Inviting Saints and Angles to Dwell in your Home

isWNUVGOVLI have read a book many years ago of messages that came from Our Lady through a woman they called Little Mary. And one of the things that impressed me, was that Our Lady told us to invite Saints of God to dwell in our homes to protect us from our enemies. I have been practising this ever since I have read it. I also ask angels to dwell in my home to bless and protect me and all my possession and animals and I feel led now days to ask them also to protect my plants. We have many more enemies than we realised. There are so many people who are into magic and targeting Christians that we need to deliberately ask for daily protection from all curses and assaults from the devil and his followers. I am not being silly here, it is important to protect yourself from all evil. It isn’t just a matter of naming your favourite saints to dwell in your homes and then forgetting about it. You have to really believe and bless them and be grateful for their assistance, otherwise it only ends up being a superstition.

Have you notice you can walk into a home and feel in the atmosphere hostility, maybe severe tiredness or the opposite like cheerfulness, peace, love and etc. I believe you do leave a presence behind.  And if your home is filled with the saints and angels you do feel their presences unconsciously or not. You won’t be completely trouble free, but I believe every bit helps.

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