Choose Your Friends Wisely

isI2TNE013The choice of friends are extremely important, because they influence us most strongly. If we want to be ready when Jesus comes for us personally when our hour arrives or at the rapture, we must be ready or He will not take us. A friend can influence you into gossip, excessive drinking, coarse language, fowl jokes etc. which will prevent you from going up to heaven with Jesus when He comes for you. We are told that if we gossip or slander anybody especially in Jesus’s name He will not take us with Him to the wedding feast. That is a practise many people seem to think they have a right to and it is also a hard one to break, because so many people will tempt you into gossiping and running down another person. We shouldn’t choose friends that encourage us to walk against the will of God. It is far better to break with such friendship. We have to realise how important the decisions we make really are. They will either make or break us. The kind of friends we hang out with, we will find just how answerable we are to God on judgement day. I am not exaggerating. If we choose mother or father, brother or sister or friend in preference to Jesus we are not worthy to be Jesus’s disciples. In other words we are not worthy to be His bride, so therefore we will have to face the Great Tribulation and none of us want that.

Some Churches

I am afraid some churches do not supply the oil we need to keep our faith alive into action and become true witness that everybody can recognise the love of Christ in us. There are some preachers that are twisting the true teachings of Jesus Christ to mean something else. For example some preachers will say to follow Jesus you will always be rich and no suffering will come to you. For starters not all people are called to be worldly rich and we can’t live in this very evil world and not be touched by its cruelty and greed in some form or another.

To follow Jesus always attracts Satan’s attention straight away, because he is going to do everything in his power for you to walk away from Jesus, so that you will lose your soul. If you stay close to Jesus doing what He teachers us and calling on Him to help us all the time, we will be kept safe in that He will give us the graces to deal with our trials in life. Many people do not realise how urgent this war really is. The main reason you are attracting Satan’s attention following Jesus is that he hates you so very much and wants you to suffer for eternity in hell with him. We are all called to be spiritually rich, which gives you true joy, despite of the sorrows you encounter in this world. To be spiritually rich is to have the true nature of Jesus Christ in you. Love for example is such a beautiful trait and it brings with it His joy.

The road is very straight and narrow and only a few find it that leads to eternal life. The reason why so few find it, is because they are not looking to Jesus for the answers, even though they are Christians. Jesus’s knows the way, He is the way and we can find His teachings in the Holy Gospel. We should be praying and asking God what His will is for us, each day. And He will answer you.  A few words off and on throughout the day when we are busy is a very healthy practise. Words like ‘my adorable Jesus I trust in you’ or ‘Lord have mercy on me a sinner.’ We don’t have much time to get our act together.

Proverbs 18:24

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

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