The Love of God

isI2TNE013What is love after all? When many people think of love, they think as they do with everything else. ‘What I can get out of it?’ It is always for most of the population always about ‘me’ and what I want. And many of us confuse it with fascination or even lust. If you love somebody in this world it is going to be truly tested. Even Jesus didn’t get out of it, even though He wouldn’t wish to since He truly did and does loves us eternally. In this world where most people unashamedly seek after their own pleasures regardless of what it will eventually cost them and anybody who goes near them. If you are always looking for the easy way out in all things, you are going to instead find there is no short cuts to love. It is hard work and plenty of sacrifice where you put the other person first. Sometimes it is too heartbreaking for words to describe. There is nothing worse than to love somebody who doesn’t love you back and returns your love and sacrifice with ingratitude. If we think we suffer, try to imagine God’s suffering when most of the human race chooses to serve other gods that they will only receive sorrow from them in the end anyway. While He is so passionate about wanting you to really know Him. Too many of us believe in the lies the devil sends out to all of us. We can’t imagine that God truly tenderly cares about us, because we are always been told by the devil that God can’t really loves somebody of in significate value such as us. It is all lies!! Really and truly.

Deuteronomy 4:29

You will seek the Lord your God and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul.

I am learning more and more about God’s love, especially these last two years. There are many side to God. I had a loving relationship to the Father, and of course it could always be improved on and matured. I looked on Jesus as my Saviour Brother Friend mostly. I had receive visitation of Jesus as my lover too, but now it is even more intimate and exciting. What I am finding out when you put yourself out there and love first so to speak, in other words go the extra mile in expressing your affections for Him. He often will surprisingly show Himself to you in some new way. Unfortunately we don’t always recognise Him when He speaks to us. But I have found most times He will communicate to you when you have forgotten yourself and your heart is really reaching out to God out of love. Then amazing things can happen. I remember reading time and time again in a book called ‘He and i’ that He would say to Gabrielle Bossis to treat Him like a shy person. Which means He wants us to cox Him to talk or show Himself to you. With shy people, being one myself especially when I was very young, only the warm loving kind people would give me the confidence to bring me out of my shell. It can be hard work to win a shy person over. Shy people get rejected a lot. What Jesus says to one person most times it is the same message He is giving for all of us.

We Need to Get More Personal With God

At the moment I am discovering for example that He is a lover not in the intellectually way, but from my heart. And when you do that that makes a big difference in receiving Him. I said to Him after communion that instead of saying a whole lot of formal prayers and then rush off, I will just sit and talk to Him. (I do talk to God all the time, but sometimes more intimately than at other times). Then I started to talk to Him as a lover. I got personal with Him and I meant every word of it. And I said things that you would only say to a person that you were in love with. Like ‘I have been looking all my life for somebody like you to love me like you do, and now I have found it was always You.’ I immediately I got a response from Him. It only lasted a few seconds, but He responded back as a lover too. He was so please that I now consider Him my true lover. And I keep saying to Him things like ‘I didn’t know you loved me like that, is it true a great God like you really truly loves me as a lover does His bride.’ I say it over and over again, because it astounds me to think He really does, that it is not all talk, is one way of putting it. And once again I can sometimes feel His pleasure that I am starting to cotton on to this new area and deeper truth of Him. Our pride stops us experimenting with God like this. We are so use to being rejected we think God is going to. And not only are people of high status in this world very rarely that attainable, we think God must be like that too, but He is not. When we love one another it is only a very small reflection of His Great infinite love for all of us.

Most of us through our own selfishness and those around us causing untold pain that many find it hard to give or to receive love at all, especially even from God. The closer we are and the more we love God and know Him, we see everything around us so differently. The difference between the kingdom of darkness compared to the Kingdom of Light is so enormous. I find myself asking over and over again why we listen to the lies of the devil. He has messed up so many people’s lives and we keep listening to Him. Some even go out of their way and even worship him. But the one true God who is nothing but goodness, love and mercy and so on gets slapped in the face for loving us and showing us the way to true happiness.  Whether we like it all not God is eternally smarter than us, and He does know what brings us happiness and what doesn’t. His commandments were given to us out of His wisdom and love. Unfortunately people think the easy and wide road that most people travel on is going to give them more joy than the straight and narrow road that only a few find. Hard as it is to serve God we get a lot more out of serving God than obeying our selfish nature. People who live for God will also be slapped in the face by doing good deeds. Because most people love the darkness more than the light.

Lamentations 3:22-23

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

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