What exactly is an Idol?

I think most Christians are drinking only milk as St. Paul will say. Very few in my mind are mature enough in the Lord that they are ready to eat meat. The rare Adult Christians in my eyes are the ones that are so humble and loving that they are truly Christ-like. They got that way by truly obeying and trusting in God through the severest trials imaginable. They can carry a very heavy weight of the cross of Jesus. I personally believe Jesus doesn’t intend us to remain babies for very long. If we want to survive the last of the last days we have to toughen up. And we can only be able to do that if we completely surrender and trust God and be prepared to give up all our comfort, reputations, friends, family, whatever it takes to accomplish God’s Will. The higher you climb the mountain of the Lord the more you are going to resemble Jesus Christ. You have to travel light if you really are going to climb high up the mountain. In heaven there are ranks, some people have lived more fully and have suffered more for Christ than others. So depending on how much you have lived to please God, will determined your reward in heaven.

What is an Idol?

What is an idol? Most people think of statures that are being worshiped. Not all Christian’s religious statures are worshiped, despite of what some think. The act of worshiping something other than the one true God is offensive to Him and will land you in serious trouble with God on Judgement day. I believe most good Christians struggle daily fighting the temptation of putting something before God in importance. Have a closer look at some of the common idols that many Christians worship unknowing and sometime knowingly. What about your career would you be willing to give that up for God in a moment’s notice? What about your family, country, car, boat, sports, trophies, bank account, good looks, health, comfort, garden, opinions and so on. You can see where I am going can’t you? If you are honestly looking at yourself what is your idol that you have to discard or at least put it in its rightful place. We all struggle with something. The more you can discipline yourself, the freer you actually are. What did Jesus say ‘It is harder to get a rich man into heaven, then threading a camel through the eye of a needle!’ It sure worried the apostles, because we all know that is impossible. Jesus simply replied to the apostles, ‘with man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.’

1 Chronicles 16:26..For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.

We are taught in our society to idolise movie stars, musicians, and sports people, furniture, homes, modern philosophises and even some preachers are now being idolise and what about fashions, the young in particular want to look like models. Even adults have to all dress alike, look alike, and think alike, you name it, it is all idol worshiping and it is dangerous, because God is truly a jealous God. I have personally felt twice in my life God’s jealousy, once towards me and another time when I was praying for some people asking Him to let them know that He is a jealous God and I felt His jealousy towards them and also His anger. People are going to be most answerable to God for making Him that way. We do not fear God enough. We should see God in a balance way. He is both a God of Justice and of Mercy.

The fear of God in a healthy way, stops you from being careless. Sometimes it is the fear of God that will be your only hope of not straying. There have been times in my life if it wasn’t for the fear of God I would have been lost to Him by now. Of course God prefers you to serve Him out of love, but I am afraid being the creatures we are, we do need to know there is a very steep penalty when we cross the line. Falsely believing we can get away with it, is not be very wise, realistic or a mature way of thinking. OK this is not a popular article, I am always warning people there is serious danger for those who listen to the foolishness of the world.

is(1)The Kingdom of God

There is so much to look forwarded to living in His Kingdom. And God is so sweet and loving. I look forwarded leaving this horrible world of selfishness and instead living and reigning with Jesus for the whole of eternity. Forever living in His presence and experiencing His never ending love for me as if I am the only person He ever thinks about. That is what it is going to be like for all us. No words can explain the love He has shown me and I know it is only a drop in the ocean, it is a very poor description of His love, but it is the best I can do. I want to climb trees in heaven with my cats, and dance, play music and I have asked God I want to have a very good singing voice and the list just goes on and on. If I remain true to Him until the end, it is going to be the happiest day of my life to leave this place and meet Jesus in the air. No more devils to attend to. What paradise in itself. No more wars, just a beautiful exciting new wonderful world that love, peace and joy will reign forever more. People who have been to heaven have told us that heaven is like earth (before man destroys it beauty) but so much better of course and it is cleaner and more beautiful. I was surprise to hear that there is technology there too and all sorts of things. It be silly to miss it.


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