God Does Speak to You

Once I was going through a hard time in practising intercession prayers. In those days I had the gift to pray at least three hours straight without a stop. I don’t have that gift now. The thing is, if I felt good, I would pray and at other times if I felt bad or doubting my prayers were worth anything, I wouldn’t pray. And one day my friend and I were talking about my prayer life, the Holy Spirit was on her and she said to me ‘sometimes you are listening to God and sometimes you are not.’ She didn’t tell me when I was listening to Him and when I wasn’t. It was not God’s will at the time for her tell to me. It left me asking, am I supposed to pray or should I not? I was suffering from depression at the time and your thoughts on simple things can be very confusing to work out. Of course looking back I know the answer, which was to pray whether you feel like it or not. Sometimes I think God does these things so that you will turn to Him and pray for gifts like discernment, which unfortunately I didn’t do. He wants you to grow spiritually and because of our laziness we need challenges to get us out of our comfort zones. Why I have brought this example up is show you God is always talking to us, most of us just can’t recognize Him when He does.

God Wants us to Be Kind to One Another

Another example the town I grew up in was once a big country town where everybody was related somewhere along the line. I have moved from that place about twenty five years ago and have never gone back. Unfortunately I was told it has now sky scrapers it has grown so much. When I was a child going to and throw from school every day I would always say hello to the older folk, because I didn’t know for sure if they were related to me or not. And I didn’t want the word go back to my parents that I didn’t say hello to a relative. Things changed when I became an adult, I never said hello to anybody, but those whom I knew. One day, as God seems to love doing this, I was minding my own business, I could see an elderly women coming down along the footpath, by herself and I had such a strong urge in me to say hello to her. I couldn’t understand it, it came out of nowhere and it was overwhelming strong. I was extremely shy and phobic socially, but despite of all of that I just had to say hello to her. When I did it, I was so shy about it, and she shyly said hello back. I don’t know what it was all about except to say we both needed it. I believe it made my day just as much as it made hers.

God Gives Us Warnings isWNUVGOVL

What about the times when you get alarm bells ringing saying get out!! Get out!! Get out!! And you look around and you ask yourself ‘what is this all about I am safe here, nothing bad is going to happen to me.’ Listening to your mind on those occasions are not a wise thing to do. The Holy Spirit is shouting at you to get out. What about the times when we were children, I am thinking more of women here, but I know sometimes boys too are very much a victim of this sort of thing as well. When I was little, the voice of the Lord even though not audible was shouting out in Spirit to get away from that person or some other person, He would be shouting for me to run. And I would look at the person and think he is alright, he is a nice man, but the Spirit of God is still shouting at me to run. How many of us have had that experience. I can look back now and know exactly what was going on, but in my innocence I judge the situation by its outward appearances, I was blessed that I did listen to Him, but I know of another who did not.

Another time I was talking to a very young mother and I felt drawn to tell her that I was told that when your children are very quiet that is the time to start looking for them, because they are usually up to some serious kind of mischief. A little time later I met her again and she had a young child from 18month old to two years old, I can’t really remember the age of the child that well. One day she said everything went very quiet in her apartment and she remembered me saying that, so she went looking for her, and found her child climbing over a balcony of a two story building. And she grabbed her in time from falling.

What about the times when somebody says something to you and you think no that’s not right, but you don’t want to be bothered to tell them, because you don’t want an argument on your hands. I remember a young man was telling me when you are riding a bike and are overtaking somebody and another car is coming straight at you the safest thing to do is to jump of your bike, because you will have a better chance of surviving that way. I felt the urge to tell him ‘no it be more dangerous to do that.’ But I said nothing. Sometime later I heard he died doing that.

God Wants Us to Pray for One Another

Another time you think to pray for somebody and in my case a very special powerful prayer with promises attached to it from the Lord Himself was given to a holy saint for the dying. (I think centuries ago.) This prayer came to my mind to say it for a certain person. I say this prayer often for anybody that God puts into my mind. They may not be dying, but I offer it up for when that time comes. Well one day I was thinking of a famous singer and the thought came to me to offer that prayer up for him and I said to myself I will do it later. The day went past and I was busy and I didn’t get around to doing it. I found out this particular singer did die on that day. I didn’t know at the time that it was God, who put that thought into my head, but now I do know. That is why I am writing this so that you will know. Others do know this of course, so naturally I not writing it for their sakes, but for those who need to know. A year or two later I am looking at a YouTube show on somebodies experience of visiting hell and this person saw some of the famous people there.

I was so upset to find this singer there also and wondered if my prayer would have saved him. As a Catholic I would believe if it did, he would most probably, only God knows for sure, would have been saved from hell, but he might have had to still had to go to purgatory first before going to heaven, because he was deeply in sin.  Another way of saying it, depending how deeply the repentance was would determine whether he would be allowed to go straight to heaven or not. Look at Matthew chapter 18 verse 23- 35 in your bibles and see what you make out of it. And take particular look at the verse 34. He does get out! In hell you never get out!

Matthew 18: 34…In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.

Catholics believe your sins are always forgiven if you turn to Jesus to forgive them. Wiping you totally clean is another matter. It depends entirely on how deeply you have repented of all your sins and your desire not to repeat them again. If you are deeply and truly with all your heart sorry for your sins then you are completely free of them. Even if the sin is repeated, but if you sorry but not enough to wilfully stop doing it again, chances are you are still in debt. You are forgiven to the degree that you are sorry for your sins. We go to purgatory to be purified, so that we are made worthy to go to heaven. God will not accept anything less than perfection in heaven. It is still through the merits of Jesus crucifixion that saves you. St. John of the Cross speaks about those who live holy lives that our death will do the finally purification, so that they will go straight to heaven thanks to the sacrifice Jesus made for us to be saved. But say you are holding something back from God. You haven’t given Him your all, then there is still some work to be done to you. Purgatory in my opinion is a very merciful thing. If you are not perfect doesn’t matter how good you are you are not worthy to go to heaven. God has found a way to get you there for those who are not perfect enough, but still love God enough to be called His child. (I won’t go into the matter of purgatory further, because that is a completely different topic.)

We Need to Ask God to Help Us Recognise Him

Getting back onto the original subject. You can see where I am getting at though can’t you? You think these things that pop up in your head is just you, sometimes it is, but not all the time. God does put things into your head and so does the enemy. So you do need to ask God to give you discernment and be willing to act promptly when God speaks to you. Not only does God put things into your head, you sometimes just feel things in your spirit that God is talking to you that way too. I should imagine there are countless of ways God communicates to His children. I am now starting to ask God to give me the ability to hear His voice and the voice of heaven and recognised Him when He is speaking to me in all manners not just the ones that I am familiar with. I am asking Him once I hear Him, I act promptly and obey Him. I am also asking this because God has given me a different lifestyle and I need to know what God wants me to do day by day. Once my life was routine, I knew what I was to do each day. Now I have to ask God to know what His priorities are, because I am finding out what I think is the most important thing to do, God has other ideas.

If my beliefs are confusing to people, God has given me a lifetime of a lifestyle with so much Protestant, Catholic influence I have become a cross between the two. Because really and truly both Protestants and Catholic have a lot to give one another if they would only listen to what God has to teach both. We are constantly learning about what new things God wants us to learn, it will never stop, because God is eternally.

Proverbs 3:5-6…Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

What to Look Out for

Have you ever notice how with good people, say who are trying to make an honest living by starting their own business and not only does it fail, while other people who are not in alignment with God prospers so well. They find this is also happening in many other areas of their lives too. I have always wondered about things like that. I trusted God still, I just thought I will just offer all my misfortune up for souls and know that I will rewarded one day in heaven. And I still believe that, but now I am realising that much disappointments that happens to us that would honour God, is not God’s doing at all. We live and we learn. Of course there others if I only had a chance to know them, would have told me that. Some people don’t have the luxury of such friends or a church that is educated in those areas either.

I have always had great problems with communicating with others. Thanks to being always extremely shy when I was young and all my breakdowns and social phobias, I didn’t have much of a chance to learn how to communicate with others. And when I tried most of the time I was rejected any way. So in the end you tend to not bother. And yet it is very clear in the bible to love one another as Christ loves you. Well I started complaining to God yesterday about it. Why do some people can love others so easily and with others it doesn’t matter how hard they try, it is always an uphill battle with them? God has been teaching me so much during this week, I am amazed.

God Has Position Us

The lesson He has taught me yesterday and I know there are plenty people out there that could of pointed me in the right direction. I feel I have been put in this situation for a reason. So that I have to learn it for myself without outside help, except under God’s supervision. I believe to teach others who are in a similar boat. And I do believe there are a lot of us out there. I have discovered so much about myself and my relationship with God, believe it or not since I have been practising self-deliverance. God has shown me one day how heavily cursed I am by other people and of course I have been cursing myself without realising it. I believe so many people are having the same problem and like me they didn’t or still yet don’t know about it. Curses is an ugly word and many churches are only preaching the nice things. That is not helping us at all, we do need to know all that is beautiful about our faith, but we also need to know how to win the spiritual battle that we are all facing.

I don’t know what ministers and priest are learning when they are getting train to become one, but I feel there is a lot they are not being taught that is necessary for all of us. I believing in experimenting with God. You learn a lot about Him and yourself that way too. Like imaging yourself cuddling up in His arms at night when you can’t sleep and it is especially helpful to me when I have times that I am fearful and don’t know why? Sometimes God lets me feel His love for me in a small way, but it is very real when He does. I would not experience that if I didn’t give it ago. So I would encourage you to try things out that you would do to a person that you love. Imaging yourself been cuddled by Him, kiss by Him, looking into one another’s eyes or just being together or doing things together. You might have a better imagination than I have. A good imagination used properly really can help out with your relationship with God.

You Will be Surprise What You can Cast Out In Jesus’s Name is(7)

Yesterday I decided I would in the powerful Name of Jesus cast out the evil spirits that are responsible for my social problems. To my surprise, it worked. So many demons and big one’s came out. I am not saying all the demons that deals with social problems went. And I am not saying that I won’t have to cast them out again throughout my life. Simply because in this world you can guarantee there will be plenty of times more cursers will come my way to attack me to prevent me from having the confidence or the encouragement to communicate to people. Remember Satan is prowling about to devour anybody he can. Cursing is a very serious matter and it is crippling people in God’s kingdom from doing what we are called to do. We need to learn how to do self-deliverance and churches should be very active in teaching their congregation how to. Because the problem is so great that we can’t rely on a few people who can cast demons out for us. Another thing when demons are cast out, many times I don’t notice any difference in my life straight away, but sometimes later I find I don’t have so many problems in that particular area. And yet other time I see an instant result, because of it. Also try casting out doubt and disbelief, you will be surprise how many of those demons come out in the name of Jesus.  Remember I am talking to born again Christians. If you are not born again, the chances are you need to be, before you can start casting out demons in Jesus’s name. You need to give your life up to Jesus and then you will be under His protection.

2 Thessalonians 3:3.. But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.


Sometimes there are Things We Should Pray About, but We Don’t think to Do it.

isIV8I3B4VSomebody I have known for a while. Her father had not long past away. He was not a believer and the rest of her family are not. She prayed over her father’s death and her prayers were answered. One day she was talking to me about it and then said, ‘I hope somebody prays for me when I die. That I will die in Our Lords peace’. I said to her, ‘why don’t you start praying now about your own death in preparation for when it comes? And she looked at me shocked, and then I became shocked that this was a new thought for her.

When I say the Rosary; each Hail Mary at the end we say, ‘pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death’. So praying for my death is something I do each day. This is just an example. Everything that concerns us we must remember, because of God’s great eternal love for us, it also concerns God. Even looking for a pen that you have misplaced is of concern for God. He cares about us. God wants you not to make a move without Him. To be completely dependent on Him, gives Him great joy.

Moving House

I use to live with my mother for many years. My mother and I have both had breakdowns and so we were feeling very helpless when we were in the middle of moving house by ourselves. The furniture was taken care of, but the problems was how are we going to get all our animals and a few other things there as well? I beg God to help us. I said to Him that we are like babes in the woods. To my greatest surprise yet, God the Father made His Presence Felt. I know many people will have difficulty in believing this. Even though God is to be feared, because He is so powerful. And no one in their right mind would want to cross God if they only knew His Sovereignty is absolute and exceedingly powerful. And of course words can’t describe God, He is just too big for us to imagine.

Of all things He came to me as a very vulnerable baby. Now God could of come to me as the All Mighty God if had chosen. I have experience Him big and powerful before. The thing is God has many sides to His nature. And yes He is so vulnerable. His feelings towards us is so tender, that He is extremely easily hurt by us when we don’t respond to His unimaginable love for each and every one of us. Not one of us has any idea how vulnerable Our Great Almighty God really is.

The next big surprise came to me, He showed me and I felt His feelings towards me also, of His Great and overwhelming honour He had towards me, because I asked Him for His help. I was stunned and then I said partly to myself and to Him, ‘who else can I turn to, You are God, there is no other I can turn to’. It reminded me of what Saint Peter said.

John 6: 68-69…Simon Peter answered him,”Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and to know that you are the Holy One of God.

Saint Peter was experiencing something completely different from what I was, but the answer is the same. Who can we turn to but You; there is no one higher!!!

God is Full of Surprises

God is full of surprises. And they are beautiful surprises that makes you love Him more. I can’t wait to finish this race. And I do pray every day that I will make it and not just me. I am always praying for us to make it. Because the enemy of our souls, will try to break us and do his best to destroy our love and faith in God. By keeping our attention on our troubles and not on God who can solve them. Fear and Pride I believe are his most powerful weapons. If it takes a miracle that is not an issue with God. God is a God of miracles. There is no miracle God can’t handle. But we must keep our eyes on Him all the time, especially during hardships, and pray without ceasing. And you must trust Him. God sees all, the whole picture. We only see such a tiny little portion and we act as if we know what to do, because we really think we see the whole picture. God’s ways are not our ways to. He is incredibly smarter than we are.

Many people make the mistake of blaming God for what Satan has done. People forget we have all been given a free will and it comes with responsibilities that we have to face sooner or later. We should love one another and back one another up by talking to each other in an uplifting manner. If we just see all the bad stuff then it leads to despair and that is not how you handle life issues, if you put your trust in Our Lord Jesus. If we read all the promises of the bible that lift you up and if you do things like that God will not let go of you. Ask for wisdom and discernment they are great and handy tools to have in every circumstances. I was once enlightened by God’s Holy Spirit that if we lose the fear of death the devil has no power over us. If you are truly sold out to God, you will trust Him completely and know He is with us in every situation. With God we can do all things. He has the power to make it so.

John 6: 38-39…For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last days.’