Live Solely for God

The world thinks back to front from how God thinks and that is sometimes where we go wrong as Christians. The world believes if you are always busy you must be doing something important and therefore you must be important. So a great many Christians think to serve God you must be busy all the time. If we never eat food nor drink water, we die. We all say that is common sense. If somebody was to say that is not true you can live without eating food and drinking water, we would consider them without any doubts, they must be insane. But Many Christians don’t see that is what they are trying to do when serving God. They want to do all these wonderful things without a good holy prayer life. And one of the ingredients for a good holy prayer life, is rest in the Lord. Be still and know the Lord is God. If we slow down to a halt and just spend time looking into God, we will be able to know the will of God and have the means to accomplish it. We starve ourselves of spiritual energy for starters if we don’t rest in our Lord. We have to learn to rely on God’s wisdom and His timing in everything. Much can happen in a moment with God. God can get you to do a great deal in supernatural time. When we rely on ourselves it takes forever to do the same work that somebody who relies on God can do in just a moment. So it is good spiritual investment to spend quiet times with God. You may say I don’t have any time to pray.  Make time! And in many cases after a little while, you will find you can’t afford not to be alone with the Lord. You will receive many blessings that open up to you, because of your quiet times with the Lord.

is(19)Still Your Emotions

One of the greatest secrets of success in the spiritual life with our Lord, is learning to quieten your emotions and desires to be Christ-like emotions and desires. If you do that you will be living in the presence of God. When this is accomplished you will receive the peace and joy of the Lord without fail. You are not always going to be successful, because you are going to get tempered from time to time to listen to the desires of the flesh, which never leads you into holy silence. When we listen to the voice of the world or our own flesh, it will always make you needy and empty. Its desires will never fulfil you and so you try even harder to be fulfil and things actually get worse and then you become even more needy and empty. More you listen to your flesh, the more dissatisfied you become. Even when you get what you so called want. We were all made to be loved and to love all that God has created for us. Above all we were made to be loved and to love God our creator. That is why anything less is never going too satisfied us. Only then will we feel true fulfilment and even like ourselves. The reason we were original created in the first place was to have all the blessing of being a Child of God. We were not made to be slaves to our own lust and passions, nor slaves to serve other people’s lust, passions or their desire of power over us. We were created to live in God’s Kingdom which is nothing like the kingdom of darkness.

In other words silencing your emotions and desires for the things of the world, is to put on the nature of Christ. Instead of choosing anger, choose love, instead of choosing jealousy, choose love, instead of choosing, mockering, choose love, instead of choosing to be right for the sake of being right, choose love, instead of choosing filth, choose love! This is what I mean by silencing your emotions and desires to become Christ-like emotions and desires. When we choose to do evil it never gives us one ounce of peace, but war instead. Not just to others that we are dishing it out towards, but it always come back to us according to the same measure we give it. The same rule also applies to love. If you want love, prepare to give it. The more love you want, give more, especially to God, because God will find a way for you to receive it. Loving self in a good healthy way is a blessing many people don’t know want it feels like. The healthy love that God wants you to love yourself with is so different from the narcissism love people of the world have for themselves. Narcissism loves is so selfish and self-centred it can never be happy or content with anything for very long. If all we think of is ourselves and what we want, we are not open to receive the things true love from others have to offer. Or feel the love God has for us that leads to true happiness, even in cases of martyrdom.

Enduring Suffering

People who are very holy endure suffering differently from people who are not so close to God. If we have a true imitate relationship with God, we can see the fruits of suffering through the eyes of God. God can make even the most horrifying experience work for us, if we rely on Him. When we offer our sufferings with the sufferings of Jesus, it always has redemption power for our own soul and those of lost souls. Believe it all not God wants us to offer up ourselves to suffer voluntary on behalf of His lost children’s according to the level you are capable of. Not that He enjoys seeing us suffer, but He sees the big picture of those souls we bring to Him. By uniting our sufferings with His Son has power unknown to the people of the world. Giving birth to a child is never easy. If you look at it this way, martyrs are not giving birth to just one child, but multitudes. So no wonder why it is so painful.

There is a lot of suffering brought down on God’s children that of course is evil and wrong. We have a choice to let the enemy win or lose. If we mistake God as the enemy by blaming Him for everything that the devil throws at us, as coming from God, we are going to lose. Because we have already fell into Satan’s trap, by believing in his lie. Evil comes from Satan not God. The kingdom of darkness, doesn’t play fair, it is a torturous kingdom where hatred reigns without an ounce of mercy anywhere. When we blame God for what Satan has done, we become no better than those who have been cruel to us. There is no way out of it, all you will see is despair and hopelessness. Then the chances are you will become a child of hatred yourself. If you rightfully see evil coming from the devil and not God, you are already halfway to succeed in becoming what God wants you to be. At least you are not blaming God and hopefully you’ll will then learn to lean on God to fight back. The way God’s children fight back is to love, forgiveness and worship, praise and pray without ceasing and of course quiet times with our Lord so that we can rest in Him and that makes us strong. That doesn’t make sense to those who don’t know the power of love and that God is a faithful God. Evil cause death to a soul. Loves gives life to it.

isBT9KR36YSo you see, the more you love God the more you want to be used by God, which ultimately means you are inviting suffering in your life. In heaven there will be no evil and therefore no sorrow. The rewards for being in God’s army and being prepared to go all the way is obvious, your place in heaven will be much higher and you will bring a great many more souls to God in heaven. Those people who were not prepared to accept the world is an evil place, because of evil people making it so, and so adding to the evil instead of fighting against it will not have a happy ending. Soldiers do get hurt and sometimes killed in battle, it is no different to be a solider in God’s army. Just picture when you are in heaven and God the Father looks at you and then looks at all His children that through your pain and suffering has made it possible for them to be saved. These children would not have otherwise be there. Look at the joy of our Father smiling at you for doing this very generous act and then see Him smiling at all the children you have brought to Him. You will never hear the end of it by our Heavenly Father nor your brothers and sisters that you have helped saved through your offering that was united with the precious blood of Jesus. Suffering not united by the Redemptive power of our Jesus suffering, is a waste of time otherwise. Some people are closer to God than others, the more closer you are to Him, the more you will love souls and therefore the more you are concern of the lost who don’t know God.

Psalm 37:5. Commit everything to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you

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