How do we enter into a Relationship with God?

isPMK3SZJMEverybody is different and everybody’s situation is different so God works with you in a very individual way. We have general rules, but there is always exceptions to that rule. I remember reading a book from a very famous faith healer in the 70’s her name was Kathryn … I am sorry but I think her surname was Koolman. I never really remember names that well, I always remember the information, but very rarely the person’s name who gave it. She was ask by many people to write a book on healing and she said every time she said ‘Jesus doesn’t do it this way, He went and did’, so she then had to rewrite that chapter.

These are some of the general rules how to begin a relationship with God.

1.      You must really want the relationship with all your heart. More you want it the stronger your relationship will be.

2.      Expect God will try you at first, to see how much you want it, if not to get you to want it all the more. The more you want something the harder you are willing to go without, do, find, wait and yearn for, etc.

3.      Read the Holy Bible and get to know God that way.

4.      Read up spiritual books that helps you, don’t bother with the ones that are too advance for you, because you won’t understand a word they are saying. They just end up confusing you.

5.      Put aside daily prayer and meditate often on how much God loves you accordingly to the Bible.

6.      Put God’s commandments into practise. All God’s commandments are based on pure holy love. ‘Don’t do anything to others that you wouldn’t want done unto you.’ For example you don’t want people to lie, cheat, steal, be unkind to you in any way, so therefore you don’t do these things to other people. It has to do with how to treat people correctly and God with love.

7.      Then experiment. Talk to Him as if you can see Him. The more you talk and open up in a childlike manner, the more joy you will experience. Being childlike is to be the pure you, let your head go and talk to Him as if He is your best and most trusted Friend, Father, and Brother, Spouse or companion. Somebody who you really can trust and love with all your heart. Somebody you can depend on. And somebody who allows you to be yourself without worrying about how it looks to them.

8.      Don’t worry if you seem silly, because you feel like you are talking to thin air, talk always as if you can see Him whether you do or not.


We are growing closer to God all the time and we are trying out new things all the time. As our understanding of Him grows, we find new ways of loving Him. All my life I have rushed here and there, I am just learning and it has taken me eighteen months to get this far too really stop and really have a good look at God in His creations and talk to Him through His creations. Sometimes I feel God’s presence in His creations, but not always. Sometimes I feel His power or He may communicate something to me. He doesn’t always show up as it were. God knows the best time to do this and when to keep hiding, so that you will learn to walk in faith and also to love Him all the time, not just when you are getting something from Him.

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