What to Look Out for

Have you ever notice how with good people, say who are trying to make an honest living by starting their own business and not only does it fail, while other people who are not in alignment with God prospers so well. They find this is also happening in many other areas of their lives too. I have always wondered about things like that. I trusted God still, I just thought I will just offer all my misfortune up for souls and know that I will rewarded one day in heaven. And I still believe that, but now I am realising that much disappointments that happens to us that would honour God, is not God’s doing at all. We live and we learn. Of course there others if I only had a chance to know them, would have told me that. Some people don’t have the luxury of such friends or a church that is educated in those areas either.

I have always had great problems with communicating with others. Thanks to being always extremely shy when I was young and all my breakdowns and social phobias, I didn’t have much of a chance to learn how to communicate with others. And when I tried most of the time I was rejected any way. So in the end you tend to not bother. And yet it is very clear in the bible to love one another as Christ loves you. Well I started complaining to God yesterday about it. Why do some people can love others so easily and with others it doesn’t matter how hard they try, it is always an uphill battle with them? God has been teaching me so much during this week, I am amazed.

God Has Position Us

The lesson He has taught me yesterday and I know there are plenty people out there that could of pointed me in the right direction. I feel I have been put in this situation for a reason. So that I have to learn it for myself without outside help, except under God’s supervision. I believe to teach others who are in a similar boat. And I do believe there are a lot of us out there. I have discovered so much about myself and my relationship with God, believe it or not since I have been practising self-deliverance. God has shown me one day how heavily cursed I am by other people and of course I have been cursing myself without realising it. I believe so many people are having the same problem and like me they didn’t or still yet don’t know about it. Curses is an ugly word and many churches are only preaching the nice things. That is not helping us at all, we do need to know all that is beautiful about our faith, but we also need to know how to win the spiritual battle that we are all facing.

I don’t know what ministers and priest are learning when they are getting train to become one, but I feel there is a lot they are not being taught that is necessary for all of us. I believing in experimenting with God. You learn a lot about Him and yourself that way too. Like imaging yourself cuddling up in His arms at night when you can’t sleep and it is especially helpful to me when I have times that I am fearful and don’t know why? Sometimes God lets me feel His love for me in a small way, but it is very real when He does. I would not experience that if I didn’t give it ago. So I would encourage you to try things out that you would do to a person that you love. Imaging yourself been cuddled by Him, kiss by Him, looking into one another’s eyes or just being together or doing things together. You might have a better imagination than I have. A good imagination used properly really can help out with your relationship with God.

You Will be Surprise What You can Cast Out In Jesus’s Name is(7)

Yesterday I decided I would in the powerful Name of Jesus cast out the evil spirits that are responsible for my social problems. To my surprise, it worked. So many demons and big one’s came out. I am not saying all the demons that deals with social problems went. And I am not saying that I won’t have to cast them out again throughout my life. Simply because in this world you can guarantee there will be plenty of times more cursers will come my way to attack me to prevent me from having the confidence or the encouragement to communicate to people. Remember Satan is prowling about to devour anybody he can. Cursing is a very serious matter and it is crippling people in God’s kingdom from doing what we are called to do. We need to learn how to do self-deliverance and churches should be very active in teaching their congregation how to. Because the problem is so great that we can’t rely on a few people who can cast demons out for us. Another thing when demons are cast out, many times I don’t notice any difference in my life straight away, but sometimes later I find I don’t have so many problems in that particular area. And yet other time I see an instant result, because of it. Also try casting out doubt and disbelief, you will be surprise how many of those demons come out in the name of Jesus.  Remember I am talking to born again Christians. If you are not born again, the chances are you need to be, before you can start casting out demons in Jesus’s name. You need to give your life up to Jesus and then you will be under His protection.

2 Thessalonians 3:3.. But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.


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