Have You Ever Heard of the Crusade Prayers?

isK9K5GSHBA Prophet called Maria Divine Mercy has a site on wordpress and it is very informative. Jesus has told her many things for us to be prepared for the end days and Jesus and Mary have given us important prayers to help us and all people. So I thought I will write a couple of the Crusade Prayers down that you might want to pray for yourself. Her site is called Father of Love And Mercy. The web site address is. Fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/?s=the+warning

?s called be ?5. I can’t read my own hand writing.

Prayer One For the Survival of Christianity

O dear Jesus, we beg You for the skills to survive the trials we now face, as the last True Pope finishes His Mission for You.

Help us to sustain the terrible abuse we will now have to face because of the collapse of the Church, which we once knew.

Never let us deviate from the Truth of Your Divine Word.

Help us to remain silent when the attacks are placed upon our shoulders to entice us to turn our backs on You and the Sacraments you gave the world.

Cover Your Army with the powerful Love we need, like a shield, to protect us against the false prophet and the antichrist.

Help Your Church on earth to spread and multiply, so that they can adhere to the Truth and help you lead our brothers and sisters on the Path of Truth to prepare ourselves, adequately, for Your Second Coming. Amen.

Prayer Two Defend the Word of God

O dear Jesus, protect us from the lies, which offend God.

Protect us from Satan and his army.

Help us love You more.

Sustain us in our battle.

Defend us in our faith.

Lead us to Your refuge of safety.

Help us stand up and defend Your Holy Will.

Strengthen our resolve to be Your true disciples.

Give us courage.

Give us confidence.

Guide us on the path of Truth.

Defend us against the enemy.

Pour Your Graces of Protection over us.

Help us to avoid temptations.

Bring us closer to Your Sacred Heart.

Help us to remain loyal to You, at all times. Amen


You can buy a book on “The Crusade of Prayer” I believe on the site. Mary has asked us to pray for fifteen minutes on any of your choice of Crusade Prayers. They are specially sent to us by God for these days. And of course extremely powerful and people who say them are going be blessed by God.

The Wonderful Gift of Prayer


When God gives us a burden to pray for something or somebody we will feel that our hearts are drawn very heavily with compassion towards somebody or some cause. God gives me different burdens each day for all kinds of things, since saying intercession prayers is my main calling. The main burdens for me are people whose faith is truly been tested beyond measure and they are just barely hanging on in believing in God that He truly cares. I remember one of my prayers was ‘don’t let one Christian martyr be lost to Satan.’ I felt the power of God and His strong and urgent wish to accomplish that prayer. I knew all things were possible to God in that moment. I was so sorry that my faith is no way near as strong as it should be. Because from that experience I realised we can do so much, because God is on our side. The problem is our very small faith needs a lot of work. I also believe if you want more faith you have to just keep asking for more and He will give it. I see Him with so much more affection today than I did eighteen months ago.

I love Him very much more now and so it will be with you if you keep going forward. I have grown and understand more about Him and it will continue to the end of my days. I have been a very slow learner and I asked God one day why with all my visions I am not where I should be, and He told me it was because of my pride. That doesn’t come as a shock to me, because I can see plenty of it and it is something I am praying real hard for God to do something about. I have been promised that He will. It doesn’t mean it is going to come easy, I will have to do my part, but I know the outcome will be that I will learn to overcome it with God’s help. Suffering always humbles you, providing you rely on God to get you through. I remember St. John of the Cross words on the matter and he said the quickest way to learn to be humble is to be humiliated. So it is never easy.

Catholic and Protestant should Listen to One Another

Like I always keep preaching God talks to both the Protestants and Catholics alike. Are we willing to listen to what God is talking to the other churches or will we be stuck up! As a Catholic I don’t see much preaching on the importance of praying in tongues amongst Catholics. Though of course I know there are Catholics out there such as myself that is open enough to hear what Jesus is teaching to the Protestants. When I pray in tongues I am now finding it a very difficult thing to do, because the novelty has worn off. I keep at it because I know that it is what God wants of me. God works through each and every one of us as an individual. So God knows what works most affectedly on one of His children, wouldn’t work so well on another.  Many parents have worked that out by raising their own children, that God has been gracious enough to give them. God is telling you something here. The way Jesus keeps me strong enough to continue with praying in tongues, is that He lets me hear an English word over and over again, the rest I would not understand at all. I like to know what is being said, but with tongues for most of us we do not know, for our own good.

Now when Protestants are willing to listen to what Jesus is saying to the Catholics, one of the prayers He is asking us to do most urgently is ‘The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.’ This prayer shouldn’t be a problem for the Protestants to say, because not one word of Mary is mention, except at the very beginning of the prayer, after the Apostle creed and the Lord’s Prayer. Which I omitted for the sakes of the Protestants. I would love teach the importance of saying the Rosary to them but that is a hard one. With ‘The Chaplet of Divine Mercy’ it would be very useful for you to have rosary beads. The rosary beads act as a counter and when you are saying the same prayer over and over again it helps you to concentrate. Some people mistakenly think that if you say the same prayer over and over again you are guilty of babbling. It really depends. If you are declaring something positive over and over again, the prayer was heard the first time, but the more you say it, the more powerfully you will receive it. For example if you say one Lord’s Prayer that is excellent, the prayer is extremely powerful, but say it many times and see what happens? With these prayers you not only asking for a favour, but you are also praising God and declaring that He is Sovereign.

Matthew 6:7-8

And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

I believe without a doubt, because the Holy Bible is a spiritual book we need the Holy Spirit well and truly to understand it. We judge by human standards and we cannot understand the things of the Spirit in our flesh. I believe most people don’t pray and when they do they should be praying with a very humble heart so that God will give them understanding of what He is actually saying. Jesus when He walked the earth was more times than not misunderstood, because people would interrupt everything He said on a human level of thinking. I am writing this prayer out for those who are interested in saying it and have no other way of receiving it. You can offer it up for anything that you know that God would consent to, which is all things that give Him glory.

On the first and every eleventh prayer you say this prayer;

Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Thy Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

The next ten beads you say;

For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

You do this five times in a row, so when you have finished that you have said ‘For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.’ All told fifty times and the other prayer ten times.

When you finished all that you then say ‘Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal one, have mercy on us and on the whole world.’ Three times.

It is a Very Powerful PrayerisK9K5GSHB

You can offer this prayer up for everything. I have just offer it up this morning that Jesus would be let out of his cage. The urge Jesus is communicating into our hearts, to give Him glory by doing His deeds on earth so that all people can recognised Him in us, will happen very soon I believe. Jesus is a prisoner in our hearts for most people at the moment. But God is freeing more and more people as they turn to Him with faith. So many of us have been so hurt by others it has paralysed us. If we keep praying for Jesus to be set free in us, we will see the fruits of our prayers. We are moving in a new era where we are going to see the kingdom of darkness like never before, but also Jesus Kingdom of Light like never before. And we all know Jesus has already won.

What is going on now, God is looking at who will be faithful to Him as to those who will betray Him. Most will betray Him only to come back to Him, after much trial from those who remain faithful to Him. Remember at the cross, all of Jesus disciples abandon Him except one. St. John stay at the cross with Jesus’s Mother and a few other women. But after the Resurrection the disciples returned and they then bravely spread the Gospel and were willing to die for Him in the end. I personally believe something like that is going to happen again. Jesus saved us through offering His sufferings to God the Father on our behalf and we are to do the same, because we are following Jesus all the way to Calvary and then to the Resurrection and many will be saved because of it. If Jesus didn’t die for us, our sufferings we would not be even be able to save our own soul, never alone save somebody else’s. If we unite our suffering with Jesus it does have redemptive power. This was Our Heavenly Fathers plan. We become another Christ through the precious Cross of Jesus. We become equal heir with Jesus. Talk about generosity.

Live Solely for God

The world thinks back to front from how God thinks and that is sometimes where we go wrong as Christians. The world believes if you are always busy you must be doing something important and therefore you must be important. So a great many Christians think to serve God you must be busy all the time. If we never eat food nor drink water, we die. We all say that is common sense. If somebody was to say that is not true you can live without eating food and drinking water, we would consider them without any doubts, they must be insane. But Many Christians don’t see that is what they are trying to do when serving God. They want to do all these wonderful things without a good holy prayer life. And one of the ingredients for a good holy prayer life, is rest in the Lord. Be still and know the Lord is God. If we slow down to a halt and just spend time looking into God, we will be able to know the will of God and have the means to accomplish it. We starve ourselves of spiritual energy for starters if we don’t rest in our Lord. We have to learn to rely on God’s wisdom and His timing in everything. Much can happen in a moment with God. God can get you to do a great deal in supernatural time. When we rely on ourselves it takes forever to do the same work that somebody who relies on God can do in just a moment. So it is good spiritual investment to spend quiet times with God. You may say I don’t have any time to pray.  Make time! And in many cases after a little while, you will find you can’t afford not to be alone with the Lord. You will receive many blessings that open up to you, because of your quiet times with the Lord.

is(19)Still Your Emotions

One of the greatest secrets of success in the spiritual life with our Lord, is learning to quieten your emotions and desires to be Christ-like emotions and desires. If you do that you will be living in the presence of God. When this is accomplished you will receive the peace and joy of the Lord without fail. You are not always going to be successful, because you are going to get tempered from time to time to listen to the desires of the flesh, which never leads you into holy silence. When we listen to the voice of the world or our own flesh, it will always make you needy and empty. Its desires will never fulfil you and so you try even harder to be fulfil and things actually get worse and then you become even more needy and empty. More you listen to your flesh, the more dissatisfied you become. Even when you get what you so called want. We were all made to be loved and to love all that God has created for us. Above all we were made to be loved and to love God our creator. That is why anything less is never going too satisfied us. Only then will we feel true fulfilment and even like ourselves. The reason we were original created in the first place was to have all the blessing of being a Child of God. We were not made to be slaves to our own lust and passions, nor slaves to serve other people’s lust, passions or their desire of power over us. We were created to live in God’s Kingdom which is nothing like the kingdom of darkness.

In other words silencing your emotions and desires for the things of the world, is to put on the nature of Christ. Instead of choosing anger, choose love, instead of choosing jealousy, choose love, instead of choosing, mockering, choose love, instead of choosing to be right for the sake of being right, choose love, instead of choosing filth, choose love! This is what I mean by silencing your emotions and desires to become Christ-like emotions and desires. When we choose to do evil it never gives us one ounce of peace, but war instead. Not just to others that we are dishing it out towards, but it always come back to us according to the same measure we give it. The same rule also applies to love. If you want love, prepare to give it. The more love you want, give more, especially to God, because God will find a way for you to receive it. Loving self in a good healthy way is a blessing many people don’t know want it feels like. The healthy love that God wants you to love yourself with is so different from the narcissism love people of the world have for themselves. Narcissism loves is so selfish and self-centred it can never be happy or content with anything for very long. If all we think of is ourselves and what we want, we are not open to receive the things true love from others have to offer. Or feel the love God has for us that leads to true happiness, even in cases of martyrdom.

Enduring Suffering

People who are very holy endure suffering differently from people who are not so close to God. If we have a true imitate relationship with God, we can see the fruits of suffering through the eyes of God. God can make even the most horrifying experience work for us, if we rely on Him. When we offer our sufferings with the sufferings of Jesus, it always has redemption power for our own soul and those of lost souls. Believe it all not God wants us to offer up ourselves to suffer voluntary on behalf of His lost children’s according to the level you are capable of. Not that He enjoys seeing us suffer, but He sees the big picture of those souls we bring to Him. By uniting our sufferings with His Son has power unknown to the people of the world. Giving birth to a child is never easy. If you look at it this way, martyrs are not giving birth to just one child, but multitudes. So no wonder why it is so painful.

There is a lot of suffering brought down on God’s children that of course is evil and wrong. We have a choice to let the enemy win or lose. If we mistake God as the enemy by blaming Him for everything that the devil throws at us, as coming from God, we are going to lose. Because we have already fell into Satan’s trap, by believing in his lie. Evil comes from Satan not God. The kingdom of darkness, doesn’t play fair, it is a torturous kingdom where hatred reigns without an ounce of mercy anywhere. When we blame God for what Satan has done, we become no better than those who have been cruel to us. There is no way out of it, all you will see is despair and hopelessness. Then the chances are you will become a child of hatred yourself. If you rightfully see evil coming from the devil and not God, you are already halfway to succeed in becoming what God wants you to be. At least you are not blaming God and hopefully you’ll will then learn to lean on God to fight back. The way God’s children fight back is to love, forgiveness and worship, praise and pray without ceasing and of course quiet times with our Lord so that we can rest in Him and that makes us strong. That doesn’t make sense to those who don’t know the power of love and that God is a faithful God. Evil cause death to a soul. Loves gives life to it.

isBT9KR36YSo you see, the more you love God the more you want to be used by God, which ultimately means you are inviting suffering in your life. In heaven there will be no evil and therefore no sorrow. The rewards for being in God’s army and being prepared to go all the way is obvious, your place in heaven will be much higher and you will bring a great many more souls to God in heaven. Those people who were not prepared to accept the world is an evil place, because of evil people making it so, and so adding to the evil instead of fighting against it will not have a happy ending. Soldiers do get hurt and sometimes killed in battle, it is no different to be a solider in God’s army. Just picture when you are in heaven and God the Father looks at you and then looks at all His children that through your pain and suffering has made it possible for them to be saved. These children would not have otherwise be there. Look at the joy of our Father smiling at you for doing this very generous act and then see Him smiling at all the children you have brought to Him. You will never hear the end of it by our Heavenly Father nor your brothers and sisters that you have helped saved through your offering that was united with the precious blood of Jesus. Suffering not united by the Redemptive power of our Jesus suffering, is a waste of time otherwise. Some people are closer to God than others, the more closer you are to Him, the more you will love souls and therefore the more you are concern of the lost who don’t know God.

Psalm 37:5. Commit everything to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you

When God is Calling You, do it Now

The first time Jesus called me to write, I didn’t believe He meant me. I couldn’t put two words together in all my fifty years and then suddenly He is telling me to write. I was minding my own business (which seems to be one of His favourite times to communicate) reading the book ‘He and I’ and His words jumped out on the page and Hit me in my face as it were, and pretty much shouted at me. I still couldn’t believe. I said to Him ‘you are not telling me to write because I can’t.’ If it is the will of God, gifts just appear from what seems nowhere. I believe it is to make sure you know without doubt that the gift is from God and not how clever you are. I had a vision recently, I saw with my eyes closed a picture of Jesus and He was above me sending pages one after another so quickly, something like two sheets a second for me to write. Of course it is impossible to write that many that quickly, it takes hours just to write one article. Jesus to me was saying I have so much to teach not only through you but through all those who are called to teach, there is so little time left. I also believe He is saying get the true message out, because there is so much false information confusing His children and more false information is coming like a flood. That is my interpretation of what He showed me.

God Uses Anybody

Some people might argue ‘you not a Bible scholar, you aren’t even learned in theology and so on.’ All I have is what people have taught me and my own experience, but it seems that is enough for God to work through. The thing is we all have something very important and urgent to teach one another. It may not seem much to you, but for somebody else it might be life-saving. I have spoken to people about what God has told me casually only to find tears in people’s eyes and it had shocked me, because I didn’t realise until that point how important it was for the person to hear that story. The more you live for God the more He is going to teach you even on a personal level, like visions and so on. We are all needed to spread what we have to people who are hungry for the truth. I can’t teach what Bible scholars can teach, they teach me many things. I don’t fold my arms and say I don’t need to learn from you. I learn whatever God puts before me. God doesn’t need anybody to teach, but He chooses to do so. He loves team work and we are part of His team.

There are so many callings and all are needed as much as the other. Christ tells us the ‘least is the highest and the highest is the least.’ This is so because we are all dependent on each other. Just look at all the worldly jobs out there. We have people in very high positions like leaders, but what good is a leader without people putting their dreams they have into tangible results. Some people are dreamers but they don’t know how to put it together and with other people it is the other way around. If nobody was to clean toilets or work picking up our garbage, there would be diseases rapidly spreading throughout our towns and cities. People may look down on those with what the world calls lowly jobs, but if nobody did them we all would suffer. That’s just on a physical level what about spiritual callings, we all have a calling. If you don’t know what yours is, ask Him.

Listen to the Voice of God

I have been asking God and Mary to help me hear their voice so that I can be instructed on all things in my life, what seems to be unimportant to the very important things. I always thought people who said you hear a small still voice within you as hearing an audible voice, which I now find that is not what they mean. Sometimes God just gives you a very strong impression to do something, you just seem to know and not necessary know how you know. That is God’s Spirit talking to you. If you question it, I find then you get confused and it is harder to hear Him the second time around. If you obey the first time, you start to recognise Him easier and the more times you respond to His message the quicker you recognise Him when He speaks to you. There are many ways in which God communicates to His children.


Wrongly Judging One Another

is(15)Some people are like magnets, everybody notice’s them so unfavourably, more than many other’s. It just seems to be there destiny to be continuingly to be judged cruelly constantly, by others all the time. I had a very bad breakdown and it lasted decades, partly because people kept misunderstanding me, with their constant judgement of me. I even had a very powerful vision from Jesus over it. Early on during the breakdown, I use to say to God I feel like a three old who has just come back from fighting a man’s war. One day Jesus showed me a vision of a three year old in very old fashion soldier’s uniform. I saw my face heavily scared and this is what I mainly want you to see for yourself, how are you are going to judge me. He showed me my eyes, they were full of tremendous hatred. He then showed me how people saw me, and they saw the hatred in my eyes and judged that I was full of hatred towards them. Jesus of course knew what was really going on and He showed me that my eyes were revealing the hatred I was receiving from everybody else that past my way. He showed me that people saw me as aloof, when what was really going on, because of my breakdown I had to pull myself all together and it took all my strength to do so. I didn’t have anything left to spare to communicate to others, it was enough for me not to breakdown in front of you. So you can see we make bad judges and that is why it is wise not to judge anybody. Jesus has said we will be judged as we judge others, so let’s be kind to one another as Jesus is to us.

1 Samuel 16: 7

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

We are not to judge one another but we do need a supernatural gift from God called the gift of the discernment of the spirits. When you have this gift, God will reveal people who are genuine and who are deceitful. Who are a dangerous influence on you and who is lying and so forth? I have this gift but it not always in operation, so I do make mistakes, but it is a sure handy gift to have. This gift is not you judging, but God showing you what He sees through you. And we need it, especially now days, because there is so much evil in this world and so many people are trying to con you in signing up for all sorts of things. When God does reveal to you faults in others, it is because God wants you to pray for them, not to do them harm.

Rapture Dream

isRKENV7PDI received this dream approximately thirty eight years ago. I have never thought of sharing it with anybody before, because I thought it was just meant for me. Now I am not so certain. The dream starts out with me looking at the sky and I could see the sky was choker block full of messages that said Jesus is coming right now!!!! I was so excited that I was telling everybody I could and everybody including people that was most dear to me such as my mother were not listening to me at all. I was shock that no one was listening, especially my mother who was very much a spirit filled Christian. They were all lukewarm. Everybody was just going about their daily business as if nothing was going to be any different from one day to the next. I was in a state of upmost excitement waiting for Jesus to come now all day and well into the night. By about 11pm at night I was so angry with God I said you are not coming. And then somebody knocked on my door and I open it to find my aunt and uncle came to visit me. I was so angry with God and my uncle, because I thought he was such a bad husband to my aunt, I let him have it.

Apparently my outburst of anger towards him was well truly forgotten by all of us. We were talking to one another as if there had been no arguments. And then very suddenly about thirty minutes later Jesus was coming and the earth shake violently. The first thing that happen was the memory of my angry outburst to my uncle, even though at the time, I thought I was justified in doing so. The gravity of my sin was revealed to me and the fear of the Lord came upon me. I also remembered somebody saying to me once when and earthquake comes the safest place is to lay flat on the ground. So as I was going to do this (prostrating to God for my sins, symbolically) I saw both my aunt and uncle was confused and suffering from shock and saw me prostrating to the ground so they too was doing it. It was like they were looking at me to show them what to do. Jesus definitely did come like a thief in the night in my dream.

My mother and both my aunt and uncle are now with our Lord in heaven. Symbolically my mother represented people I would absolutely be certain they would be just as excited about the Lords Rapture as I was. People I completely trusted and found out they were not as holy as I thought them to be. My aunt and uncle represented people that I should have been praying for instead of judging them. And of course we do not know the hour He will come. There is another thing I want to add, there is going to be violent persecution soon on all Christians, so we don’t know the hour we might die for our faith. So we have to be ready right now, either way. We only get one chance at being ready, so we have to be alert at all times and not take the little time we have left for granted.



What exactly is an Idol?

I think most Christians are drinking only milk as St. Paul will say. Very few in my mind are mature enough in the Lord that they are ready to eat meat. The rare Adult Christians in my eyes are the ones that are so humble and loving that they are truly Christ-like. They got that way by truly obeying and trusting in God through the severest trials imaginable. They can carry a very heavy weight of the cross of Jesus. I personally believe Jesus doesn’t intend us to remain babies for very long. If we want to survive the last of the last days we have to toughen up. And we can only be able to do that if we completely surrender and trust God and be prepared to give up all our comfort, reputations, friends, family, whatever it takes to accomplish God’s Will. The higher you climb the mountain of the Lord the more you are going to resemble Jesus Christ. You have to travel light if you really are going to climb high up the mountain. In heaven there are ranks, some people have lived more fully and have suffered more for Christ than others. So depending on how much you have lived to please God, will determined your reward in heaven.

What is an Idol?

What is an idol? Most people think of statures that are being worshiped. Not all Christian’s religious statures are worshiped, despite of what some think. The act of worshiping something other than the one true God is offensive to Him and will land you in serious trouble with God on Judgement day. I believe most good Christians struggle daily fighting the temptation of putting something before God in importance. Have a closer look at some of the common idols that many Christians worship unknowing and sometime knowingly. What about your career would you be willing to give that up for God in a moment’s notice? What about your family, country, car, boat, sports, trophies, bank account, good looks, health, comfort, garden, opinions and so on. You can see where I am going can’t you? If you are honestly looking at yourself what is your idol that you have to discard or at least put it in its rightful place. We all struggle with something. The more you can discipline yourself, the freer you actually are. What did Jesus say ‘It is harder to get a rich man into heaven, then threading a camel through the eye of a needle!’ It sure worried the apostles, because we all know that is impossible. Jesus simply replied to the apostles, ‘with man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.’

1 Chronicles 16:26..For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.

We are taught in our society to idolise movie stars, musicians, and sports people, furniture, homes, modern philosophises and even some preachers are now being idolise and what about fashions, the young in particular want to look like models. Even adults have to all dress alike, look alike, and think alike, you name it, it is all idol worshiping and it is dangerous, because God is truly a jealous God. I have personally felt twice in my life God’s jealousy, once towards me and another time when I was praying for some people asking Him to let them know that He is a jealous God and I felt His jealousy towards them and also His anger. People are going to be most answerable to God for making Him that way. We do not fear God enough. We should see God in a balance way. He is both a God of Justice and of Mercy.

The fear of God in a healthy way, stops you from being careless. Sometimes it is the fear of God that will be your only hope of not straying. There have been times in my life if it wasn’t for the fear of God I would have been lost to Him by now. Of course God prefers you to serve Him out of love, but I am afraid being the creatures we are, we do need to know there is a very steep penalty when we cross the line. Falsely believing we can get away with it, is not be very wise, realistic or a mature way of thinking. OK this is not a popular article, I am always warning people there is serious danger for those who listen to the foolishness of the world.

is(1)The Kingdom of God

There is so much to look forwarded to living in His Kingdom. And God is so sweet and loving. I look forwarded leaving this horrible world of selfishness and instead living and reigning with Jesus for the whole of eternity. Forever living in His presence and experiencing His never ending love for me as if I am the only person He ever thinks about. That is what it is going to be like for all us. No words can explain the love He has shown me and I know it is only a drop in the ocean, it is a very poor description of His love, but it is the best I can do. I want to climb trees in heaven with my cats, and dance, play music and I have asked God I want to have a very good singing voice and the list just goes on and on. If I remain true to Him until the end, it is going to be the happiest day of my life to leave this place and meet Jesus in the air. No more devils to attend to. What paradise in itself. No more wars, just a beautiful exciting new wonderful world that love, peace and joy will reign forever more. People who have been to heaven have told us that heaven is like earth (before man destroys it beauty) but so much better of course and it is cleaner and more beautiful. I was surprise to hear that there is technology there too and all sorts of things. It be silly to miss it.