Times are serious


isW102ZQ1LHow many times do we stop and look at our lives through the eyes of Jesus? How many times do we complain to Him when things aren’t going well for us? How many times we forget we are in a middle of a most serious spiritual war. An enemy Satan, so dangerous, who wants to rob us of our souls and that of all the people we hold dear to us and the rest of humanity.  There are more important things at stake than our jobs, possessions and even our health. Time is short and we will be soon be made accountable for all our deeds and attitudes to one another and to towards our God who made heaven and earth. The ways God is set out for us in the Holy Bible.

We Need Balance

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, only the beginning! There is a whole lot more wisdom to come and most of it is so beautiful it is worth dying for. There are two sides to God, one of Justice and the other of Mercy. Humans always go to one extreme to the other. So we have to be very careful to walk in the middle. If we walk in the middle we won’t fear God to the point we don’t believe God is capable of forgiving us. If we see God only as mercy we will be tempted to take the easy way out, because we think to ourselves ‘all we have to say to God is I am sorry and it will be the end of the matter,’ which of course there is more to it than that. To be really sorry you will not want to sin against God at all. I am referring to people who only use God. They say sorry but do not really mean it. When somebody says sorry to us and we know they don’t mean it, we are really hurt how much more is God?

We all love good times and wish it would never end, but it does on this earth. There are seasons to cry and to laugh. We have to be mature enough to realise this, if we want to win the war of our salvation. We have to stay focus on Jesus the whole time. How many are more focus on their jobs or their looks etc. We got to get back to basics. Or we will not be strong enough to stand when Satan has so much power on this earth, because of people who obey him rather than God. If we do as God tells us we will survive anything and everything that come to harm us. It will turn around at the right hour and create so much glory for all God’s saints. We are all suffering for a reason. And that reason is sin, whether it is our sin or somebody else’s’ or both. Sin has destroyed this beautiful planet God has made for us to enjoy. Too many people have listen to greed and pride and hate of their fellow man. We have destroyed the very thing God gave us out of His love. Don’t think we are basically good! If it we were true, Jesus wouldn’t had to pay such a high price for our redemption.

Self-Righteous is a Sickness

Being self-righteous is a very common sickness amongst all us. We have to learn to admit when we fail or when we have done wrong to one another. God does see what is going on and He does remember, and at the right hour will strike those who haven’t repented. The closer you come to God the more clearly you see yourself. Because God increases the light in you. I now understand why the saints of old would say things like ‘I am the worm of the earth.’ It sounded over the top with me once, but not anymore. I am now seeing myself that way. I see all that is good in me is God’s own doing. It has very little to do with me, except to consent to the will of God and do my best and when the right hour comes He does the rest.

I am bringing this all up, because I am hoping including myself that we will stand by Jesus when the greatest trials of our lives come our way. Wickedness is increasing and through the hands of people who will make our lives so miserable, we might be attempted to attack God for allowing it to happen to us and give way to the enemy of our soul. We are supposed to be soldiers in the army of God, but so few understand this. We have to fight whether it is in God’s army or His enemies. We can’t say ‘no I don’t want to join any army.’ ‘I want to stay clear away from all the fighting that is going on and be safe,’ because it is not going to happen.

isK0M5TO0LThe way to survive is not to forget all that Jesus has gone through, for you. You must remember He did so that you will learn His ways and follow Him and then you will have a beautiful place in heaven for ever. Where there will be no more evil to hurt us, but only love and joy. And it will be so full of exciting surprises that God keeps creating for us to enjoy and no one there ever to rob us of these things. To experience God’s personal love for you for ever is enough. To be a servant of God is such a great honour we wouldn’t complain to God about that role in heaven, but God is planning to up our status in heaven far more than just a servant. God is so in love with us He wants us to be equal heirs with His only begotten Son Jesus Christ the King of kings. And a whole lot more, surely that is worth fighting for.

Let’s Be Grateful to Jesus’ Suffering

We are all called to be co-redeemers. Do you think our suffering for righteousness goes unnoticed by God? No way He has shown me once, when I was suffering so badly that as deep as my pain that I feel in me, God will fill me up with Himself. How deep is God, how big is God, imagine this God we can’t measure filling you up, to the depth of your suffering. How much have you suffered for Him in this life? that is how much God, who is bigger than the universe is going to fill you up. Even the suffering you suffered before you converted, you can offer up to God in union with His Son’s suffering and He will. Do you understand what I am trying to say to you here? God is huge. The universe fits comfortable in the palm of His hand. You can’t even see earth it is that small. How smaller are we? Yet God is going to fill you up with Himself. It is no small reward for suffering a little for Him. What we suffer doesn’t matter how great we think it is, it is only a small pin prick compared to what Jesus did for us. If we truly love Him, we want to give Him some kind of thank you for all that He has done for us, it is only fair.

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