Having a Real Relationship with God

I watch a lot of YouTube videos and for some reason I am very interested in Muslims converting to Christ. One of the things they keep stressing with the Muslim religion, they can’t be sure if they will go to heaven or not. They say if their god is willing. (We do not serve the same God and it is easy proven).  When they become Christians they find not only has Jesus paid for all their sins, but if they believe in Him they will go to heaven. There is no if’s or maybe’s. It is the promise of God. We Christians who are born again, know Jesus has made a place for us in heaven, but we must first believe He is who He says He is. And that is He is the true Messiah who came down from heaven as the son of man and the son of God. And we also believe He died for our sins and rose again on the third day, so that we may be made worthy to enter the Kingdom of God. If we believe in Him we are going to follow Him on His terms, which is to Love God with all our hearts, and with all our mind and with all our strength. And also to love one another as He loves us. How can you love a god who has no relationship with you or you him? Who you can only visualise as being right up there in the heavens as being superior to you and all you have is nothing but fear of him. I don’t believe you can. To love Him truly you first need to know Him so that you can have a real loving relationship with Him.

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Many people call themselves Christians, but will have a shock on Judgement day. If you do not have a relationship with Him it is because you do not know Him, nor are you obeying Him. Some people know Him but refuse to follow Him that is ‘the unforgiveable sin’, if you die in that state you will go to hell. Some people are truly looking for Him and they will find Him if they keep asking Jesus. It is a promise Jesus has made to us. ‘ask you will receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open to you.’  The big secret is keep asking, seeking and knocking. The more you do it the more you are going to see your prayers will be answered so powerfully, because you have waited.  You will get back pay and you will find God will give you interest on the interest, because of your faithfulness in waiting. God does test us to see how we will behave. In other words how much do we really want what we are asking for? He is so generous, that He will always rewards us when we are willing to stay faithful to Him. God is not a hostile God for one thing. There are so many people who see Him as a judgemental God. They may not say so out loud, but they do from within. So how can you love such a God whom you think doesn’t love you? There are plenty of people who call themselves Christian who do think this way, because they do not know Him.

I am not ignoring the fact that God is not only a God of Mercy but also a God of Justice. We need to be balanced how we see God. If we make ourselves His enemy by denying His right to be treated like a sovereign God and so therefore do not honour Him and Respect Him and go our own way, we are going to experience the God of Justice sooner or later. And God is to be feared if you disobey Him and have no intention of repenting from a humble contrite heart, with the only true desire is to love Him as He deserves to be. If you are for Him you will receive such love from Him that it makes you desire to worship Him above all else, because there is no other god like Him. He is truly wonderful to those who serve Him above all else.

You can be a Christian in name only and their numbers far outweigh the numbers of true Christians that do really love God with all their hearts and with all their minds and with all their strength and love their neighbour as Jesus loves us.  Don’t be alarm in that there are many levels of knowing Him. Like the way happy married couples do. People’s love for each other grow as they become to know one another better. As in happy marriage couples who have been married over long periods of time. Their love for one another is growing constantly. So much so that, what they use to call love for one another, now doesn’t look like love to them, because their love not only grows stronger but purer. That is how it works with the love we have for our God. The longer we serve Him from love, and the more we do as He says, we become to know Him even more. The more we know Him the more we discover how much more beautiful He really is.  There are many marriages that do not do the hard work to make their marriages successful, they are not willing to make sacrifices for one another graciously from love, so how can it work.

God Created Marriage so that We Understand Our Relationship With Him

God has created things on earth as to reflect upon, so we can see similarities with Him. Marriage is one of the most important things that God has created so that we may know and understand how our relationship with Him works. If there is no love in the marriage, it is not holy and so does not resemble the marriage of the Lamb and His Bride. One person may be doing all they can to make the marriage work, but it takes both to make it work. And the one who is not putting an effort into the marriage to make it work as God desires them to, will be very answerable to God. Because God is sovereign and we need to understand that. We shouldn’t take things so lightly. We are either for God or we are against Him. It is not easy serving God. Only because we are such sinners and we keep messing things up, but if we keep turning to Him in humility and repent. God will not turn His back on us. We also should ask God for the grace to overcome our weaknesses and put everything into His hands. God will help and He will always forgive and forget our sins if we are truly are repented from our hearts, thanks to Jesus sacrifice of atonement.

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