When God is Calling You, do it Now

The first time Jesus called me to write, I didn’t believe He meant me. I couldn’t put two words together in all my fifty years and then suddenly He is telling me to write. I was minding my own business (which seems to be one of His favourite times to communicate) reading the book ‘He and I’ and His words jumped out on the page and Hit me in my face as it were, and pretty much shouted at me. I still couldn’t believe. I said to Him ‘you are not telling me to write because I can’t.’ If it is the will of God, gifts just appear from what seems nowhere. I believe it is to make sure you know without doubt that the gift is from God and not how clever you are. I had a vision recently, I saw with my eyes closed a picture of Jesus and He was above me sending pages one after another so quickly, something like two sheets a second for me to write. Of course it is impossible to write that many that quickly, it takes hours just to write one article. Jesus to me was saying I have so much to teach not only through you but through all those who are called to teach, there is so little time left. I also believe He is saying get the true message out, because there is so much false information confusing His children and more false information is coming like a flood. That is my interpretation of what He showed me.

God Uses Anybody

Some people might argue ‘you not a Bible scholar, you aren’t even learned in theology and so on.’ All I have is what people have taught me and my own experience, but it seems that is enough for God to work through. The thing is we all have something very important and urgent to teach one another. It may not seem much to you, but for somebody else it might be life-saving. I have spoken to people about what God has told me casually only to find tears in people’s eyes and it had shocked me, because I didn’t realise until that point how important it was for the person to hear that story. The more you live for God the more He is going to teach you even on a personal level, like visions and so on. We are all needed to spread what we have to people who are hungry for the truth. I can’t teach what Bible scholars can teach, they teach me many things. I don’t fold my arms and say I don’t need to learn from you. I learn whatever God puts before me. God doesn’t need anybody to teach, but He chooses to do so. He loves team work and we are part of His team.

There are so many callings and all are needed as much as the other. Christ tells us the ‘least is the highest and the highest is the least.’ This is so because we are all dependent on each other. Just look at all the worldly jobs out there. We have people in very high positions like leaders, but what good is a leader without people putting their dreams they have into tangible results. Some people are dreamers but they don’t know how to put it together and with other people it is the other way around. If nobody was to clean toilets or work picking up our garbage, there would be diseases rapidly spreading throughout our towns and cities. People may look down on those with what the world calls lowly jobs, but if nobody did them we all would suffer. That’s just on a physical level what about spiritual callings, we all have a calling. If you don’t know what yours is, ask Him.

Listen to the Voice of God

I have been asking God and Mary to help me hear their voice so that I can be instructed on all things in my life, what seems to be unimportant to the very important things. I always thought people who said you hear a small still voice within you as hearing an audible voice, which I now find that is not what they mean. Sometimes God just gives you a very strong impression to do something, you just seem to know and not necessary know how you know. That is God’s Spirit talking to you. If you question it, I find then you get confused and it is harder to hear Him the second time around. If you obey the first time, you start to recognise Him easier and the more times you respond to His message the quicker you recognise Him when He speaks to you. There are many ways in which God communicates to His children.


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