31-32

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him,  “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Be Free to be Different

How little we know of the real true character of God. I love listening to peoples testimonies of their experience of The Holy Trinity so much. To learn from other people’s encounters of God that I would otherwise would have never learnt means a lot to me. And I hope when I share my experiences it also gives people hope and joy too. I have just learnt something new about The Holy Spirit that I didn’t know anything at all about and am now so happy that I do. I have just found this out by a person I trust on YouTube. I always had difficulties talking to the Holy Spirit directly, because I use to think of Him as only a spirit. Like love isn’t an emotion, or a mental thing, or a will thing, it is the Spirit of God. So I didn’t feel comfortable talking to a Spirit. I have found out now He is a person, and has a body. The Holy Trinity of God is three person as we all know, but one God. You know sometimes it takes time to connect all the dots. I believe there is an eternity of dots we will be connecting in heaven and it is going to be so much fun.

Knowing Who The Holy Spirit is Makes A Big Difference

When I found this out, I now find I can talk to Him so easily. Another thing I have learnt about Him, in heaven He is called the Drummer King. The Holy Spirit loves the arts and He is a real gentleman with blond hair and blue eyes. If we are free and let God teach us things where we would not normally go, it is going to be so exciting. Because God is exciting to those who know Him. You have to test every spirit to find out if it is God or not and I also would go one step further and say you should also test your own spirit where it is coming from. If you are narrow minded for example you become unteachable, if you are gullible and believe in only what pleases you, you will be deceived by the devil sooner or later. So you must pray always.

Both my parents were strongly influenced by the Victorian times. The Victorian era is not that far away from us and I believe there is still some of it, carried onto this generation. Expressed completely differently, but it is still present. In the Victorian era if you didn’t abide by the rules you were kicked out of polite society. Conformity is still very much a part of our society. The difference is our society expects us to conform to the rough and ugly and ridiculous instead of the stuffy man made rules of how they expect their generation to serve God.

God is CreativeisZJPOFTZO

God is so creative and He wants us to be creative how we serve Him. If routine bores us it could be because it bores God. We are made in His image. There are season for everything. There are important times when we have to work so hard and fulfil all our duties and then there are seasons when God want us to relax with Him and play with Him. If we work all the time for God, but don’t ever relax we lose the playful childlike spirit that God created us with. Remember Jesus had told His disciples while holding a child in His arms ‘such is the kingdom of heaven’. He wants us to be childlike. There is a difference to be childlike and childish. To be childlike you are free to express the real you, which brings out happiness and joy, trust, love, faith and so on. Being childish, we see that everywhere. You don’t have to be a child to be childish. There are plenty of selfish, immature adults around demanding to have their way all the time, and when they don’t get it they explode into a fury of temper.

There are many times God wants you to think outside of the box. God Himself does it all the time. I watched a YouTube show and God told this lady to dye her hair pink. At first it came as a complete surprise to her and she asked God would it be all right to dye her hair pink after her daughter’s wedding, because her daughter’s future in laws already think she is strange. God allowed her to do so. Since she has dyed her hair pink people come to her and start talking to her about her pink hair. She has a natural way with people and it gives her the opportunity to talk about her encounters with God. People get saved. 

God does not think like the Victorian era or the rebellious generation we belong to either. God doesn’t mind ‘different’. It is immoral God detest. So before we judge another, let’s ask ourselves is it immoral or is it just something outside of ‘my’ box.

Proverbs 11:1

A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight.

Proverbs 11:30

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and whoever captures souls is wise.

To do evil to save souls is a common blind spot to many, believe it or not. Music for example can lead you to God. God’s music makes you happy in a pure way. Some people use the wrong kind of music to get the young people to church. If you listen carefully and ask God to give you discernment you can tell the difference. God’s music will heal and lift your soul up to praise Him, not the musicians. Satan’s music isn’t pure. It can be sometimes just noise and it always leads you to the world and its values. Standards are always dropped in favour of the desires of the flesh. Be free to be different, but always check it out with God first. God does gives us signs, but we have to also ask to recognise those signs when He gives them to us.




James 1:12

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.

Many Christians are taught to follow Jesus your life will be good to you. That you won’t have any major tragedies to contend with. They are lying of course. We are in a sinful world. The world favours the sinful, not the honest. God brings great glory to His children that are prepared to pick up their cross and follow Jesus. To follow Jesus with your cross will lead you to Calvary of sorts. It will never be as hard as what Jesus had to face for our sins, but it is going to test your faith and trust in Him. People will long for their crosses to end, but the faithful will keep going. That is where and when God will see who really belong to Him. You need to pray, pray and keep on praying to be faithful in these trials. You can’t do it alone. is(15)

Rewards and Suffering For God go together

When I look back at my life I can see that in my early twenties I received many great favours from God. Some might be even jealous because they don’t understand if God gives you favours it is usually during and or at the end of great trials endured faithfully for God. The problem with human nature we have this strong tendencies to want something for nothing. We want to do everything without effort and have great results. In other words we all would like to travel by the wide and easy path that Jesus warns that leads to hell. Only the Remanent Church is going to stick to the straight and narrow road that leads to eternal life. And the only way to travel on the straight and narrow road is going to be so hard, that you have to pray without ceasing. Jesus tells us to prayer for perseverance. You also will have to make sure you have a real loving relationship with God. Meaning you really can talk to Him as loving Child of His. It may take practise but it is sure worth it.

Many and many Christians in this time in history are receiving great favours from God. I am positive most of them know what it is like to be tested beyond their natural abilities to endure. They survived it for a number of reasons. One they didn’t let go of hope in Jesus’s love for them. Hope is so very important and I believe I have only heard two or maybe three sermons talking about the importance of hope in my life.  The second and third reason is they put their faith and trust in what they couldn’t see with their physical eyes but put their trust and faith and hope in the promises of Our Lord. If you don’t really love God you are not going to put any real effort in being true and faithful to Him. As we all know love can turn to hate and therefore praying for all the graces you are going to need to remain faithful throughout your trials cannot be expressed strong enough. It is so vital for your survival as a Christian. You can’t do it on your own. You need other good Christian friends, community, and family to support you through it. If you don’t have any, I once again cannot stress the importance to ask the saints to pray on your behalf constantly, as well as talking to God to give you the support you need.

Nobody is Really Alone

You are not alone in truth, but can you see that? If you think you are on your own you may become so depressed of your situation that you give up. All I am really saying here is that nobody should look at themselves as an island that stands alone. We all have gifts to use to help one another to stand by one another. We are called not only to pray for ourselves and love ones but for all Christians to persevere to the end and finish the race.

The bigger and the more intense and long the suffering is, often will determine how great are the spiritual rewards you will receive on earth as well as in heaven. Some people however may not see their earthly rewards until they are in heaven. I think personally they have the greatest rewards coming. An example of this a Catholic priest told me his favourite saint was somebody I can’t remember his name, but was on an island for a very long time and in all that time he may only converted two people to Christianity. Then one day some people came to the island and martyr him for his faith. The people who lived on the island witness his death that he was willing to die for Jesus and then they all converted to Christ.

is(10)Just a quick mention here for those who don’t know, Catholics are very much dived at the moment and the division will grow stronger, because Satan of course is doing everything in his power to destroy all God’s churches, big and small. So keep your eyes open for wolves in sheep’s clothing. There are many out there. After all we are in the end of the end days and it has been prophesied to us in the bible and in many other ways as well. ‘By their fruits you shall know them’ is what Jesus has told us. If they truly belong to God they will be willing to suffer for the truth doesn’t matter what the cost is and of course they will obey God on His terms not their own. You have to ask the question are they serving God out of love for God or doing it for praise or is there another engender behind it. Are they getting something out of it for their own selfish goals? If somebody really belongs to God, they are going to resemble Jesus, some more than others. If we belong to Him we are going to speak, look and act like Jesus. The more we are like Jesus the greater the love in our hearts is felt for Him.

Matthew 10:38-39

“Whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

John 14:15

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”–